Fun Saturday

Sunday, February 28, 2010

So we (sister and I) took a trip out to Lancaster yesterday. Unfortuantely, it was only a day visit due to said kitty Lily that couldn't be left overnight. 

But the time we were there was truly a fun time. They are some of the most fun and crazy people and it is always a good time. This time 'updating your status'was a theme. Yes, truly some fun. Also, got to meet baby Chase for the first time. Although I am a little nervous about tiny babies, I did hold him for a few minutes. SO precious and cute. Hopefully we can see them again sometime soon.

Today/ tomorrow is sister's bday. It's kind of a fine line since she is a leap year baby. Therefore, there is no actual day that she was born. Has always been a conundrum to me. But yes lunch and such shall ensue today to celebrate her birth. Another good weekend.

Next week at this time I will be in the Poconos with the boy:) and sig ep! should be a good time. 

until next time...

-When in doubt, be yourself- 

PR Time

Saturday, February 27, 2010

As a public relations graduate, it always grabs my attention when there is a crisis in the headlines. Not in an "oh goodie, crisis!" kind of way, but an "oh that wasn't good to do"  or "Oh that was so good!" It gives me a chance to use what I learned in college and critique it in my own way. 

I am by no means a seasoned professional on crisis management but I get the basics. Never say no comment, check all your facts and always keep the public up to date.

The company grabbing headlines this week is SeaWorld. Unfortunately, a trainer's life was taken when a killer whale  grabbed the woman by her ponytail and pulled her into the tank where she eventually drowned. Click here for the full story.

I can only imagine what the family is going through at this moment and of course all thoughts and prayers go out to them.

Now let's talk PR.

We want to examine the steps that SeaWorld has taken thus far. A statement was made by Dan Brown, president of the Orlando park within hours of the incident. Good. Some of the remarks made in that statement, not so good.

It was said [SeaWorld] had "never experienced an incident like this" in any location but it is soon found that this is untrue. The same whale, Tilly, was involved in another death in 1999 at the same Orlando park. Maybe it was a different circumstance but to say never when in fact is has happened before is not good. The media hears a word such as never and they automatically have fact checkers looking for anything that can contradict this. And in this case it is very true that SeaWorld statement was in fact wrong.

On the other hand, it was good that they comforted the public so to speak. Ensured that the park's priority was their employee, guest and animal's safety. Also, explaining that procedures are being investigated and steps are being taken to ensure that a tragedy such as this doesn't happen again. The public wants to be comforted and say "OK they are taking this seriously."

Social media is very present in this PR campaign and in crisis management. The same day as the incident, SeaWorld's Twitter had updated its status with a statement expressing condolences. Shortly after there was a link provided to a message from Jim Atchison, President of SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment. Since social media is very important in connecting to the public immediately, I think SeaWorld was really on top of it. They continue to be present on their Twitter page with many updates and responding individually to people that are commenting. 

Overall, SeaWorld has been doing very well with their crisis management during this time. Everything that is found out is reported to the public. The CEO made a statement today that the whale shows will continue tomorrow but with many limitations until the full investigation is finished. This was a huge question for everyone listening and watching and patrons of the park. SeaWorld also treads lightly when asked if protocol was broken or if safety standards aren't met, which is good. They have no conrete answers yet so they answer saying that. The response has been along the lines of, we can't confirm or deny that until the investigation is finished and all facts are checked. 

As the days continue SeaWorld will hopefully continue keeping up with the public and be informative of what is happening. But in PR the first 48 hours are the most crucial and I believe that this company truly did a well job. Their crisis management was responsive and exactly what is needed to keep this company on top. There were some minor flaws but collectively, job well done.

I must mention in my closing that SeaWorld and Dawn Brancheu's family has set up a memorial fun, in honor of Dawn and will be used for children's charities that Dawn was active in. As of right now, donations can be sent here 

Dawn Brancheau Memorial Fund
c/o U.S. Bank
P.O. Box 809231
Chicago, IL 60680-9231

-Be grateful for whatever comes because each has been sent as a guide from beyond-


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Why is everyone always out of milk, bread and eggs whenever it snows?

Upon my adventure to the store today, I am faced with the madness of the impending snowstorm. As it happens I am out of milk at home. It's just one of those random days my milk is low. Low and behold, the shelf is quite empty.

Hence the question I have.

It's as if it is a psychological complex. When people hear snow=getting in the car and going to the store to get milk, bread and eggs. Everyone is in tune. 

Maybe it's the pancakes. People want pancakes when they are snowed in and you need milk, bread and eggs. Or even french toast. I was one of those heads out today but I just needed milk for cereal in the morning.

So why is everyone in a 25 mile radius at the store grabbing for the same three items? Feel free to offer suggestions or reasons.  And maybe take the advice of this nutrition blogger and be prepared with more substantial shopping lists before the next storm.

Here's to more pancakes in the morning!

-Snowflakes are kisses from heaven-


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Pancake Day! 

Ok. now that your mouth has stopped drooling a bit, I want to look at the significant of this day. Now I'm not a super religious person but I want to share why we 'celebrate' this day.

Well, this day usually takes place on Fat Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday. (Not really sure why it's a week late but we will roll with it.) Ash Wednesday begins Lent for 40 days. The pancake day goes back awhile when during Lent there were strict rules that you weren't even allowed to eat dairy. So as still on Fat Tuesday, people eat a lot in preparation for their "fasting." And pancakes were a favorite because the milk, eggs and butter (all dairy products) needed to be used up before Lent began.

Now that I have given you a history lesson, let me tell you about where you can get yourself some free pancakes :) IHOP is giving away a free short stack (3 pancakes) from 7am-10pm today. All that they are asking for in return is a small donation for Children's Miracle Network. They hope to make $5 million this year, making it $5 million raised in 5 years.

So go out and drizzle your pancakes in syrup, fruit, powdered sugar, butter or whatever makes your fancy but also please think about making a small donation to help out around you.

Enjoy your pancakes!

-Lent is the time to make new efforts to be what we say we want to be-

Day One..

Monday, February 22, 2010

Hello everyone!

Welcome to sharing this time with me. Recently I have been struggling with who I am and what I am supposed to be doing in life. Kind of missing that light, you know?

Well that's why I'm here.

Stumbling upon someones website earlier, I thought how nice it is to write thoughts and share them with people. For me not even so much for people to read but for me to be able to write. I miss writing. I miss sharing.

So listen to me babble, excite and talk you through my journey. Hopefully in a year I can look back and see how life has changed for me. How I have changed. And I hope you enjoy my words and insight. And as my interests say, I love quotes. I'll be ending every post with a quote of how life is that moment and time

Until next time...

-Things change only as fast as you do-

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