Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday's Letters

Way back when, I wrote Friday Letters. It wrapped up about my week or what I was feeling about certain things at the time. It was one of the first link-ups I participated in and I always enjoyed looking back on what I wrote from week to week about what was going on in my life. So I figured, why not bring them back.

Dear Flares

Thank you for coming back as fashionable. Brings me back to my middle school days where you weren't cool unless you had flares. Now, I just want to be like the cool fashion bloggers and get a pair.

Dear Grey's Anatomy
Kuddos for taking on the hot topic of the gender gap pay. Meredith was promoted to Chief but wasn't sure about her salary. After everyone told her to fight for what she deserves and fight for how hard she works, she walked right up to Bailey and told her what she wanted and deserved to make. Of course, Bailey said yes because it was all a test. A Bailey said, "This is what a feminist looks like." Boom.

Dear Fall Weather

 Just sit and stay awhile. Like a long while. I enjoy my boots and blanket scarf thanks. 

Dear holidays
zulily addiction.

I got you. I'm already prepared and started my Christmas shopping. No more weekend before Christmas shopping. Fully soaking in the holidays this year. 

Dear time management skills

 If you could come back to my life I would appreciate it. It's becoming difficult trying to figure out how to fit this blog in with the constant housework, work, wide duties and trying to have some fun. Any suggestions appreciated!

Any fun weekend plans? I'm ready to sit on my couch and catch up on Netflix!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Baby Fears

This is in no way shape or form indicative of my current state (non-preggo lady here) but after 2 years of marriage it has come up that we might eventually, possibly, potentially, entertain the idea of bringing little humans into the world. There are days where I think I am fully capable of this when the time is right. Then, there are other days where I ask myself, uh, really, can you do this? Thanks, anxiety.

Let's face it. Babies can be a little bit intimidating and scary. It's a huge change to your body, your life and your marriage. Your whole lifestyle changes along with your bank account. It would be strange if I didn't have some fears going into this.

I love sleep. Without enough sleep, I am a slight cranky pants. And babies do not allow a lot of that. There are some days where I wake up from 6 hours of sleep and feel like I can't function and struggle getting dinner on the table. How am I going to do all of this with even less sleep?

Ouch. I know I want to breastfeed as long as I can and I hope I can. But if I can't how will I feel about that? Will I let the fear of breastfeeding in public stop me from doing it?

Mom Clubs. 
I've heard about them. It's the judging, it's the new stage of life that maybe I need a friend for and might not have, it's not being sure if I have this whole thing together without other mom's giving me "the look." Will I find my place where I am supposed to as a mom?

Doing it without my mom.
Obviously, Brian is going to be an amazing father and help me out and support me. But there's something about a daughter having her mom there help her with her baby. And I won't have that help. I won't have that person to be completely vulnerable with, who will baby me when I'm being more of a baby than my own baby.

Being settled. 
Right now, we enjoy our cozy, little, rented condo. It works for us, but I am not fully sure how a baby would work here. Yes, we have an extra room that it could sleep in, but my concern is the space. I already feel like me and Brian are on top of each other. Add a baby then what? Will it also derail our savings for a house? Or should we make sure we have the house before a baby is even thought about?

I'm responsible for this tiny little human.
And that's a huge thing. A huge deal. I am solely responsible for making sure this baby grows right, is nourished right the first few months and for making sure it grows up the proper way.

After talking some of these fears out over a couple glasses of wine, I have heard that I will never be fully prepared the first time. It's a first time mom thing. I will learn and will be able to take care of this tiny baby. But...still...all of the above.

Have you had these fears?

Monday, October 5, 2015

Wedding Dancing Feet

I think I have finally recovered from my whirlwind 4 day weekend. What I learned is to fully prepare your body if you are about to attend an open bar wedding after just completing 30 days yeast free. If you remember from expressing my wedding love, one of my oldest and dearest friends got married on Friday and she was such a beautiful bride.

I got myself all dolled up to prepare to stand beside her as she said her vows to her husband and did my part by dancing the night away.

Rehearsal Dinner

Must have pre wedding selfie
Bridesmaids with mimosas
The most well behaved wedding date


Saturday night was recovering. My legs felt like I ran a marathon the day before. I kid you not, it hurt to even sit. I went hard on the dance floor and in the photo booth. But Sunday we ventured out for a little fall fun to celebrate 

Just recapping this weekend kind of makes me a little exhausted all over again. It's time for a really good detox and lots of sleep. Until next weekend that is. 

Friday, October 2, 2015

Wedding Love

Today, after 20 years of friendship I get to stand beside her on her wedding day. Probably cry my eyes out too.

It's been over 20 years that started back in our Brownie days when we would run around a church while our moms handled things for the troop. It was grade school days that included meeting in the hallways between classes, weekend movies and being a part of the Ecstatic 8. It was college days filled with picking up this stranded Delaware girl from a gas station to transport her safely home, broken hearts cured with some donuts and vodka diets and picking each other up when needed. 

We have helped each other through hard moments meant to break us, celebrated the best moments and nurtured a lifelong friendship. She has been the friend I have been blessed to take so many journeys through life, who's spunk is never ending and who always deserves the best. 

Today. I get to watch her take her journey to be a wife and start the next chapter of her life and I am honored she has chosen me to be beside her as she starts this special journey. 

Shell, I am so happy and excited for you on your wedding day. I know our friendship will only get stronger and I can't wait for all that is to come for your future. I love you my dear friend