Wedding Wednesday: The BEST Bridal Party

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The time has come for me to introduce you to our fabulous wedding party. Carefully chosen to stand beside us on our wedding day.

They were all a wonderful addition to our special day and we are so glad we will always have the memories with the most important people in our lives.

The Ladies

Even thought it was raining, we wanted to rock the shades

The Men

"I'm getting married..oh yea!"

Very Dapper

sorority pose!

The Whole Gang

How fun is our bridal party?

One of my favorites

Maid of honor and best men

Mother and Father in law, Dad and step-mom

Day of Rest

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My work schedule isn't like the average person's work schedule. I work some weekends and have off on weekdays. So my weekdays off, most people are at work and can't play with me. - Don't you hate all the TGIF crap when you know you work weekends?

Therefore, my days off usually consist of an apartment or wifely duty. This means grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning, organizing...the list goes on and on. And if you recall my complaints about "coasting", it was just these days off that have come to make me quite crazy. It was the same day after day after day.

Well, today I broke that record and it felt pretty great. I didn't do one errand that wasn't for me and I didn't wash a dish or organize one thing in my apartment. And it felt pretty great.

I slept in until 10 and I am not ashamed. I had a very work driven weekend and it was nice to play a little catch up with my exhaustion.

 After my nice sleep, I had a very abnormally large cup of coffee that I definitely savored.Did some blog reading, watched some morning television and dragged myself into the shower at a time many people are sitting down to their lunch. - Things to do: 1. Drink coffee 2. Rest of the stuff 

It was then I made the decision to make a trip to do a hair refresher. My poor hair has been in need of some serious highlights and a spruce up of my new short do.' This whole short hair thing has been growing on me but I needed to give it one last try. Many foils later, I was refreshed with new highlights for fall and a freshened hair cut.

And then I might have made a stop to the dreadful place called Wal-Mart. I mean, we do need to eat so some food was necessary for a proper dinner. Well, I think the universe was yelling at me for ending my me day. Because let's just say I walked out of there with not a single thing even though I had shopped and had a cart full of stuff. (No I didn't steal!) I just find it a little crazy I have to wait in line longer than my actual shopping trip.

I was also able to squeeze in some time to do some fun editing for our honeymoon video! It is a fun side hobby that I like to do. OR pretend I am good at and I can't wait to be finished and share with all of you.

"A" helped end my night with the Pretty Little Liars finale. Yes, I love this show and was way too excited for #WorldWarA.  And my thoughts are... didn't we do the whole boyfriend is "A" thing before? I am just having a hard time convincing myself it is Ezra. 

So you take days of rest on your days off? What do you like to do?

Hear Me Roar

Friday, August 23, 2013

Dear Heather-Happy birthday sweet baby cousin! Can't believe you are at the age of 22. Where has the time gone? And I am still sad we have yet to have an epic bar night. I mean, it has to happen like yesterday.

Dear squats-You are pushing my limits, but I think I kind of love it. I will be up to 200 squats tomorrow...crazy! I have definitely seen some improvement in my derriere and thighs. Which can only be a plus right?

Dear fall-I am so very excited for you to be here! I have compiled a list of things for us newlyweds to do this fall. Last fall we were still settling in living together and best friend's weddingness that drained us so I think this year we can really take advantage. And big plus? I'll go back to working the job I get paid to do!

Dear weekend-Boo you and your work nonsense.

Dear Katy Perry- Thank you for making a song titled, "Roar." It fits many moods everyday and who doesn't want to sing, "..Because I am a champion and you're gonna hear me ROARRRR!!"

Roar by Katy Perry on Grooveshark

Being a Dreamer

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Look at me making a pretty picture!

As long as I can remember, I have had a vivid imagination. 
In my mind, there was nothing that couldn't be done and no universe that couldn't be touched. It was all available to me in my mind. Maybe that's what led me to have such a great passion for writing.

Living in your imagination and having no limit to what you can do, are the basis for dreams. And I am the biggest dreamer you will find. I have big dreams. Dreams for myself, my husband and our life together.

Are some of them way out there? Absolutely.  (Um, have vacation homes all over the world might be one of them?) But most of the dreams I have are attainable, maybe not today, someday.  It may be a fantasy world to some but to me it drives me to get where I live in those dreams.  Because if I don't have these dreams then where will I be? What will I be working for? And what's a dream if you don't share it with your husband.

I dream of the prettiest house in all the land.
I am talking about the one with 6 bedrooms, lots of space, a huge yard, gorgeous patio, possible in ground pool and lots of space for the babies that are coming.

A two story close is something I may never have but a girl can dream right? At least when I do get it, all my dreams will have come true ;)

I dream of being an AWESOME mom.
There are a lot of awesome moms out there that I see everyday and on the flip side there are not so awesome moms that I know I want to be better than. I want to raise my kids to be the best people they can be and be respectful of other people. And I want to be the mom that has fun with her kids and praises them as much as they need to hear it. 
I also had a literal dream I was pregnant with twins. Subconscious talking to me. 

That's the dream.

We dream of having our own business.
Everyone might say this, but my husband and I have had serious discussions about going down this road in a few years. We know all the hard work that has to be done and how risky it is but we also know, you don't get anywhere holding back om something you want. 

And if we run our own business, I can eventually run it from home and spend my time raising the babies and being a good housewife. Or MILF. Whichever you prefer. 
That's the dream.

