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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

4 days until christmas :) so enjoy this classic M&M's commercial!


12 Days of Christmas are Expensive

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I hope you have all saved up to buy your true love all the things for the 12 Days of Christmas. 

The cost has risen 9.2% since last year and it is up to a whopping $23, 439 according to the PNC Pricing Index. They conduct an annual survey every year to evaluate just how much the gifts would cost in the infamous, "12 Days of Christmas."  

It's weird because this is the largest jump since 2003 and I thought our economy was on the slump? Very interesting.

I am hoping to get those 5 golden rings this year ;)

"On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me...."

Rockefeller Christmas Tree!

Monday, December 13, 2010

That's right. Me and the boy finally made it to the tree after 5 years!

Have a look:) 

It was such a wonderful day. Not too cold either. And we were dressed nice and cozy. Had a nice dinner at Hard Rock Cafe (On our 50 state Hard Rock Cafe tour, that's number 2) 

But the adventure always finds us. We missed our first train back, then the next one was cancelled and the train we did get on was delayed for an hour because there was an accident. Add on the rain and it was quite the adventure.

But we both made it home safe and sound and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day!

Where are all the sounds coming from?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Blackberry Adventure #2

The other day I was taking a little snooze, unplanned of course, and I fell asleep pretty hard. I am woken up by something. But what exactly is that?

In my woken up, half asleep phase, I hear this odd ringing and don't know what it is. It takes me a second to look at my phone which is blinking. My boyfriend is calling but there is a ringtone I never heard before alerting his call. Sort of a doo, doo, doo, dahhhh sort of thing. Very weird. 

This perplexes me for a couple reasons. The first being I obviously have my ringtone set to 'All I Want for Christmas' being this is my absolutest favorite time which it did ring for a call earlier in the day. And the second reason being, as I said, I never heard that ring before.

So where did it come from and why is it random?

It doesn't stop there. The same ring comes through for some texts and emails. Then there is a simple bing for others.

I have searched through ringtones, sounds and profiles. They all say All I want for Christmas. It has been a few days so I might try again or just admit defeat and call AT&T and look like a total Blackberry novice. That is odd in and of itself considering I did have a Blackberry before.

Until then, let the random sounds keep coming from my phone. 

Blackberry Adventures

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Well, I have finally got myself a new phone.

Rewind a couple months. I had a Blakberry Curve, the trackball stopped working. Therefore, scrolling up was impossible. That means basically anything was impossible. I was forced to use the phone for a month or more when it only made calls.

Call in sister. She brought me a Quickfire that she somehow had, found, ? Not really sure. This thing is the chunkiest phone ever. It did allow me to text and use Facebook. But let's be serious.5 pound, orange phone not my style.

So finally, I have purchased a brand new Blackberry Torch. And it is definitely an adventure. After having a Blackberry Curve and then a stone age phone, it's taking a lot of getting used to. Touch screen, slide out, all these apps. It is pretty amazing though and I must admit I am slightly obsessed.

here I will be sharing all the news on how my getting to know and work this Torch are going.

Adventure 1: Finding a cover for the touch screen to protect from fingerprints and scratches that doesn't cost $20. Yea, I kid you not. Small piece of film, the carrier wants $20. I think not.

Sister tells me to go to 5 Below. So in my travels to see Brian, he conveniently has a 5 Below right by his house. We saunter in and make our way around the holiday shoppers to the cell phone wall. Here we spend a good ten minutes looking for this screen protector. In between Brian is saying 'I don't know what I'm looking for ," and makes his way over to the video game section of the wall.

Ready to admit defeat (or call my sister) we start walking around the whole store and find an IPod touch wall where I find a single screen protector. Boy am I lucky, I think. Brian suggests we look at the wall again because he now knows what he's looking for. He searches and digs through accessories and cases to produce two more screen protectors. Wow, I am definitely lucky. 

Having made my decision, we start the long wait in line and look to our left. "Are you kidding me?" comes out of both of our mouths. For you see, there is a whole section of screen protectors right there. It turns out lucky wasn't what I was. we walked past that a multiple of times I'm sure and seemed to have missed it. 

In the end, I came home with a screen protector for an IPhone that is too big for my screen. My phone is too new and doesn't have a generic brand screen protector yet. Perfect. So I did what I had to do. I cut the protector to fit my phone and it is now sporting some air bubbles here and there but I can wait for the real thing. And I am not spending $20. 

wait until the next adventure with the Blackberry...

Oh weekends...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Weekend seems to be very short when it's one day. *sigh*

But on a brighter note, I spent that day off catching up with some friends I haven't seen in awhile. We went to a little unknown cafe in Princeton, Fedora Cafe. The chili was my dinner of choice and I must say I was unfortunately, not impressed. There was corn in my chili. Not a fan. 

Conversations were had about the days of sorority life and how much it differs now. After being gone over a year, it does seem a lifetime away already that I was a part of all of that. Maybe it's my age..

I was then able to see my boyfriend for the night and next afternoon. I was coerced into watching, Get Him to the Greek and I will admit it wasn't as bad as I thought. There were some funny parts and some duds. We had discussed brunch on Saturday earlier in the week. So I was all psyched for my eggs and bacon yummmm. But it turns out Brunch at Friendly's stops at 12. Bummer. I then decided on some delicious chicken fingers. Acting my age of 23. 

It always stinks leaving my boyfriend but we are seeing each other a lot this month and that is pretty exciting. There's birthdays and holiday parties to attend. One of which is my own. Looking ahead December seems to be a pretty great month. Maybe after December the new year will bring me a new place to live. Hmmm. Stay tuned.

December has arrived!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Well, we have come to another month. And not just any month, but December. The last month of the year 2010 *sigh*

But yay! December is a great month. It has Christmas and my birthday! Not a big birthday person but still fun.

It also brings snow and frigid air, also known as winter. Let's just say that I am NOT a big fan of.

All the holidays are coming full speed ahead, so are you ready? I know I still have a few presents left to get and furthermore, decide upon.  

The there are the inevitable New Year resolutions. Have to figure out what I am going to attempt to do or accomplish. Hmm such a toughie every year.

There is so much hustle and bustle this time of year that everyone forgets to live the last month of the year up. A whole year is about to be gone. Everyone should say goodbye properly and take time to drink it all up.

So what are your plans, resolutions? I'll get back to you on mine.

-“How did it get so late so soon? Its night before its afternoon. December is here before its June. My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon?”-Dr. Seuss

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