Last August Friday!

Friday, August 31, 2012

First off, where did August go?! Linking up for Friday's Letters of course!

Dear Friday- I am not exactly the fondest person of you today. Mainly because it means a weekend of work and a night of closing. Much different than the last Friday I encountered. Makes me jealous of all the fun other people are having this weekend NOT working.

Dear fiance- Sept's on. I push you and you push me. We will be a great fitness team!

Dear Lily- What was with the shenanigans this morning? Knocking everything off the side of the bathtub was uncalled for as well as on the table. I think Brian must have given you crazy pills before he left for work just so I couldn't sleep in ;)

Dear Pretty Little Liars- I am not ashamed to declare my love for you. I mean I tweet pretty much every week. And I can't wait until October to see what is up with Toby! I think he found out the girls secret and wants to protect Spencer so he went on the inside to take down Mona. Yes, I might think too much into this.

Dear August- You have seriously been a whirlwind. New job and settling in a new town have made you fly by. We crossed something off our wedding to do this month and I even started on multiple other to dos on my list. More to come for September. There was a successful bachelorette party and can't wait for what September is going to bring!

Bachelorette for the Almost Mrs.!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Well this past weekend, we spent a night out in honor of the beautiful bride to be, the soon Mrs. Greene!

First order of business- Pick up the bride in the bachelorette mobile :)
Got us a couple looks on the way to our destination. Took us a nice little ride down the Parkway to Atlantic City!

We arrived in AC, where else? And a nice calming stroll on the beach was just what the bride needed to relax. We also discussed how this was the first beach trip for the summer for the both of us. Yes, a week before summer ended we made it to the beach. Fully clothed but still counts. Check out the model bride.. could she be any prettier? Oh wait, yes on September 14th she will be the most beautiful :)

Went to dinner at Carmine's, which is a family style restaurant where we had penne vodka and chicken Parmesan, the bride's first time trying it's deliciousness. I think she approved.

Drinks at dinner for the bride! Her favorite of course, sangria!

Then it was time to doll ourselves up and start the night's festivities! Each girl received a nice little favor bag that was full of the hangover essentials and fun night out attire.

We played some games and had some laughs. Added some fun, little pieces to her wardrobe. I think the groom will approve of our selections ;)

Must have: pictures before we get all got crazy!

Then we just strolled around from bar to bar,parading the bride. Included some free drinks and a special request of a wedding cake shot!

The last 4 standing and Hooter's. It was such a fun night and I am so glad I was able to plan this for my best friend! I'm pretty positive she enjoyed herself!

Now the countdown is on....2 weeks!!

Friday's Letters!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Dear weekend-Seriously so excited you are here! Can't wait to celebrate the Future Mrs. Greene and send her off in style!

Dear Fiance- You are awesome. You are such a great help around here and even do the dishes. Which everyone knows I dread so thanks so much for picking up that task

Dear Homegoods-This week I was finally introduced to you and let's just say, things could get dangerous. Thanks to my friend Laura for bringing me along and I am sure we will be returning in the near future to decorate this apartment.

Dear Money tree-When will you exist? And can I be the first to try you out?

Dear skin- What is up with you this week? I know you are always borderline awful but this week it seems you have taken it up a notch. And this is none too appreciated especially because I have a big event coming up. Get it together.

Can't believe we are almost at the end of August already! Time is sure flying by. Guess it's true what they say about once you hit the year mark until your wedding....

21 Finally!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Yes, that's right this little cutie is 21!!

seriously the cutest.

This litle girl is my little cousin, Heather Ashley and as far as little cousins go she's pretty great.

I wasn't blessed with a little sister but you've been the best fill-in :) And yes, I will continue to call you my little cousin no matter how old you get. But we have been through some crazy family times but many many fun cousin times. And I am so glad to have you as a bridesmaid on my wedding day because otherwise it just wouldn't make sense.

I expect a bar trip very soon and I am so sorry I can't be there with you taking shots. But I know you have some great friends who will do the job properly. Live it up and enjoy it love you!

Fitness Wedding Wednesday!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It's been awhile since a Wedding Wednesday and I say that is just poppycock. Pretty much because I have had a whole lot of wedding in my life recently.

Here is my 10 month checklist...courtesy of Wedding Wire...

And look at that first one glaring at me.


