Back in Action!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

So. The elephant in the room. To maybe a handful of you that might actually be reading this and care...

I kind of disappeared for almost 5 months. Wow. 5 months.

It was time. I was ready for a break. I just didn't know it would be a total break. And sitting down here again feels new, fresh. Which is exactly what I needed from the break I took.

I became too wrapped up in "Blogging to Get Paid" or "Quitting my Job to Blog."
Still very real dreams of mine but they overshadowed the authenticity of this blog so much I was losing my way. It was a chore to sit and write.

Was I saying the right things? Would people read this? How many followers did I gain from it?
It was exhausting. I was exhausted.

All I wanted from this blog in the beginning was to write. About me. About my life. About my feelings. Connect with people. Influence people. I want to go back there.

So welcome to this new space and bare with me as I do some tinkering and dust off the blogging cobwebs! 

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