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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Two tattoos, two very different reasons.

The first was when I was the fresh age of 18. I had wanted it FOREVERRR (an 18 year old girls equivalent of about a couple years) But mom said no, no, no. And if I got one I could find the nearest apartment to live in.

So I did what any 18 year old girl would do. Got it anyway and hid it from my mom. Yes, I managed to pull this one off for 2 1/2 months. I wore long shirts around the house and never bent over. Until a day in May, when I arrived back from my senior trip. I had on a cute top and low cut jeans. It peeked out and she goes, "What is that?" Instant panic. I stumbled with my words and just smiled really big.

Her words were, "That better be fake. Is it fake? Does it rub off? Did you just get that? I can't believe you did that." Then she threw out this..."So when are you moving out?" But of course, I never had to move out and mom dealt with the tattoo. She did take the time to make fun of it every chance she could get. And it didn't help these previews were playing all over the tv at the which my mom always responded, Oh great, Krista.

But no matter what anyone calls it or how they make fun of me for it, I still love my tattoo. It was something I wanted and I went for it. It reminds me of that time where I was fearless, even of my mother putting
me out on the streets ;)
My other tattoo has a lot more meaning than my first one. It says, "Don't Stop Believing" in memory of my mom. It was her favorite song and I think it carries with me a little message from my mom everyday.

As for my next tattoo? I really want it to be about my husband, our marriage.
Like this but instead of birds his initials.

Husband's fingerprint in a heart. 

Love the idea of a white tattoo



  1. I love the idea of the fingerprint tattoo!

  2. love the idea of white ink tattoos! but I don't know if many places will do them and I have heard you have to get them re-done regularly!

  3. I got to the point of just telling my parents about my tattoos AFTER I got them. I mean what can they really do then? I love the Don't Stop Believing one and I love it's placement. Foot tattoos are probably my favorite! I'm partial to the infinity symbol because I have one as well, but I like the idea of his fingerprint in a heart! Thanks for linking up :)

  4. I have one tattoo and would love another, but just can't decide what I want!

  5. I loved writing for this link-up, so different!

  6. I've realized as I get older that is what I'm more concerned about but that first one was hey I like it, I'm getting it haha

  7. Well, that might turn me away. Having a tattoo that is maintenance isn't my thing haha

  8. I hear ya! Still thinking of my next one.

  9. Ha ha! I got busted the same way!

  10. I remember being so terrified my mom would actually kick me out!


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