Superstitions are Busted.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Or maybe it's just my face. If that even makes any sense.

If you haven't checked my Instagram or Twitter in the past day, you might have missed the part where I busted open my face at work. Specifically, my eye, eyebrow. I was picking up something and when I came up, knocked my head on a metal arm. Ouch.

I think I am pulling this off.
Funny thing is I have banged my head on metal racks before, but this time wasn't such a good recovery. I now have a few stitches through my eyebrow that hurt like a mother and a nice shiner to accompany it. You should see the other guy though...

It was awesome and kind of terrifying. And by kind of I mean a whole lot. Think Carrie kind of scene when it happened and I am surprised I didn't have nightmares about my own face.

Because of this, I have now decided Mondays are now when no good things can happen. Add that to my already growing list of superstitions.

Wouldn't open that umbrella

//Opening an umbrella inside brings bad luck

//Wishing on an eye lash

//It's 11:11, make a wish!

//If my ears are ringing, someone is talking about me. Same with a dropped spoon.

//Spilled salt throw it over your left shoulder

//Never pick up a penny that is tails up on the ground

//Rain on your wedding day is good luck (pretty much forced on me)

What are some of your superstitions?

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  1. Oh ouch!! Sorry to hear about your little accident girl! I've never had stitches but they sound awful. :(

  2. I don't say certain things out loud... I feel like once it is said and the words are out there the universe can use it against me.

  3. Ohh never heard that one. I have tried that with my job search though so maybe I'll do that from now on!

  4. Thanks! I am currently downing some Ben & Jerry's. You know, for the pain ;)

  5. I will say they are not a picnic. Especially when it's right above your eye. I think I'm more worried about the scar I'm going to have through my eyebrow haha

  6. I don't really know if i have any! Just like for the wedding, your supposed to get married on the half hour, so the clock goes up... I could care less and might just get married right on the hour! :)

  7. I didn't even think about the umbrella one but that is a good one that I agree with... & bless your heart your poor eyebrow!

  8. I never even heard of that one. Lucky for us, maybe our coordinator did because we were on the half hour, so glad!

  9. Everyone was trying to convince me to open that umbrella for "just a second" because it wouldn't matter. But I refused. It's that serious.

  10. Oh no! Poor thing! And I'll go with the rain on your wedding day one!

  11. Yea, it's a bummer but I'll survive. The rain on my wedding day can bring that good luck any day now!

  12. I hope your eye/eyebrow is feeling better soon!

  13. OMG - ouch!!! Glad you're OK and hopefully the stitches don't leave a scar. I do not pick up any coins that are face down. I just can't do it!!

  14. Thank you! It's entering the awkward itchy/hurt phase. So fun haha

  15. Ugh, the scar is my biggest worry right now. There might be a gap in my eyebrows...ahhh!


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