This can't be happening already. Is it me or is this just plain crazy? I'm 10 months out and I have to start a diet? No thank you. And plenty of sleep? Forget about it. Been lacking in the sleep department with elbows punching me and noises awakening me (Hint, hint: I'm not used to another person in my place or bed yet)

So of course not being able to do any of these causes more stress. Then comes the awful skin and gorging on yummy snacks that aren't supposed to be on said diet. ENOUGH TO DRIVE A SOON TO BE BRIDE CRAZY!

Right now I have my best friend's wedding in a few weeks (!!!) and the dress has already been fitted and it fits perfectly. So there my friends is my excuse why I can not diet at this very moment. Sorry Wedding Wire, The Knot and every other bridal reference guide. I'm such a rebel.

I will consider a better exercise routine thought. More running and getting some cowboy legs. Especially if I get the dress I am pretty sure I love. Yes, like these. And if you couldn't notice those are Carrie Underwood's to die for legs.

                                                                         Source: via Krista on Pinterest

But I have also made the decision I will not be going crazy with my dieting and exercise. Just trying to get back into the shape I know I can be. Aka. I will not be putting a feeding tube through my nose to lose a few jobs. Geez people, nuts much? And if you missed those crazy stories you can look them up.

Yea, unattractive and disgusting. Not in my lifetime.

But the fitness routine will be written down and tracked. I will make sure to stick to it. I definitely want to get on a better running routine and include the fitness tips to work out my legs. Plus, it will be great practice for later in life. Ya know, my MILF skills and all ;)

So that's my plan people. I'm talking to you wedding checklist telling me I am behind on my fitness plan. I will be healthy and do it my own way. And 10 months might just be a little too early for my taste.

What is/was your fitness plan for your wedding? Did you stick to it?

Until next time!

Pinterest Party!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My love for Pinterest can't even be described in words. I pin away hoping my wedding will be as beautiful as all the pins I am finding or I will look as awesome for my wedding day as every pin in Getting my Fitness On. But let's be serious.

We all pin and rarely do anything with it. Guilty as charged. I have made one thing out of my pins. The breakfast crock pot casserole. And it wasn't that good. But all the rest of the 436? Not. A. One.

So I was definitely intrigued when I saw 20sb hosting a Pinterest Party. Basically, a challenge to make or do something on that you have pinned. Challenge accepted.

                                                                       Source: via Mashable on Pinterest

Lately, my hair has been all kinds of eh. I know I need some sort of deep conditioning treatment but it hasn't been in my budget to purchase a professional deep condition. Que in this pin I pinned a week or so ago.

                                                                            Source: via Krista on Pinterest

It is the egg yolk and olive oil recipe mask that you smooth over your hair and it can look this good. Yes and yes. I need to do something to fix this mess of a mop on top of my head.
 Here is how everything started...

Gross right? Here we go!

First, you need some eggs. Which I think I had some of....and apparently Bud Light too.

Then I separated the egg yolks just as it says.

 Then came the Olive oil (I only had extra virgin olive oil so that's what I used)

 This is the icky mixture after the cup of water and mixing. Doesn't look like anything but give it a try by scooping it on my hair over the tub. Then squeezed the excess and let sit for 15 minutes.

Excuse the goofy face. I think I was non too pleased with the result.

After playing with eggs, wasting olive oil and making a mess in the bathroom, the mixture DID NOT work. You can still the same frizz in my hair and it looks exactly the same as when I started. Just have a slight egg smell to my hair. Attractive. 

Maybe the regular olive oil would have been better. Or I didn't mix well. I just don't know. If you know what I did wrong because this has worked for you please let me know! Otherwise, I won't ever be wasting anymore eggs in my hair.

Now that I have that over with I am more inspired to complete more pins and I challenge you to the same! It's a weird sense of hey I pinned it and actually did something with it. Trust me.

Can't wait until I try my next pin!

Weekend fun!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Yes. it's that time! You get to read about my exciting weekend ;) But it was a pretty good one.

Friday night I spent at home all nice and cozy with the fiance. We watched American Reunion and it was actually funnier than I thought it would be. I actually enjoyed it and it was worth the $5 I'd say.

And my Saturday was a super fun day. Got to sleep in (much, much needed) then made my way to Hoboken to see its newest residents!

ignore the fashionable glasses. Picked up an eye infection so I have had to sport these for a few weeks. womp womp.

