Oh hey it's 2012.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Looks like I've been MIA and I have been. I could blame it on a lot going on but that's not true.

I could also blame it on not having enough time. But I don't think that's entirely true either.

Yes, the holidays and new year got the best of me but there isn't an excuse in any of it anywhere. So heres the very brief recap.

Bachelorette party for the soon (and now) Mrs. Lucas!

Yes, my friend is a model. Be jealous.

Christmas celebration at my house with the very best guest of all!

I broke my camera on Christmas Eve :(

I then had a 25th birthday that included a wonderfully fabulous wedding of my friend Kristen...yes, there were tears. I am so hapy for them!

my birthday cake!
Is she not the most beautiful bride:D

And on such a beautiful day...we would have a picture like we were talking about the most revolting thing on the planet. 
My handsome date.
Some of the greatest gals
Here's another one that was missing.

Then came a new year. 2012 here we are! 

This will be a year of wedding planning...my best friends wedding and other friends weddings...maybe another move? Hopefully a trip to Texas (more on my recent obsession with Texas later) New opportunities and just plain fun. Here we go!

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