Weekend Update

Monday, May 22, 2017

As I sit here so very sleep deprived, I am thinking about just how nice my weekend was. Missing my little man during the week makes me want to take advantage of all the niggles and hugs I can get in the weekend

So I did just that. I only left the house to go to Target for about an hour. Otherwise, it was at home with the little guy. 

Family visited throughout the weekend to love on the little guy. My sister brought us breakfast Sunday and looked after the babe just long enough for me to get my meals ready for the week. 

Lucas came down with his first daycare sniffles. So not fun. Saturday night and last night was a lot of restless sleep making sure he was ok. I mean, those baby coughs and sneezes break your heart. But he was still all smiles. I think daycare thought I was lying when I dropped him off today. 

I would say I'm very satisfied with my weekend. Even with no sleep. 

A Weekend of Small Moments

Monday, May 8, 2017

When I go to write the weekend recap I kind of sit here and wonder now, is my weekend that exciting? Do people want to read about it?

I mean, this weekend it was an early morning, visiting daycare with grandma and grandpa, Saladworks (our favorite), family nap, more naps, chores, then it was all over it seemed. 

Then I look at what the weekend really was.

It was waking up to cutest baby smiles and coos I never want to forget. And the fact he already wants to hold his bottle by himself. 

Getting more comfortable with the daycare by going to the grand opening. I mean, these people will essentially be teaching my little baby lots of what he needs to know. It's also the start of me being a working mom and I have a funny feeling I'll discover a whole new version of strength. 

Family naps. Just sleep is something to be celebrated but the snuggles while napping? Never want to forget the small baby smell, arms flung out and mouth opened in an "O."

Our weekends might have changed from going place to place to spending most of our time at home, but these small moments are all moments I don't want to forget.  And these will mean so much when I go back to work. 

So if you show up here in Mondays ( sometimes Tuesdays) and wonder why I'm telling you all about breakfast or mowing the lawn, this is why. The small things I always want to remember. 

New Mom Mother's Day Gifts

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

We are just a few weeks away from Mother's Day and I can't tell you how crazy it is that I will be celebrating my first Mother's Day as a mom! How lucky am I?

Being a fairly new mom, 3 months in, I feel like there might be a different set of gifts that would really tickle a new mom's fancy. 

 And for all I know, this might still be my list in 5 years. I'll let you know.


Available here

On top of sleep and more sleep. Let's make it happen. 

Flavored is best. 

"Mom" gifts.
Because I want to shout it from everywhere that I'm a mom! But not like other moms, I'm a cool mom. I kid. So bring on the coffee mugs, wine glasses, picture frames... I want it all! 

Pictures of new baby.

Because being a working mom is really going to test me and I need pictures to sob over while I pretend to actually get my work done. 

This house has not been cleaning itself and needs a desperate attempt of some sort of cleanliness. 

Hair appointment.

I have to cover this postpartum hair loss somehow. Maybe a nice Lob will do the trick. 

Oh I miss it. Mimosas included of course. 

Carrying a baby and sleeping in weird angles to accommodate a sleeping baby awakes the soreness of all the muscles.

Hello acne from high school. Thanks for showing up to the postpartum party I'm having. 


I think this one just explains itself. 

So if you have a new mom in your life this Mother's Day, peruse the list and give it a thought. Is there anything else you would add to this?

Wine Filled Weekend

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Just stopping in on a Tuesday to update you on our weekend because that's the norm around here I guess.

We visited a local winery Saturday for their annual Baconfest! It included wine and food trucks, with lots of bacon on the side. 

It was also Lucas's first visit to a winery, but not his last for sure.

It will also be a great place for him as he gets older because momma can drink some wine while he plays on the playground. Don't worry he will always be properly supervised.

Also let's talk about the weather this weekend. It was a balmy 88 here on Saturday. Legit felt like the middle of summer, but nope just the end of April. We had prepared for a little bit warmer weather but anticipated clouds. Good thing the winery had inside where we hung out with the little man to keep him cool. But then Sunday was a much cooler 65. How do we go for a twenty degree difference in two days? Oh mother nature.

We had some friends over to visit Sunday, had the windows open and did some house cleaning. And some exercising. 

Overall, a nice weekend taking the little man out and relaxing. I can't believe this weekend will be the last one before I go to work. Cue all the tears. And the madness that will be this weekend as I make sure I have everything together. 
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