And you know of course we had to go out in Hoboken. It is required. It all started with this delicious drink! And after it all I can't wait to do it again.

Needless to say, I was dragging Sunday, But I squeezed in a trip to see my best friend for wedding dress fitting. Didn't make it on time bt was able to peruse the wedding dress section. Might just have to pop back in for a visit. We will see!

This week will certainly be a busy one as usual. Booked to see a photographer for the wedding, finally! We love the pictures and videos so we are hoping this could be the one. But then again, when is it ever easy for me to make a decision. The answer is never. Then some dinner with friends of ours, bridesmaids dress fitting, getting that engagement ring picked up and back on my finger and a quick eye appointment to say I'm infection free and can go back to contacts. Followed by a weekend of work. Whew. That made me even more tired than I was.

Until next time!

Friday's Letters

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Time for my Friday's Letters!

Dear 10 month Wedding Checklist- You are not going anywhere. Let's fix that shall we? Photographer, Videographer ASAP!

Dear engagement ring- I miss you. I know you will come back all shiny and pretty but my finger still feels naked! Missing you <3

Dear new job-I am getting the hang of you. I think we might get along just fine. Crazy how a change of scenery changes so many things. Let's see what is to come.

Dear Lily- Get ready for all the attention. Maybe it will help your attitude. Maybe not. Then we will just get you a cat tower. We will see. Spoiled princess.

Dear beast of a car- Why are your brakes squealing? I just had some pads put on you. I would really appreciate it if you waited a couple of months before I needed to spend a fortune on brakes. Thanks, much appreciated.

Dear Pinterest- Why do I always end up here when I could be doing so many more productive things? Oh, maybe this why....

ps. just learned this embedding feature...

 I will be doing so many DIYs for my wedding thanks to you. At least I hope so, stay tuned.

Dear blog- I can't wait until I can get back to my regular posts about my thoughts and life. Hopefully life will slow down after I get used to the new job, new place and many wedding activities. I really miss it all!

Smelling the Roses at Thirty!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Well hello everyone! I love finding new blogs and especially new fun link-ups. Today I stumbled upon the cute Lovely Little Things blog and the Smell the Roses series. Because let's face it we all need to smell the roses every once in awhile. I am just sorry I didn't find this sooner because some of the past tasks would have been so fun.
Lovely Little Things

The task for this week is...

Write yourself a letter to read 5 years from now.

After having written a letter to myself 5 years ago...I know I couldn't pass this up. It is basically a time capsule for myself that I will be opening or reading on August 6, 2017. And it goes a little something like this...

Dear Krista,

First off, this is you, now.
You better still be this hot. Just saying.

Well, you have made it to your 30th year. I hope you crossed off at least 3/4 of your 30 before 30 list(which right now is still in progress, so I guess I hope you also finished it.) So if all is done then you will have gotten married, bought a house, done some pole dancing ;) have another tattoo that you currently do not have and you enjoy your job...just to name a few. And if you haven't, then it might be time to break out the list and ask yourself why not. You should always remember to do what you truly want because you want to. Kids or no kids, never lose your passion for trying/doing things that make you happy. Even if others are skeptical and nay sayers. 

By now you should have a little nugget or maybe multiple, God willing and I am sure you are the best mom ever. If it is any indication of how much you love Lily and spoil her these days, it only goes to show how amazing you are with your own flesh and blood. Even Brian says your crazy cat lady skills will carry over into great mom skills.

Speaking of being a momma, how's it going hot momma? Because I know you have started to get the MILF thing going. Highlights, tanning, boobs. ya know, the works. No? Not there yet? No problem. It's your past self telling you to start today. Seriously, go. Even get a workout in, eat healthier. The simple things will help in the long run. 

Your closest friends are still there for you and Brian. (Yes, I am psychic actually) They still come and go in your gigantic house with many bedrooms (and I am also a dreamer) You still rely on them to pick you up even on your craziest days. I know this because your friends now are the friends that have stayed. Stuck with you through every crazy thing in your life and will continue to be there. If you have lost a few, maybe try to reach out. Never too late for a reunion and catch ups. 

