Getting back to the Raw

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My blog is mainly a lifestyle blog where I document my life with my fiancé (soon to be hubby) and kitty Lily (Yes, I might quite possibly be a crazy cat lady.) I include some wine, wedding planning, dancing and Carrie Underwood and the occasional craft.

The back story is that I had a blog platform back in 2010 where I wrote for myself. It was my journal to let myself heal and deal with no job after college and my mom being gone. I wasn't comfortable with people reading my writing but it helped me. By the end of that year I started to share my blog with my then boyfriend and my closest friends.

And from there I opened up my readership more, got more involved with other blogs and FINALLY switched over to Blogger last year and I could kick myself for not doing it sooner.  I have started to meet the best people! And I truly enjoy getting to know people from all over and having the support.

Since I have made the switch though, I noticed more and more link-ups and me just holding back. The past week I have been reflecting on my past posts and how real they were. And the reason was because it was only me reading. I didn't have to worry about other eyes and other opinions coming out of it.

Well, I have decided..shame on me. Shame on me for censoring myself and being afraid of judgments and opinions. Shame on me for not truly writing for me but for other people and what I think people want to see.  But go me for truly looking at this and making the decision to turn it around.

But no worries, I will still have my Pinterest craft days and wedding days. But I will definitely be going back to raw and real. And I would say I apologize to friends and family but I don’t. I will just say I forewarn you that it’s about to get real. I don’t want hard feelings or judgments. This is just my place for my thoughts. Without judgment. It’s my therapy, my journal. Mine might be open for everyone to see but it’s a journal none the less. 

Do you ever feel yourself holding back or at a lack of words?


  1. we need to share our love of Carrie out loud! Saw her Sunday and I'm even more in love with her!

  2. Good for you! So glad that you're getting back to where you feel good about your space. That is all that really matters. :)

  3. Good for you!!! I do link ups sometimes to share things with people with similar interests so I can meet people that I have stuff in common with. But, I also write a lot just for me :)

  4. Girl I think honest and real life posts are the BEST! From personal experience I know it's easy to get caught up in link ups, product reviews, etc -- but what is always the best is when you write for yourself!


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