Fitness Wedding Wednesday!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It's been awhile since a Wedding Wednesday and I say that is just poppycock. Pretty much because I have had a whole lot of wedding in my life recently.

Here is my 10 month checklist...courtesy of Wedding Wire...

And look at that first one glaring at me.


This can't be happening already. Is it me or is this just plain crazy? I'm 10 months out and I have to start a diet? No thank you. And plenty of sleep? Forget about it. Been lacking in the sleep department with elbows punching me and noises awakening me (Hint, hint: I'm not used to another person in my place or bed yet)

So of course not being able to do any of these causes more stress. Then comes the awful skin and gorging on yummy snacks that aren't supposed to be on said diet. ENOUGH TO DRIVE A SOON TO BE BRIDE CRAZY!

Right now I have my best friend's wedding in a few weeks (!!!) and the dress has already been fitted and it fits perfectly. So there my friends is my excuse why I can not diet at this very moment. Sorry Wedding Wire, The Knot and every other bridal reference guide. I'm such a rebel.

I will consider a better exercise routine thought. More running and getting some cowboy legs. Especially if I get the dress I am pretty sure I love. Yes, like these. And if you couldn't notice those are Carrie Underwood's to die for legs.

                                                                         Source: via Krista on Pinterest

But I have also made the decision I will not be going crazy with my dieting and exercise. Just trying to get back into the shape I know I can be. Aka. I will not be putting a feeding tube through my nose to lose a few jobs. Geez people, nuts much? And if you missed those crazy stories you can look them up.

Yea, unattractive and disgusting. Not in my lifetime.

But the fitness routine will be written down and tracked. I will make sure to stick to it. I definitely want to get on a better running routine and include the fitness tips to work out my legs. Plus, it will be great practice for later in life. Ya know, my MILF skills and all ;)

So that's my plan people. I'm talking to you wedding checklist telling me I am behind on my fitness plan. I will be healthy and do it my own way. And 10 months might just be a little too early for my taste.

What is/was your fitness plan for your wedding? Did you stick to it?

Until next time!

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