Being a Dreamer

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Look at me making a pretty picture!

As long as I can remember, I have had a vivid imagination. 
In my mind, there was nothing that couldn't be done and no universe that couldn't be touched. It was all available to me in my mind. Maybe that's what led me to have such a great passion for writing.

Living in your imagination and having no limit to what you can do, are the basis for dreams. And I am the biggest dreamer you will find. I have big dreams. Dreams for myself, my husband and our life together.

Are some of them way out there? Absolutely.  (Um, have vacation homes all over the world might be one of them?) But most of the dreams I have are attainable, maybe not today, someday.  It may be a fantasy world to some but to me it drives me to get where I live in those dreams.  Because if I don't have these dreams then where will I be? What will I be working for? And what's a dream if you don't share it with your husband.

I dream of the prettiest house in all the land.
I am talking about the one with 6 bedrooms, lots of space, a huge yard, gorgeous patio, possible in ground pool and lots of space for the babies that are coming.

A two story close is something I may never have but a girl can dream right? At least when I do get it, all my dreams will have come true ;)

I dream of being an AWESOME mom.
There are a lot of awesome moms out there that I see everyday and on the flip side there are not so awesome moms that I know I want to be better than. I want to raise my kids to be the best people they can be and be respectful of other people. And I want to be the mom that has fun with her kids and praises them as much as they need to hear it. 
I also had a literal dream I was pregnant with twins. Subconscious talking to me. 

That's the dream.

We dream of having our own business.
Everyone might say this, but my husband and I have had serious discussions about going down this road in a few years. We know all the hard work that has to be done and how risky it is but we also know, you don't get anywhere holding back om something you want. 

And if we run our own business, I can eventually run it from home and spend my time raising the babies and being a good housewife. Or MILF. Whichever you prefer. 
That's the dream.

These are my dreams, our dreams as a family. We might be over ambitious. You might say we are being unrealistic. But when it comes to it, we know we can't buy that McMansion in a few months. We know we will house hop until we get there. 
We know we won't be able to start our own business without having a serious business plan and have our finances really secure to take that risk. 
And that baby dream? Will be holding off on that for a year or so. This gal loves her sleep and we need the extra space to fit a baby AND a Lily. 

But none of this stops us from being Dreamers. We can achieve our dreams, someday.

And what's my biggest dream?

To always be a dreamer.


  1. Go girl! I hope you guys can start this business of yours...what an amazing opportunity!

  2. I'm a huge dreamer too. A lot of my dreams are the same as yours - dream home, awesome mom, having my own business (event planning to be specific). I would also like to travel the world and master teleportation. (I guess that dream may be unattainable. Boo.)

  3. It might be a big dream but we hope so!

  4. I would LOVE teleportation. Travel everywhere for sure!


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