Monday, February 7, 2022

Well. Here we are.

The blank spaces below feel daunting as I try to recap five years. Five years since I’ve sat here and wrote my thoughts and musings on life. Will anyone actually read these words anymore? Or did they ever really? I do know there is a part of my that misses my words on a blank screen, so I came back.

Life has gotten a whole lot louder and crazier around here with the addition of another sweet boy. Add in that we now have a five year old and I truly can’t believe it where life has gone.

Oh, and we can’t forget the whole pandemic thing. Who would have ever thought I’d be writing about something call a pandemic that I only ever read about in history books? We locked down and carried on with a three year old and three month old and much like the rest of the world, worked from home while trying to keep our sanity. Not sure if we will ever get it back!

To say we have been kicked in the Butt the past few years is putting it lightly. There have been more lows than highs it seems some days, but we are here and healthy. 

I am not sure what I am hoping from this space, the blogging space has changed so much. It’s very much tied to Instagram that I quite frankly don’t have all the extra time for. If you’re an OG blogger, how do you  feel with the change? I love writing my words, so want more of a blogger vibe rather than an influencer vibe. I mean, I’m dressed in leggings more days than I can count and my house is overrun with toys so not sure I qualify with the pretty square pictures on the feed. 

It’s me here. Me and my words. 


Weekend Things

Monday, September 11, 2017

Played a little

Actually, a lot. I feel like this little guy has so many toys already!

shopped a little

Hung out on mommy and daddy while they shopped away and enjoy a nice snack on the food court

watched tv a little

But not too much because you know, screen time. But he was all about the Elmo.

Cried a little because Mommy cut my nails and skin
Is there anything worse than this? *insert crying emoji face*

How was your weekend?

Fun Summer Giveaway!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

What would you do with $500? 

For me, I would get a head start on some Christmas shopping. Never too early I say especially when there's a special little boy celebrating his first Christmas! I absolutely can't wait.

Lucky for you, you have the chance to win some of that money, enter below! 

A Freedom Filled Weekend

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Wasn't it just Friday like five minutes ago? 

I would love nothing more than to repeat the past four days. It was the best balance between relaxing, enjoying my little man, and getting things done around the house. 

We had our first cook outs of the year with the new grill. (Fathers Day gift for the husband!) 

It feels so good to have our own home, sit outside at night with some wine and enjoy the summer nights. I also love pretending we are in the country with nothing around us if even for a few seconds.

We took multiple trips to Target because why not? BBQ supplies and just things you feel like you have to have for a BBQ, which is actually a lot.

There was a winery trip and Lucas meeting even more friends and hanging out with us. Yea, we take our baby everywhere, even wineries. Call us those people ha!

As I am back at work desperately wanting a nap to catch up from this weekend, I can't help but think how badly I wish there wasn't such a thing as work. 

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