Pain in My Butt

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It seems I have acquired this quite painful, pain in my butt. If I sit too long, it hurts. If I walk too long, it hurts.

Naturally, my husband and myself have been joking about the pain in my butt all day. The blogger that I am wanted to make my pain beneficial to you. I present to you, my pains in the butt: currently in the world.

I have always been a Kardashian cheerleader. Loved them and their crazy show for awhile. Heck, I even wanted to be a Kardashian. But then in the last few years, I've grown. The Kardashian clan has outgrown it's fame and are just trying too hard. I mean, Kris, it's time to be a wife and proper mother. Leave the Momager behind and take care of Rob.

This past week has really irritated the heck out of me. Come on, Kim. This girl has been married 3 times. Good for her for being resilient and still chasing for that one true love. That I give her props for. But I think past 1 or 2, you stop making a spectacle of your wedding. You're wedding day is about you and the other person. Your vows to each other. Not about making money. Plus, the word "Kimye" just bothers me.

Last night, we realized there are less than 30 days that we have to pack this place up. Holy panic attack. Our last move was bittersweet as we said good-bye to long distance but stressful nonetheless.

This time, I have decided to tackle room by room and I am hoping it helps. I had vowed this would be the last time I do this. Or maybe just maybe once more. Such is life.

Gmail Spam Filter
I have missed 2 very important emails thanks to the way Gmail is filtering my emails into this awful folder. This on top of the new tabs. Makes things all kind of confusing. Who remembers to check their spam folder? I thought Google was all smart and stuff.

Stink Bugs
They are back. And not wanted.

Mother Nature
Can't make up her mind between 90's and 60's. One minute I am sweating my behind off and the next I am searching the clothes pile for a large sweatshirt. Get it together.

And those are my Pains in the Butt for the moment. Any pains in the butt you have?
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  1. We just moved as well and it was a definitely PAIN IN THE BUTT! I have vowed never to move again without hiring professional movers. Good luck with your move

  2. We are currently pricing professional movers to move all the big stuff. Last time the couch was a bit much to handle!

  3. Just moved this weekend..I feel your pain!


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