Thursday, October 13, 2016

A Whole Big Life Update

Since it's been so long, I figured I would update what's been going on with us and in our lives. Lots of changes going on for sure.

A preview of what's to come?!

Oh hey, there's a baby cooking!

There will be plenty more updates on this coming soon. It's been an exciting, fun time throughout this pregnancy and getting ready for baby!

House hunting. 
One word. Exhausting. We have been at it for months. Came close a few times but nothing settled down. It's out there. It has to be.

The place we currently rent is for sale. 
So that's fun. 

Celebrated three years of marriage! 
Where does the time go? We went to Myrtle Beach for an extended weekend. Little did we know when we planned it, there would be a bun in the oven. And no fun cocktails. Whomp Whomp.

I've been to Vegas, Myrtle Beach and Chicago. For work. And this baby has been there for them all. 

Still have my Etsy shop. 
The little project is holding its own and I still have some time to enjoy making them! 

Lily is on a weight loss diet. 
Just another girl who has to watch her weight even if we like her "fluffiness."

And that's about it I think. I am so glad to be back here and documenting memories as we go!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

BIG News

 In case you haven't heard, Baby Moy will be making its arrival sometime around the middle of January!! 

We are excited, overwhelmed and so happy! The emotions go all over the place some days, especially for this pregnant gal. 

I was about 5 weeks pregnant when I took that important test. I had waited a few days after I was expecting my monthly friend because my cycle had been a little off ever since I got a nice cortisone shot in my knee. So I didn't want to get my hopes up just yet. BUT that test that morning was very obvious. PREGNANT. 

I had to go through work m, ran to the store to get another test just to be super sure I was indeed pregnant and get a cute little pair of baby shoes for husband. 

It was basketball lottery day, if you know my husband it's like almost Christmas. He asked if he could go out and watch it. 

My response," Um. I'd rather you not." 

Took that test one more time just to be certain. Threw it in a nice box, baby shoes included and brought it out for my husband. 

Ahhh we're having a baby!!!!

Stay tuned as I (very delayed) update you on everything going on! 

Welcome to the New and Improved!

Welcome to "The Moy Life." 

After much thinking, I realized I wanted to bring this blog back to life. It's clearly an exciting time for me right now {maybe you already heard...} and I wanted to document it all here. 

I had those thoughts a few months ago.. Then we are here. I finally finished the design enough to get going. I feel like this name is more of a fit. I write about my life, our life, and anything that might come to mind. Bare with me as I get the domain fixed, my socials caught up, and the pages all fixed. 

It's a refresh. It's a breath of fresh air. I'll be doing loads of updates in the next few days for anyone that's still out there. And even if no one reads, it's ok :) 

Happy Sunday! 
Thursday, August 25, 2016

Back in Action!

So. The elephant in the room. To maybe a handful of you that might actually be reading this and care...

I kind of disappeared for almost 5 months. Wow. 5 months.

It was time. I was ready for a break. I just didn't know it would be a total break. And sitting down here again feels new, fresh. Which is exactly what I needed from the break I took.

I became too wrapped up in "Blogging to Get Paid" or "Quitting my Job to Blog."
Still very real dreams of mine but they overshadowed the authenticity of this blog so much I was losing my way. It was a chore to sit and write.

Was I saying the right things? Would people read this? How many followers did I gain from it?
It was exhausting. I was exhausted.

All I wanted from this blog in the beginning was to write. About me. About my life. About my feelings. Connect with people. Influence people. I want to go back there.

So welcome to this new space and bare with me as I do some tinkering and dust off the blogging cobwebs!