These are my dreams, our dreams as a family. We might be over ambitious. You might say we are being unrealistic. But when it comes to it, we know we can't buy that McMansion in a few months. We know we will house hop until we get there. 
We know we won't be able to start our own business without having a serious business plan and have our finances really secure to take that risk. 
And that baby dream? Will be holding off on that for a year or so. This gal loves her sleep and we need the extra space to fit a baby AND a Lily. 

But none of this stops us from being Dreamers. We can achieve our dreams, someday.

And what's my biggest dream?

To always be a dreamer.

Wedding Wednesday: The Dress

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Wedding Dress. I would wear it again and again. There wasn't anything I didn't love about it.

I absolutely couldn't get enough of my dress. I knew I didn't want anything to extravagant or traditional. I definitely wanted it to reflect my personality of a little bit quirky.

This dress was the very first dress I tried on. It was so lightweight and different than the traditional wedding dress. I already knew it was the one but tried on more just to be sure. I tried on the ballgown and it was heavy as heck. Then the princess one. It made my sister cry in joy but it just didn't feel right. After a couple of rounds, I came back to my first choice.

It is a strapless organza high-low ball gown with pickups and adorned with beaded detail at the dropped waist. I had it altered to a sweetheart neckline to make it a little more me.

No lacing or buttons for this girl!

Swavorski Crystal Headpiece and small veil

Is it too soon to wear it again? I really want to do an anniversary shoot with us all dolled up again so see ya in a year dress!

Weekend Recap

Monday, August 19, 2013

Sami's Shenanigans

This past weekend was a weekend for sure. It was relaxing and nice and everything a weekend should be.

Friday night, I had a girls night that involved a 31 Party and wine. Always a good time when there is wine involved.

Saturday I had the chance to sleep in. And sleep in did I. After a leisurely morning, I had a fun outing to Homegoods with my best friend. When best friends shop together, things can get dangerous. But I made out with a good haul. Some new dishes, storage baskets and some odds and ends for the kitchen.

I can organize if I have pretty things

Sunday the husband and I were busy bees. We started our morning off at IHop with some eggs and pancakes. And delicious as always. 

We then hit up the storage unit to pile more junk in to make room in our teeny apartment. We did a little bit of errands where I picked up some Sleep Serenity from Febreze.

I might have mentioned on here a time or two that I have trouble sleeping. I get waken up easily and can't stay asleep. So any new sleep things that come into the market, I try. Always good to give everything a try, you never know!

And then, something amazing happened. I decided to try my luck at being Susie homemaker and made some homemade wheat bread. 

It wasn't the best bread but it also wasn't too bad. Made my hopes not dwindle enough to try my hand at another loaf. Crust was a little rough and inside was a little too crumby but an easy fix I'm sure. 

And this weekend made it very hard to enjoy my Monday. Take me back!

A Very Important Question

Friday, August 16, 2013

Dear husband- 2 years ago you asked a very important question and I said "Yes." 

Only you know my true shock at you popping the question , even if everyone else thought it was happening. You had me convinced I was waiting a longgggg time for the words, "Will you marry me?" to come out of your mouth. But I learned you are always full of surprises.
It has been a wonderful journey the past 2 years obviously leading up to husband and wife. From long distance woes to moving in together and all the wedding planning in between. Love you so much and can't wait for the future and many more surprises!

And only this song seems appropriate for #backtatazzup

Mary Kay #MKGlam Review

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Since I'm an Influenster (Hint: you can be too, just ask how!) I received a this Mary Kay Voxbox a few months ago and wanted to give it a proper test before I shared my reviews with you.

Makeup wise, I am usually pretty low key and low maintenance. I use eyeshadow, eye liner, mascara and foundation. Being a beauty guru is definitely not my thing and am always looking for easier ways to achieve a nice look when I am going out with friends and for my everyday look at work. 

Here are the items I received to try:
Mary Kay® provided these complimentary products through Influenster for me to try.

Mary Kay Cream Eye Color-Violet Storm ($22.00)
This eyeshadow is easy to go on and you are able to layer to make the color more intense. So it can be a ligh day color or a bold night out color. Did have a problem if I tried swiping on more than a few time (line)
Overall: I would get more of these to try other colors. 

Mary Kay Cream Eye Color/Concealer Brush ($10.00)
Works great with the eye cream. Did not try it out for concealer but I'm sure it would cover the area
Overall: Would buy with the creme eyeshadow

Mary Kay Lash Love Lengthening; I Heart Black ($15.00)
I am a mascara gal. Can't leave the house without it and am always trying new kinds to really extend my lashes. The curved wand works really well to lengthen the lashes and make them really pop. I did hold the wand a little longer at the end of my lashes to really get it to pop!
Overall: Definite must have! Better than wearing fake lashes if you can just extend your own.

Mary Kay Lash Primer ($15.00)
I use primer on my face and eyelids and never even knew it existed for your lashes. Makes total sense though to prep them for mascara. It glided on easy and I even used it with my previous mascara to see it;s benefits and it made the mascara not clump and glide on easy.
Overall: Will continue to purchase this and keep in my beauty kit

Mary Kay True Dimensions Lip Stick in Pink Cherie($18.00)
I'm not a big lipstick user. I can use gloss like it's my job though so I was hesitant to use this. But I did try it out and it glided on nice and had good coverage. It lasted awhile too even with straw drinking. The pink wasn't very much a color I would choose either. I added a little clear lip gloss over top to get that shimmer effect. 
Overall: Not for me but would be a great lipstick for daily lipstick wearers.

And here is I used them. For a fun night out with friends!

Like my look? Or any of these products spark your interest? 
Head over to Mary Kay to start your shopping!

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