Fun Summer Giveaway!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

What would you do with $500? 

For me, I would get a head start on some Christmas shopping. Never too early I say especially when there's a special little boy celebrating his first Christmas! I absolutely can't wait.

Lucky for you, you have the chance to win some of that money, enter below! 

A Freedom Filled Weekend

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Wasn't it just Friday like five minutes ago? 

I would love nothing more than to repeat the past four days. It was the best balance between relaxing, enjoying my little man, and getting things done around the house. 

We had our first cook outs of the year with the new grill. (Fathers Day gift for the husband!) 

It feels so good to have our own home, sit outside at night with some wine and enjoy the summer nights. I also love pretending we are in the country with nothing around us if even for a few seconds.

We took multiple trips to Target because why not? BBQ supplies and just things you feel like you have to have for a BBQ, which is actually a lot.

There was a winery trip and Lucas meeting even more friends and hanging out with us. Yea, we take our baby everywhere, even wineries. Call us those people ha!

As I am back at work desperately wanting a nap to catch up from this weekend, I can't help but think how badly I wish there wasn't such a thing as work. 

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