When your cat becomes more famous than you

Thursday, September 26, 2013

It happened a few weeks ago. Lily made her way to mainstream fame.

She might have let it go to her head....

You have to make an appointment to pet her

She goes crazy on the paparazzi

Her requests for sleeping quarters are diva like (needs a pillow) 

Her love for designer brands has increased 

She lives the grand kitty life.

She is always looking for the next big thing 

And that my friends, is another post about my cat.

Happy Birthday Husband

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Happy Birthday to the love of my life. The guy that makes me the happiest girl alive, makes me crazy from time to time, pushes me everyday to do better, loves Lily as if she's our child, takes out the icky trash for me, calls me beautiful every day even when I'm in sweats. The guy who is overflowing awesome today. 

I love you so much and know you will have the greatest birthday because you deserve it!

Show Me Yours, I'll Show You Mine.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Two tattoos, two very different reasons.

The first was when I was the fresh age of 18. I had wanted it FOREVERRR (an 18 year old girls equivalent of about a couple years) But mom said no, no, no. And if I got one I could find the nearest apartment to live in.

So I did what any 18 year old girl would do. Got it anyway and hid it from my mom. Yes, I managed to pull this one off for 2 1/2 months. I wore long shirts around the house and never bent over. Until a day in May, when I arrived back from my senior trip. I had on a cute top and low cut jeans. It peeked out and she goes, "What is that?" Instant panic. I stumbled with my words and just smiled really big.

Her words were, "That better be fake. Is it fake? Does it rub off? Did you just get that? I can't believe you did that." Then she threw out this..."So when are you moving out?" But of course, I never had to move out and mom dealt with the tattoo. She did take the time to make fun of it every chance she could get. And it didn't help these previews were playing all over the tv at the time...to which my mom always responded, Oh great, Krista.

But no matter what anyone calls it or how they make fun of me for it, I still love my tattoo. It was something I wanted and I went for it. It reminds me of that time where I was fearless, even of my mother putting
me out on the streets ;)
My other tattoo has a lot more meaning than my first one. It says, "Don't Stop Believing" in memory of my mom. It was her favorite song and I think it carries with me a little message from my mom everyday.

As for my next tattoo? I really want it to be about my husband, our marriage.
Like this but instead of birds his initials.

Husband's fingerprint in a heart. 

Love the idea of a white tattoo


Fall Show Faves

Sunday, September 22, 2013

It's no secret I watch a lot of tv. It might have gotten a little bit worse when we acquired the technology of the DVR and OnDemand. We literally can't miss anything.

Fall tv started this past week and the best is yet to come this week.
Here is everything I am excited for. You will see my addiction.

It goes without saying I am anxiously awaiting this premiere.

This show has some history. My mom used to watch it and laugh. I did not watch. The boyfriend watched it and told the same things my mom told me. I did not watch.

Well, I finally gave in around 2008. And I have been hooked every since. I am sad to see it go but I can't wait to see how The Mother evolves in the last season.

This was a recent addition to our lineup of tv. It came on after we watched our DVR of How I Met Your Mother. So we watched, we loved the dirty humor and we can't for it to come back.

We have Wednesday night comedy night and this is one of our favorite comedies. You can't get comedy like Lily. And Phil is classic. 

Yes, we like this show. No, we aren;t ashamed. But we are upset it has moved out of our Wednesday comedy block and to Fridays instead. But that's what DVR is for right?

If you weren't aware of my super hero obsession, now you are. I can't even describe how excited I am to see this show and see how Agent Coulson is now alive after Avengers.

The previews are funny and who doesn't love a trophy wife?

This might not last, but I am curious about this. Maybe because of Anna Faris. I'll let you know how it turns out. 

What are you most looking forward to for fall premieres?


Friday, September 20, 2013

Today's Blogtember prompt: React to this term: comfort.


This guy. My comfort at all times.

Snuggled in bed.

Hot drink on a cold day

Melts my heart.

Yes, this.

Am I Wine Enthusiast? {Review}

Thursday, September 19, 2013

I received this product in exchange for a review. No other compensation was provided and all opinions expressed are my own. 

Just pat my head and call me a wino. 

It was a long process to get to loving wine that included an infamous night of too much boxed, red wine and the nastiest hangover I will ever have. But I have come to the days where I can't get enough wine. A glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away. Am I right?

And thanks to Samantha over at Hooah and Hiccups for also being a wino and reviewing wine glasses, I was asked from Wine Enthusiast to review wine glasses. Wait, did I just win the wino jackpot?!

I just had to make a very important decision of if I am a white or red girl. These Fusion wine glasses won me over so I had to go for them. 

These glasses are extremely lightweight and you know you have had the wine glasses that you feel on your wrist after holding up your third cup. Not these babies.

See? Easy to drink ;)

The shape of these wine glasses makes them great for a nice dinner in with your hubby or a classy dinner party with all of your friends. Very versatile with a decent price tag, just $49.99.

I am not a food photographer

According to the description, they are "The World's Most Break-Resistant Wine Glasses" As I seemed to have broken 3 wine glasses in the past year, I am sure I will be able to test this one very soon. And I hope it's true because I would hate to lose one because I love them so! 

Easy for a photo prop in front of your Halloween decorations too

And what is even better than that is they are dishwasher safe. Tried and true, they made it through and no water marks to be seen. My biggest pet peeve on some of my other wine glasses. (Yea, I'm giving you the stink eye old wine glasses)

The Wine Enthusiast Fusion glasses are available here for $49.99 for a pack of four. And I strongly suggest you pick up a set..thank you Wine Enthusiast for picking me to try these!

Wedding Wednesday: Let's Party!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

When planning our wedding, the husband and I knew that we wanted our reception to have everybody on their feet. I am a dancing person. 30 second dance party anyone? And my husband loves for people to have a good time.

Picking our DJ was a delicate process. I searched multiple people. Some wouldn't give prices, others made it difficult to make an appointment. Well, the universe opened one night and our venue was holding a $10,000 wedding giveaway by Diverse Entertainment. Let's just say, we were sold after that night. They had so much energy and were exactly what we were looking for. 

The DJ was left in hubby's hands. We made an appointment I couldn't make due to my work schedule changing. So off he went, by himself to make a deal. And he did good. Signed on the dotted line and we were more than happy with our choice. All families, friends were up dancing at some point. And we had the best time!

* Many pictures to follow, I hope you enjoy!

First dance


Father DAughter

Mother Son 

Cake cutting

Yes, this happened. He loved it.

My warning: watch the dress. I was fully prepared for a face full of cake after I did it to his.
*When I went and ordered the cake I asked what filling wouldn't stain because
 I was 100% positive he would also do it.

 Like a true gentleman, he just fed me a whole piece of cake.

A smooch for being a good husband!

The party!

Last dance was "Don't Stop Believing" in honor of my mom.

We loved everything about our reception. The moments we took to just step back, going to the tables casually to say hi (no formal table pictures) and just having a good time with our family and friends, something we will always be able to remember about our wedding day.

Photo credit of Abella Studios

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