Summer Time Fun

Monday, June 29, 2015

Now that summer has made its way, it's time to really figure out what I can do with the next few months of sweltering heat, thunderstorms and sunshine.

// Stick to a budget
The most boring summer wish list item there ever was. Due to our current situation, we have to learn how to budget. There is no more, oh, we should do that or yes, a budget, next month definitely. It's now or yesterday. That definitely means free summertime activities are a part of our fun. Good thing it's the time of year for carnivals and fireworks!

//Go to the beach at least once
Would you believe I didn't step foot in the sand last summer?! The travesty of such a thing, I know. This year I am making myself go at least once if not a few more times. It's such a relaxing thing to sit on the beach and listen to the waves. And I have a bikini body, as in, I put a bikini on my body.

//Visit the pool to relax
We have this nice, on property, pool that I can walk to. But I never do. Being able to come home for a good 40 minute lunch means I should be parking my butt at that pool quite frequently. I'm sure my boss wouldn't notice my bathing suit under my work attire.

//Make the most of my down time
There are nights where I am about to go to bed and all I can think about is, what did I just do for the last 4 hours? It usually involves aimless Internet activity or TV watching. Having just accepted a freelance job, I have to get this under control sooner rather later.

//Read a full book, just for fun
When we were in Walgreens the other night, I saw a new book out from a Nora Roberts series I love. Yes, I read romance novels. And then I thought about the last time I really sat down and read a book like that. A book that I really enjoyed and I could get lost in the words. This goes nicely with my trips to the beach, pool and making the most of my down time.

//Get a summer polish look
It's not secret my nail polish game has been lacking, Just look at every picture I've taken the past few months. With a recent subscription to Julep, I have plenty of colors to play around with.

What plans do you have for the summer?
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5 Ways to Stink at Blogging

Friday, June 26, 2015

Today, I have decided to give you a few pointers on something I have become quite good at in the past few weeks. Stinking at blogging. 

1. Post about once a week. Two might just be pushing it because then people might actually expect you to have posts worth showing up to your blog for.

2. Do not comment on your favorite blogs. Like ever. That might actually mean you are networking and want to make it in the blog world. You might also make blog friends, which can be awesome but you don't want to do that if you want to stink.

3. Don't touch social media, including Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. You wouldn't want to chance marketing yourself, your blog or your brand. That might grow your readers. Posting pics of your cute kitty might not count.

4. Learn nothing about SEO. Don't even look up the definition and what it can do for your blog. You wouldn't want to show up in Google results anywhere. That would just lead people to your blog and make you not stink at blogging.

5. Do not, under any circumstance, take pretty pictures and Instgram them. Or make any type of nice graphic that can be downloaded or dress up your blog posts. That might make your posts desirable ot marketable. And keeping the same tired blog design for awhile will also do the trick.

And there you have. Surefire ways to make sure that you absolutely stink at blogging. Tried and true ;)

Any that you would add?

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Weekend Fun

Monday, June 22, 2015

This weekend was a busy one for sure. But it was filled with fun moments. First, it was showering this girl with lots of love and gifts for her upcoming wedding. 

Me and this girl have been friends since back in our Brownie days. I am so honored and excited to stand beside her as one of her bridesmaids. It was so much fun to come up with decorations that would match her rustic taste. 

Future Mr. and Mrs.

My high school ladies

I got to spend some time with my Dad, which was nice. Those moments are few and far between so it's good when we have a chance to see each other. I visited my Gram, who is on the mend from a brief hospital stay last week. And I even got to squeeze in a quick lunch with one of my bests! AS you can see, there are no pictures of these rendezvous and it was nice to take a break. Plus, my Dad might not take so nicely to me taking pictures of my dinner in a restaurant.

But I couldn't say I didn't miss my two babies at home without me.

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A Gift for Grad from Boiling Springs Savings Bank

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Can you smell all those papers rolled up in ribbons disguising themselves as diplomas? That must mean it's graduation time. Time for 8th graders to become high schoolers that drive cars and college students to become a real world adult. It's also time to pick out the perfect graduation gift for your newest grad.

Lucky for you, Boiling Springs Savings Bank has the perfect and practical gift for you to give. They are running their "Gift for Garden State Grads" promotion. Just for opening up the Student Checking Account you automatically receive $20.15. 

