Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Video!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The videography for a wedding is something many people opt of. They say it is something they won't watch again and it just isn't that important to them. It is a constant battle between should we? or is just extra money for something we won't watch again?

For us, a video is important. More importantly for me. My whole life is on video. If you think I'm exaggerating, ask my family. Every event there was a video camera to capture it, from birthdays, pool parties, graduations and every family vacation. My mom always had the camera in her hand to capture the moments. So for me, it would be weird if the most important day of my life wasn't on video.

I have been doing some research to see exactly what I want, how I want it shot, one videographer, two videographers. And one day I stunmbled upon the these fun wedding videos and can't believe these are actually for real!

They are all so fun and you must watch them, all incredible! And maybe putting some ideas in my head...

And this one is gorgeous and might be my favorite!

Raj & Sierra "The Time"
from Jorge Ibarra on Vimeo.

Time to find me a videographer!

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