Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Blogger Men Tell All

Today, my husband gets to make his mark on this blog. A chance for him to shine for a day.

And it's a good thing I am off the hook today because I am still recovering from his birthday weekend.So, many thanks to Samantha, Becca and Melissa for starting this link-up.

Becoming Adorrable

If you had a blog what would you call it and what would it be about?
The Moy Life?  Sports, current events, pop culture, marriage life, anything funny and random stuff.  

Hashtag TheMoyLife.

If you could live inside any videogame, which would it be?
I would save the citizens of Gotham as Batman in Arkham City.  

We love comic books. I would be catwoman.

Who is your best player on your fantasy football team this year? 

 ummm, there is none, so no comment?

If you could play for any professional sports team, which would it be?

Philadelphia 76ers, duh. 

Well, duh. Because he talks about them 365 days a year.

 What do you typically do with an hour of free time?

Make love to my Wife ;)

My husband, folks.

I will be better prepared for the next one so he can have even wittier answers. And really blow your socks off. Or whatever.
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Monday, September 29, 2014

Let's Grab Coffee at Central Perk and a Beer at MacLaren's

This weekend. If there would be words for this weekend, there just wouldn't be any.

It was a weekend of celebrating my husband's birthday and a weekend of spending time with friends. 

Friday night we headed to Phikly to see Aziz Ansari. He did not disappoint. Had me laughing the whole time and especially loved his jokes on relationships. 

Then. On Saturday. I lived a dream come true. That's right. I got to grab some coffee from Central Perk! Only after waiting 3 hours in a very long line, but who was counting?

I couldn't BE more excited!

If you aren't familiar with it {which I will now be judging you for} Central Perk is the coffee shop from the TV show Friends. It is the place where Ross, Joey, Chandler, Rachel, Phoebe and Monica spent countless hours of the show, chatting, laughing and living out many story lines.

 It was replicated by Eight O'Clock Coffee and Warner Bros. in Soho, but only for a limited time. It opened September 18 and runs until October 18 where in that time, you can enjoy a free cup of coffee and a nice sit on the orange couch.

Once inside, it almost feels like you really could be catching up with the Friends cast any moment. And the memoribilia is enough to make any true Friends fan absolutely giddy. The clothes the cast wore, Monica and CHandler's wedding invite, rings and vows, the ceramic dog Joey keeps and even Emma's sonogram.

You then step over to order your special Eight O'Clock, free coffee from the barista. Definitely, no Gunther but still cool to walk up and order your coffee.

Grabbing coffee at Central Perk

Then, of course, there is the orange couch. The glory of the whole show. Any Friends fan would truly appreciate the fact that it is sitting there in all its glory. Worn down, dirty but sat on countless times to make a show I love.

They allow you to take pictures on the couch, as many as you want as long you wait in line. We took a few snaps because why not?

He's my lobster.

This was something I am so glad we were able to do. It was such a nice day out and it was easy to pass the 3 hour wait line with good friends there with us. If you are a Friends fan and in the area, you definitely do not want to miss this.

After that excitement, We took a nice stroll through Soho where of course, I had to stop in the Kardashian store, Dash. I couldn't afford one thing in that store but it was fun to pretend I could.

We continued our TV day with dinner and drinks at MacLaren's...I mean McGees pub.

This is the pub that the creators of How I Met Your Mother based it off of. It includes the bar, booths and mural on the wall. The differences are many but can see the similarities when you enter the first floor of the bar.

The HIMYM themed drinks did not disappoint. Although, the Robin Sparkles tasted more like a strong cherry medicine than a strong drink. But I would recommend The Pineapple Incident. 

And my burger was amazing. And I know burgers. Also, I had a frozen sangria and a large plate of loaded nachos. The day before my 7 day diet I was going hard. 

We ended the weekend with sleeping in, waffles and a few errands. I am now exhausted all over again but wouldn't have changed anything about the weekend. 

What were your weekend plans?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

27 Years of Awesome

Today, this guy celebrates 27 years.

To the guy that always has a funny joke somewhere, can try to make me laugh, who I can be silly with at all time, who declares the kitchen his cleaning zone, is a proud fur daddy to our Lily and who loves me so hard. The guy I get to call my husband every single day and makes me the luckiest gal on the planet.

27 is going to be a great year. It isn't so bad being here on the other side of your late 20's. I know, I've been here.

Happy Birthday, Brian. I love you so much.
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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fall TV Show Favorites

It's that time of year again. The air is turning crisper, the leaves are changing and TV is taking on a whole new season of drama and laughs.

We are huge TV watchers. Maybe a little too much at time. Our DVR definitely gets itself a workout just to keep up with all of them. Now that fall is back, we are gearing up our fall TV show lineup.

Returning Fall Favorites

//Grey's Anatomy
 As we return this season, Cristina is clearly absent and I am not sure how everything will play out. Meredith lost her person.

After having finally caught up just a week ago, I can't wait to see how Emily continue to play out her schemes. Especially with Victoria in the psychiatric hospital and Conrad dead.

//Once Upon a Time
Confession, we just started watched this over the summer. Netlfix Binge. We are all caught up and are awaiting to see how Storybook gets "frozen over."

//Agents of Shield
If you haven't already known, we love superheroes and love that they are making their way to TV. The first season of this show correlated directly with two Marvel movies, Captain America and Thor. Hydra had taken over and Shield is no longer. What will happen?

//Modern Family
Equivalent of my Friends fix. Can laugh and laugh over and over again. After watching reruns all summer, we are ready for more Phil-osophies.

New Fall TV Picks

// Mysteries of Laura
Debra Messing plays a single mom of twin that tries to juggle being a mom and a homicide detective. It also helps Josh Lucas plays her soon to be ex-husband. Nice on the eyes. After one episode, I really love the wit and humor in this show. I also love detective shows. Looking forward to seeing if I can stay along for the ride.

All about Batman and having a husband who loves Batman, you are signed up for this every Monday night. I must admit, it wasn't that bad of a storyline and Jada Pinkett Smith playing the villain is quite the touch,

Another comic book show. It seems we have a pattern. It follows the character, "Flash" who is literally the fastest human on the planet after an explosion.

What shows are on your fall TV list?

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