It's a great checking account for anyone that is just starting out with a checking account or someone that is leaving college ready to start their life in the big world.  Coming from someone who still struggles with saving money and dealing with finances, it's important to learn early on how to balance your finances and how to save money for big purchases. And save money in general.

A Boiling Springs Saving Account gives so many benefits for a new grad that include:

  • No monthly fees
  • Interest earned on all balances
  • Free specialty checks or a discount on custom checks
  • Free online banking
  • Free online bill payment
  • Free 24-hour telephone banking
  • Minimum deposit to open account is $1.00
  • Free transactions at Boiling Springs ATMs with Boiling Springs ATM card or Debit MasterCard
  • Direct deposit
  • Overdraft protection transfer service available
Once your student reaches age 23 their Student Checking account will be converted to a regular NOW account. They will be able to have all the benefits of a regular checking account while having the tools they already need to understand their finances.

Saving money is important to learn early on. It can be tricky to manage paychecks, student loan payments and let's hope there isn't credit cards in there somewhere. This is a grad gift that someone really can benefit from and you can find your nearest branch here.

Find my other ways to save here:

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Just Me and My Jeep

Monday, June 15, 2015

You guys (or probably more appropriately, gals) I am officially a full mobile unit again. This girl has gotten herself some wheels. My requirements were a Jeep and a Jeep that drives.

And this weekend, I got to stretch my wheels and take a nice drive to Connecticut and shower my sweet big sister with some love and gifts. This girl is getting married soon!

There was just something so great about being able to drive my own car all that way. Even if my foot did hurt from doing actual driving. It felt nice to be behind the wheel again, coffee in the cup holders and the country music blaring on the radio.

My wheels also took me to my sister's on the way home from Connecticut to catch up and see my other cousins. Ate pizza, shared some laughs along with other things. 

And just to show you how long it has been since I've driven, Sunday was spent sleeping in until 9 and taking an hour nap at 1. Truly, a lazy Sunday. And it felt glorious.

PS. If you are wondering what Lily was up to all weekend, which who wouldn't, I can show you.

I like to be right in front of the TV

I am just so. tired.
How was your weekend?

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Our Second Wedding Anniversary

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Throwing it way back on this Thursday to our wedding anniversary. A week ago. I think it's already been established by blogging skills are a little behind. Meaning my weekend update takes place on a Thursday.

Let's start with taking you back through our second year of marriage. There were laughs, cries, whines, maybe even screams, big moments, little moments.

Since we just recently made a large purchase ( a new car!!!) it was decided to forego a mini vacation for our anniversary this year. Instead, we planned two day trips. 

On Saturday we had planned to go to the beach but the the weather forecast told us otherwise. Rain, rain, thunderstorms. We decided to go on a little movie date to see Aloha. Symbolic because Hawaii and I miss it. Plus, a nice romantic movie that my husband never usually agrees to. 

We had dinner at the location of my bridal shower and our rehearsal dinner. Some wine, sushi and pasta while reminiscing being there two years earlier. The best part is remember my homemade wine glass shattering in the parking lot. Good times. 
I like cheesy pictures. 

Gnocchi Bolognese

Sunday, our actual anniversary, we started with me making a run to Dunkin. Yup went fancy for breakfast. We talked got ready and took a trip to one of the best places to drink with a view in New Jersey, Laurita Winery.

Sipped on wine, ate a nice lunch and walked the grounds. It was a beautiful day out and couldn't have asked for better weather.

Hi husband. And glasses of wine.

Yearly Anniversary Picture

Year three will include celebrating weddings, babies and a cruise! And that's just as far as we can see into the future for now ;) Here we go!

Two Years.

Sunday, June 7, 2015


Two years. 730 days. That's how long you have been my husband. We started off that day with me in nerves and you seemingly cool and collected. We ended the day surrounded by family and friends celebrating our marriage. 

Since that day, our love has grown for one another and our future is starting to be lived. We have tackled multiple job changes for each of us, communicating our needs and wants from marriage and becoming more patient with each other. 

We have planned for our future and try our best to live it out each day. We don't compare, we are just us. And that's what I love about us. 

Our marriage has shaped differently than we might have expected but I know it will only make our love stronger. You are my forever. You are my always. I love you. 
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