Sunday, February 7, 2016

Super Bowl's 50th

50 years of the Super Bowl. We have all celebrated this time of year when we gather with copious amounts of pizza, wings, chips, dip, alcohol and commercials.

This is what we all show up for right? I mean, sometimes the halftime show but let's be serious, this year we were less than impressed before it even started. And we were all right in our thinking. I know Beyonce was there in a Michael Jackson outfit, but it just didn't cut it.

This commercial just breaks it down on how dumb you have to be to get in and drive a car drunk.

Ryan Reynolds on a bike. Ryan Reynolds doing anything really. And I would have the Deadpool trailer right behind this but it was hard to find it within all the other Deadpool videos. Now, that's a marketing genius if I ever saw one. 

This fit perfectly with the lyrics. It was such a clever idea to use his song to describe a wireless carrier.

If you don't know that I love superheroes by now, you must just be new. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. It means I obviously was so excited about the Civil War commercial even if did air before the actual Super Bowl. It's impossible to choose #TeamCap or #TeamIronMan.

There you have it. My take away from a mediocre game. You can retire now Peyton Manning. Bye!

What were your favorite commercials?


Friday, February 5, 2016

February Goals

Survive a week away from my husband
This is the longest we will be apart since we have been married. I know, people do this all the time for much longer, but it's new to us. To me.

Gain 3 distributors for It Works
Not giving up yet! Slow and steady. Really need to buckle down and get on that $20,000 bonus!!

Schedule 20 posts
I don't want to let this blog go on the back burner. I do have a lot to say. I love writing and want to write about my life. But sometimes life gets a little hectic with a new job and I need to plan in advance for sure.

Make dump chicken recipes
To say dinner has been a hot mess is an understatement. Through my trusty friend Pinterest, I have discovered something called dump chicken and it seems like the perfect solution. Put everything in a Ziploc, freeze it and it's ready to be tossed in a pot at night. No prep!

Weekend getaway
Sadly, we will be separated during our 10 year "anniversary" and Valentine's Day so I am hoping to get in a nice weekend getaway. We sure could use some time to relax.

Please. Please. Please.


Monday, February 1, 2016

Not Being Afraid of the Unknown

Yup, talking about a new year in February. 

The New Year brings hope and excitement to many. Counting down into the new year where you hope to be a better person, have a better job, look better, etc. It's full of hope. It's full of positivity.

That was me New Year's Eve 2008. I saw 2009 as one of my best years yet. I was going to graduate. Get a new job in the corporate world. I had hopes of a bright future, a great future.

12 days later my world came crashing down. I lost my mom in the blink of an eye. That hope was gone. It was replaced with darkness, sadness. I did graduate but went back home to an empty home.

When the clock counted down to enter 2010, I was terrified. Terrified what the new year would bring again. I couldn't have hope when less than a year before I had so much hope that was taken away.

Something I feared every New Year is something that many people struggle with every day. Having hope. Having faith in the unknown.

I focus a lot on what could go wrong instead of having hope it will go right.

I fear the unknown instead of embracing it. It's what fuels my anxiety. And it has to go. 

I have to embrace that whatever happens is exactly what is supposed to happen. That God is in control. 

There is a lot to be hopeful for, have hope and faith in. Even if we are on a shaky start this year doesn't mean great things aren't on their way for the 11 other months. I have to let my worries go. I am not in control. And that's ok.

Here's to embracing the unknown. Here's to me trying to actually do that!


Thursday, January 28, 2016

What Happens on Your First New Year Trip to Target

You always have to start at the Dollar Spot. Some of the cutest things you can find and probably don't need. That's how they get you. Do I need this small planner? Most likely not, but so cute. And this little sign is the perfect for what I have been shopping for.

Take a stroll down to the clearance section. But don't stray too far from the clearance section otherwise you'll end up in maternity. It happens. One minute your at the rack with the 30% off at the top and the next you are falling in love with a maternity shirt.

Contemplate getting some new workout clothes for your resolution to work out more. You decide maybe not. Does it ever work? Trying to stick to my budget and right now, my workout wardrobe will fit my mediocre workout schedule.

Pick up a nice seasonal item. We all know Target holiday decor steals the show. I feel a nice Valentine's day tree coming up.

Stop for the derma e® Firming DMAE Eye Lift with Instalift® Goji Berry Glycopeptides. Visibly lift, firm and tighten the delicate eye area while smoothing crow’s feet with this doctor-developed, multi-action eye treatment crème that contains advanced, clinically proven natural ingredients
I know I was excited to try this out, even my age of 29, my eyes seem to be plagued with the constant under eye circles and baggage. It was easy to use and I noticed a slight difference after using for a few days. You can also shop for the New derma e®  line now available at Target. 

No Target trip is complete without something for the little pet in our lives, Lily. They get us cat and dog lovers with their holiday themed toys. Lily has many we switch in and out depending on the holiday.

Try not to buy anything at the check-out. I dare you. Especially when they have $5 DVDs. I mean, how can I not purchase Crazy in Love? Ryan Gosling's abs, hello there.

What does your trips to Target look like?


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I was provided compensation for this post but all opinions are my own.