Friday, November 28, 2014

Give Yourself the Gift of Financial Peace

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While you may have gifts, greetings and get-togethers on the brain, it's important not to lose sight of your financial goals this holiday season and as we enter a new year. Even in all the Black Friday hustle you have the chance to secure your financial future with awesome deals from Capital One 360 before we hit 2015. 

In 2015, we will be starting our path to financial peace. I say starting because it might take more than a year to truly be at peace with our finances but it's starting the path that's the hardest, right? These are the 5 ways we are going to start our path towards financial peace and you can give yourself the gift of financial peace.

//Set a budget 
We started 2014 off with the intentions of having and following a budget. We spent a few hours going over receipts, expenses and bills and thought we had it figured out. It worked for a few months but slowly we got off of that once the warmer months hit. Preparing for expenses that might come up every month is important in a budget.

//Manage Savings Account
We currently have 3 savings accounts. Yes, 3. We have a house savings account, a short term savings account and a children savings account (because we heard they are expensive.) Most of our money goes into our house savings but we like having our emergency fund and securing enough money for children without being stretched too thin. One of my favorite savings accounts is our Capital One 360 Savings Account. We are able to set up an automatic savings plan for it to withdraw money weekly, every other week or monthly. It's gone before we even have the chance to see it in our checking. It also keeps track of your savings goal, whatever amount that is. Your personal cheerleader right in your savings account.

//Set up auto-pay for all bills
 It can be all too easy to let a bill slip by and be issued a late fee. These fees can really add up after the first time it happens. Auto pay allow you the peace of mind to know that these bills will pay themselves. The Capital One 360 Checking account has you covered. They have a great calendar option to set up your auto-pay with bills.

//Have a {Better} Debt plan
Debt. Many have it and are unsure just how they are going to get rid of it. This year we were lucky enough to pay off all credit card debt and pay down a good chunk on student loans. This year we want to have a better plan to pay off at least one student loan, the one with the most interest. It's a great time to assess all the debt you have and how you will pay it off.

//Sign up for Capital One 360 Black Friday Deals
Once the Thanksgiving celebrations are done, be sure to add Capital One 360's Black Friday Sale to your shopping list. Visit to give yourself the lasting gift of financial peace of mind by taking advantage of Capital One 360's deals on banking, brokerage and mortgage products.

In addition to taking advantage of deals on banking, brokerage and mortgage products yourself, you can give your friends and family the gift of financial peace of mind by encouraging them to take advantage of the deals and refer them to the sale. If they sign up, you may be eligible for a $40 referral bonus.


ShareBuilderUp to $1,250 bonus (tiered offer)
  • Must be a new ShareBuilder customer
Home Loans$1,250 off closing costs
  • Must sign up for the loan during the sale period
360 Checking$100 bonus
  • Must make a $500 minimum initial deposit and make five transactions
  • Must be new to 360 Checking
360 Savings$100 bonus
  • Must make a $1,000 minimum initial deposit
  • Must be new to 360 Savings
Refer a Friend$40 bonus per successful referral
  • For someone to receive the referral bonus, they must be a current customer
  • Their friend must meet the minimum initial deposit requirements
  • Applies to all accounts

What are your plans to set yourself up for financial peace in 2015?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Giving All the Thanks

As I sit here waking up at noon after a night of preparing for Black Friday, I can't help but think of where we are this year and just how thankful I am.

I will be heading back to work in a few hours to accommodate all the crazy Thanksgiving shoppers. But I am thankful that this will be my last. I am thankful that I am given the opportunity to do something new and different.

I am thankful we have found a place we love and can entertain our friends. It has a homey feel and can see ourselves here until we save for our first home

I am thankful for my husband who knows my crazy ways and loves me anyway. Who supports me even when I am intolerable and even I know it. As we work through our first years of marriage, I know I am so lucky to have him

Last year, I was hoping for this very thing and now I have it. I am about to start a new career which is scary but exciting in a place where I feel like I could relax.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving meals everyone! And have a cocktail for me while your at it.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Heart of Christmas

If you are planning on shopping this Thanksgiving, I just ask you this. What's the reason? If you will be leaving a Thanksgiving dinner with family to buy the hottest item this season to have under the tree or in your home, shame on you.

Yes, I said it. I come from a place where the presents under the tree don't mean the most. When I remember my past Christmases I remember the memories, the pictures, the videos, the laughs and smiles of my mom. I can't tell you what I got but I will always remember the last holiday season with my mom. That's what you should be worried about this holiday season. Will your child be wondering where you are at the dinner table? Will a family member's last holiday season be spent yelling at a retail employee because something didn't go their way?

Many people say they can't afford Christmas and that's why they rush out to shop the deals. Since when do we have to "afford" Christmas. Chrristmas isn't bought, it's felt. It's felt when we spend time with our family during the holidays. It's spent teaching our children it's better to give than receive. It's felt when children are happy with whatever is under the tree that Santa was able to give. It's teaching children that there is no price tag on Christmas.

All I am asking is for everyone to remember the Heart of Christmas this season. It's not about the gifts or money spent. It's time we stop and remember that.

I’m gonna make a wish this Christmas
I’m gonna say a little prayer
I’m gonna stop here for a moment
Before the moment disappears

The world’s in a hurry this December
City streets and shopping malls
I wish we could slow down and remember
The meaning of it all

Wherever you are, no matter how far
Come back to the heart, the heart of Christmas
Live while you can, cherish the moment
The ones that you love, make sure they know it
Don’t miss it, the heart of Christmas

-Matthew West "The Heart of Christmas"

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Monday, November 24, 2014

A Friendsgiving Weekend

A Friendsgiving was had here over the weekend.

 The past few weeks we have been feverishly preparing to host our 20 guests in our 1200 square foot condo. A trick indeed to be able to seat those many people and not be too claustrophobic.

We went potluck style. Each person brought their own dish and we contributed our home, a turkey, gravy and apps. The dinner was so delicious. Each person's dish was well received. My picky eater self didn't try everything (I have trust issues with stuffing) but I have it on good authority from my husband that everything was delicious.

It was great to be able to have everyone together and continue our tradition this year. We also told people we would be making a trip to a local food bank to put together a Christmas dinner basket and they were more than welcome to bring a contribution.

Our friends did not disappoint. It felt great when people brought in bags to share with our donation knowing that we were about to have one of the first of our holiday celebrations.


Sunday we recovered. After a full Friday, Saturday day prep, I just wanted to veg out on the couch. And that's what I did. We had leftovers for dinner and I ate chips for a snack. Then, I tuned in for the AMAs. Decent show.

Here's to my last week in retail and a week of many thanks!

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