Wedding Wednesday: First Look

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The first look has become a popular trend with weddings but, many brides still choose to go the traditional route and wait until the walk down the aisle. As much I would have loved to Brian's reaction as I was walking down the aisle, we did decide to do the first look before our ceremonies.

The idea of having the time before to do our pictures and being at our cocktail hour was something we wanted to do. We wanted the time to casually mingle with our guests before we went in and sat for dinner and dancing. Another reason is that we were doing the Chinese Tea Ceremony (Chinese tradition) before our actually ceremony. So we would have to see each other before that walk down the aisle anyway, why not make it a little more special.


  1. The first look is one of my favorite memories from our wedding day. It's nice to have just a few private moments in the midst of wedding madness! Your photos are precious!

  2. Thank you! It definitely calmed me down to see him before everything started!

  3. Gorgeous! I love these moments, so genuine!


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