Goodbye Long Distance!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Moving is hard. Almost a full time job. It is not a joke. Even Lily is stressed. Hanging out under curtains.

(what is with the space above the picture?!...any suggestions would be appreciated!)

Doesn't help that we have procrastinated just a tiny bit....It is now June 12th and my lease is up July 1 anddddd we still have not found a place to call ours.

But in all of this chaos and stress I need to be focusing on that word. Ours. The apartment, home will be ours. Mine and his. Living together. Goodbye long distance relationship!!

Yes, that's right. For the past 3 years we have been doing the whole long distance relationship and quite frankly, I am way over it. I think I was over it about 2 years ago. But it is what it is and we will finally share the same zip code!

I live in a lovely little town in the northern part of the Garden State and he lives wayyy farther down the Garden State. Something to the tune of an hour and half. That's right. For the past 3 years since we left school, we have been travelling an hour and half to see each other. Bunch of crazies. What we do for love.

Let me just say, this is what I  won't miss:

-Talking on the phone each day after work. Which included many dropped calls and 'whats as our phones did not contribute to the long distance relationship.
-All the travelling! A good 30k miles on my car can probably be attributed to these travels.
-Coordinating plans when we are at opposite ends of the state. Wait, meet me where? Then we go when?
-Every other weekend visits. Not fun.
-Never spending any weekdays together!
-Family outings alone. I think sometimes my family thinks I don't have a fiance...I kid...I kid. Just excited to do these together!
-The constant I miss you's and good-bye's.

So from here on out be prepared for the moving/cohabitation updates..after all this will be interesting and quite the ride!

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