A year until I become a Mrs.!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wedding Countdown Ticker

Pretty much sums it up!!

A year from today I will be getting married...and this exact time I will be getting ready to walk down the aisle eeeeeekkkkk!!! So crazy to know exactly what you will be doing 365 days from today.

It means only 365 more days with this exact name. Time to do crazy things with it. Only 365 more days to be a bachelorette hehe. Only 365 more days of having a fiance then he's a husband! Only 365 more days I can say I'm not a housewife...because I'm not a wife yet. Oh and only 365 more days to plan every aspect of the wedding. No biggie.

Now that I am officially at the year mark, all my automatic checklists have added all these tasks. Nothing like giving a bride a panic attack. But I know there is a lot that DOES  need to be done but I think I am making ok progess. I have some of the last minute details. So what if I'm going backwards?

Next up: the dress! Yes, everyone I have heard you warning me how long it takes to come in so I am trying to get on that ASAP. Thanks ;)

Absolutely can not wait for the next year of wedding planning craziness fun! And absolutely can't wait for the most wonderful day of our lives! It's going to be a great ride, let it begin!

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