Spilling the Baby Beans!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Like every other woman with a Pinterest, I had ideas of how we would announce our news. Wine, Lily involved, cards somehow. So many ideas. Then, when the time comes you are so overwhelmed with oh boy, there's a baby in there. Or brb I have to go chug some ginger for my nausea, that these ideas can slip away slowly...

I loved the idea of a custom wine label and knew I wanted to incorporate that some way in our news. Go me for actually sticking to this one. Couldn't have been happier with how they turned out.

As much as we wanted to hand them out to all friends and family, we kept it to some family and friends to break the news or enhance the news. I will be more than ready to collect a glass of wine from these babies in a few months.

For our families, we told them Fathers Day weekend. I got my dad a coffee cup saying Grandpa. Wish I caught his face a little bit better. But it was a "really?..." Big grin kind of moment. 

And my father in law got a picture frame that said Grandpa. As you can see, big grin, shock.

I really wanted to try to tell as many people as we could in person or over FaceTime at least. But it turned out to be a little harder than expected. We were already at 14 weeks and couldn't hold the news in any longer so we had to compromise with Facetime

One of my favorites, even though I don't have a picture of it was telling my aunt and cousins. I started by saying "So we have some news.." And my cousin screams out, "You're having a baby!" My response, "well, yea we are." Then, telling my one uncle, "I thought so because you are wearing a dress.' Priceless and funny moments!

And for everyone that we couldn't see or Facetime, we were going to send out pregnancy announcement cards. Needless to say, nausea and exhaustion kind of squashed that plan so we just called all family or texted the picture to friends. Very millennial but we loved the photo! And it was of course our social media announcement. 

It was so fun to get to see or read every one's reaction to our news! And it made it even more real that we could finally talk about this little babe in my belly. 

Weekend Update

Monday, October 24, 2016

I always love being able to write about my weekends. Whether it was doing nothing but sitting on the couch or being out and about it was a nice way to remember even the littlest moments.

It also helped me take more pictures as I felt some sort of pressure to show you even my Sunday coffee. 

This weekend was a birthday weekend celebrating this girl turning five. I can remember visiting her when she was oh so tiny. 

Oh and baby Moy got his first party favor meant just for him. How adorable! 

Stole some fall pics too 

And I wouldn't be the only one still reeling from The Walking Dead right?? I haven't been keeping up with the last few seasons very much but since Brian's a huge fan and I know the characters, I wanted to see who it would be. 

I also remembered why I don't like this show. Like seriously with Glenn's eyeball? And the bashing of the head approximately 15 times?

What did you think of it? How was your weekend? 

A Whole Big Life Update

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Since it's been so long, I figured I would update what's been going on with us and in our lives. Lots of changes going on for sure.

A preview of what's to come?!

Oh hey, there's a baby cooking!

There will be plenty more updates on this coming soon. It's been an exciting, fun time throughout this pregnancy and getting ready for baby!

House hunting. 
One word. Exhausting. We have been at it for months. Came close a few times but nothing settled down. It's out there. It has to be.

The place we currently rent is for sale. 
So that's fun. 

Celebrated three years of marriage! 
Where does the time go? We went to Myrtle Beach for an extended weekend. Little did we know when we planned it, there would be a bun in the oven. And no fun cocktails. Whomp Whomp.

I've been to Vegas, Myrtle Beach and Chicago. For work. And this baby has been there for them all. 

Still have my Etsy shop. 
The little project is holding its own and I still have some time to enjoy making them! 

Lily is on a weight loss diet. 
Just another girl who has to watch her weight even if we like her "fluffiness."

And that's about it I think. I am so glad to be back here and documenting memories as we go!

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