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Monday, April 30, 2012

Some inspirational (funny) pictures for your Monday. Or maybe just for mine :) 

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Happy Friday!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy Friday everyone! My kind of Friday today.

I am linking up with from my grey desk for a high five for Friday! Basically, just being super thankful it's Friday and all the great things that happened in your week.

1.Let's start of with an obvious...this awesome new blog design! I am so glad to be back and think I will really be able to connect with other bloggers on this site. (What the heck took me so long?!) Can't wait to keep sprucing it up

2. My very productive day off Tuesday. Was able to get some cleaning done and just relax. AND I got to listen to Carrie Underwood's new album all day on iTunes. Ahhh days off.

3. New glasses! After approximately 5 years, I know have glasses that are my prescription and I can actually see out of! A momentous occasion indeed. (Picture to follow when I am actually at my best)

4. Finally got a new camera! This beauty is in my possession and I am so happy. 

I have felt so lost since my other one lost it's life Christmas Eve when it dropped to the floor. The dual view is my absolute favorite and was so useful on our last vacation. It is so easy to use too!

5. One week until The Avengers! Yes, I am so excited to see this. No, I can't explain it.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend!

First Wedding Wednesday!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Welcome to my first Wedding Wednesday post!

In an effort not to always be talking wedding , wedding plans and such I have decided to designate one day where I can do just that. And you can read or just skip Wednesdays on my blog.

For my first Wedding Wednesday I have looked to The Knot (wedding bible if you will)

Introducing...The Knot Toolbar! 

This is seriously the best thing ever. I know you newly engaged, engaged, forever engaged,  frequent this site. And honestly, who wants to keep typing in when you could just click it? Ok, now that I have showed how lazy I actually am...

This toolbar is awesome sauce. Yea, that awesome. It just sits there at the top of your browser waiting for you to have wedding ADD. (That's when you are doing something so unrelated to wedding stuff but somehow wedding pops into your head and you forget what you were doing before)

Waiting for you to search a cute idea that came up or to update your website for the umpteenth time. But for real, you need this toolbar. Everything Knot right at your fingertips. If you don't have it, get it. Now. Seriously. Right here. If you have it, how amazing is this little thing?!

It takes maybe a thirteenth of the stress away from planning a wedding. And hey, that's all we can ask for right?

Welcome {Back}!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Welcome everyone!

To the new and improved blog :) I am so excited I stopped being lazy and FINALLY changed my blog over to Blogger! I mean it looks awesome, right?

Only took me a few months due to my slight perfectionism...ok, ok, more than slight. I have a large problem with perfectionism. I would have one column but then change it back to two. I can't even begin to tell you the amount of times I changed my background.

That's not saying I am fully done. I'm sure you will still see some tweeks here and there on a daily basis. It's just my nature. I will not be able to leave it alone for at least another month. But it was more than enough time (and I am mostly satisfied with my creation) that I come back to blogging!

So I hope you love it! Do you loveeee it? (dear alyssa, you are echoing in my head right now)

Special thanks to:

Please leave me some comments on the design and any bugs!

Oh and look at this...a signature! It's the little things, people.

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