You will have been married 4 years, together 11...yikes! You better have celebrated properly! And I know you two are living so happy and still having laughs. Because there is never a dull moment in your lives together. Just remember this time 5 years ago. You were planning a wedding, just learning about living together and  getting excited for your future. Remember this feeling and time. I say take a big vacation this year. Maybe as a family, maybe just the two of you. I know you two always spend, spend on little things and it's time to splurge on a big vacation. Think tropical, relaxing. Because you both need it. I just know this even 5 years from the past :)

It's just crazy thinking 5 years into the future. If I had done this 5 years ago, my letter would show just how much you can't predict anything. You are just on this ride wherever it takes you. Excited to see!

Make sure to head over to see Jessica's blog and start smelling the roses, definitely a fun time!

Sunday Social: Fall!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Happy lazy Sunday! Actually not so much for us. I'm working the fiance hard today to get the junk out of our spare bedroom into the storage unit. Just trying to clean this place up ya know? Way off topic.

Today is Sunday Social and I love this one because it is about fall things! I love fall. Colors, scents, weather, etc. Love itttttt.

1. What is your favorite fall activity?
I love pumpkin picking and carving. And drinking pumpkin coffee from Dunkin

2. Do you follow a football team? If so which one and why?

Well here we go. New England Patriots! Yes, I realize I do not live in the New England area. Yes, I realize there are other teams closer to follow but it's whatever. And it goes way back. Yankees and Devils were forced on us but football was one of the wishy washy. Uncle liked this team, Dad liked this team and never went to games so I kinda just picked one. And that's that.

3. What is something fun about Fall in your area?
I have a new area this Fall so I guess we will see. We have a nice park right down the road and I've heard there are Fall and Christmas happenings there quite often so I'm excited to see that!

4. Fall favorite outfit staple?
I love skinny jeans, flats, and wraps. So easy and fun.

5. Things you are looking forward to most about this upcoming fall season
First and foremost, Dunkin Donuts pumpkin coffee. Delicious. ( Have you gotten that I love pumpkin coffee?) And then if all goes right, engagement pictures this fall to prepare for save the dates eeeeekkk!!

A little something like this
(Found it here)

56. Favorite fall holiday/tradition?
Not very much. First fall living together so I guess we will figure some things out. But I have always loved Thanksgiving. But lately I have taken the option to work for that extra moola.

See you much more this week! I am finally getting back into the swing of things :)

Friday, Friday!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Gettin' down on Friday! Why you ask? Because I have ANOTHER weekend off! If you know me and what I do, then you know how miraculous it is. And how much I love it. my Friday's letters!

Dear Week: Thank you for being over. Because I am pretty sure you were the longest one ever. Do I exaggerate? Yes. But I am still convinced you sneaked in hours somewhere.

Dear Wedding Dress: I think I might have found you...and I am sooo excited!!! However, you know me and my indecisiveness means at least 3 more trips to various stores just to verify my decision. Can't wait!

Dear fiance: You are the best ever. Seriously. You made me lunch twice this week, emptied and loaded the dishwasher andddd dealt with my space issues. Pretty soon you will be the best hubby ever!!! And maybe I will pick up some wifey skills somewhere in there.

Dearest Steph: I hope you loved your shower and it was everything you hoped it would be. I had such a great time and am always so honored to be your maid of honor

Dear Kristen: Safe travels back to Cali! (that is IF you found out when you actually leave ;) I will miss you as always and I am so lucky I got to see not once but TWICE!! You best believe I will be Facetiming you in very soon!

Dear Iphone 5: I was really looking forward to owning you. But seeing as your price is the equivalent of all my bills for once month, I might have to pass.

Wedding Wednesday:A Bridal Shower!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Yes...I know it is not actually Wednesday, I accidentally missed it and still want to write this super awesome post. Mostly because it is about my best friend's bridal shower over the weekend. And I have been waiting for this day for awhile..oh wait, I mean she has ;)

It was such a beautiful day and I am so glad she had so many people there to celebrate her and her fiances love and start them off right. Now it is so close to the big day and I can not wait!

Here are just a few pictures from the day!


Advice table when you walked in.

Are these not the prettiest cupcakes you have ever seen?! They were wrapped in to go boxes and everyone had one to take home with them. So yummy!

A sangria fountain of course. So yummy.

Some fun and games. Who wore it best?

With presents of course!

Absolutely love her. And so honored to be her maid of honor. Can't wait for the big day!!

The happy couple!!

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