Toilet paper, a Sign the Economy is Improving

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Weird, right?

I came across this article earlier on javascript:mox();--(it is an article i promise! won't let me change the name)

Obviously, the idea of toilet paper showing what condition our economy is in intrigued me. After reading the article it makes total sense. It basically says that when the economy started to get bad, people were shifting from name brand toilet paper to store brand. Or from two-ply to one-ply to save money. 

It seems that the sales have started to shift back to buying name brands like Charmin and Quilted Northern. 

"A shift from one-ply to two-ply (and now three-ply) may not seem significant. But to ignore it is to miss an important point: Because people are literally flushing the money they spend on these products down the toilet, spending habits in this very personal area can reveal important clues about the financial health of shoppers. And that reflects on the growth potential for the economy and the stock market as a whole. It all depends on how the roll turns, and it's definitely turning."

The first ever 3-ply toilet paper has also been introduced by Quilted Northern, the ultra plush. You've seen the commercials, wanting everything to be ultra plush with the slippers, bathrobe and over sized Q-tip. This was taking a gamble but it seems that it has paid off as people are more interested in introducing the luxuries back into their bathroom experience than their kitchen as their financial situation increases. 

Now that it has been brought to my attention, this makes perfect sense. Everyone needs toilet paper. Just seeing what is bought from the majority is a genius way to see how people are starting to get back on their feet financially. Definitely a good article.

"Like when I'm in the bathroom looking at my toilet paper, I'm like Wow! That's toilet paper? I don't know if we appreciate how much we have. I just want a few things I can treasure. So the things I do have, I'll appreciate - like toilet paper. Just the other day, I said to Jennifer [Rubin], 'Hey Jennifer, maybe we should stop using toilet paper'. We decided to thank the toilet paper instead, so that's what I do when I leave the bathroom. Thank the toilet paper."-Alicia Silverstone

In the 'Spirit' of things?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Or not so much.

Spirit airlines has made the news with a new controversial advertisement displayed on their webpage. It is making light of the BP oil spill. Have a quick look for yourself.

There are multiple slides with this particular slogan, Check out the oil on our beach' for Cancun and Puerto Rico. 

It ends with a picture of two sunscreen bottles, conveniently green and yellow, that say Best Protection. 

There has been a lot of talk about this ad today and the mixed reviews it is getting. The airlines issued a statement that is visible on their page after you click through the ad.  

"It is unfortunate that some have misunderstood our intention with today’s beach promotion. We are merely addressing the false perception that we have oil on our beaches, and we are encouraging customers to support Florida and our other beach destinations by continuing to travel to these vacation hot spots."

Now some local residents in Florida are praising the airlines for reminding people that it is still a great place to visit. And thanking Spirit airlines for trying to continue tourism in spite of the oil spill. But many news outlets and bloggers are voicing their opinions. And it is definitely not praise that is coming out of their mouths. 

Majority are critical of the ad and it appears this isn't the first time Spirit has been in the news for their less than tactful advertisements. 

Here Spirit defended this ad saying they weren't aware what the term MILF meant.

And this one was right after the Tiger Woods scandal. 

So it is your call but it seems Spirit finds any controversial topic and makes light of it to gain attention. Does it work? Well, I know it got my attention I just don't know if I would fly their airline.

Lucky charms!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Quick, what was your favorite sugary cereal when you were little that your mom would only buy once every two months?

Yup, mine was Lucky Charms. I loved those marshmallows. 

I'm sure you are wondering why I am talking about the nostalgia of childhood cereal you loved. Well recently I have spent A LOT  of time in the cereal aisle (not by choice, I get paid to straighten and stock the aisle.) As I stand there I realize there is a whole two aisles reserved for all that cereal. And Target doesn't even carry every brand but the most popular ones are there, including my favorite. 

You think, two aisles is no big deal, right? But when you stop and think back to when we were younger it is a big deal. There was one aisle and maybe a tiny of the other one along with the oatmeal. I remember this because of the old Shoprite we used to go to with its stinky aisles. 

This brings me to my point of the explosion of cereal within the past 10 years. And it is not just cereal in general. It is the sugar cereal. There are so many more cereals that are packed with sugar beyond the  Lucky Charms, Frosted Flakes, Captain Crunch and Fruit Loops that were available to us. 

Is it me or is it more than a coincidence that childhood obseity has increased in the past ten years just as the cereal aisle has?
I grew up with Cheerios, Rice Crispies, KIX and once in awhile mom would let me have Life or the lucky Charms. It was the fact that all those other cereals carried too much sugar with them. Just as Pop-Tarts and Toaster Strudels were limited in my house.

There was a study done that found that cereals marketed to kids have 85 percent more sugar, 60 percent more sodium and 65 percent less fiber than those aimed at adults.

Case in point....Peanut Butter Cap N Crunch, Berry KIX, Double Chocolate Cookie Crisp, Choclate Lucky CHarms, Rice Crispies Treat Cereal and the biggest disappointment, Chocolate Cheerios. Cheerios was always that good for you cereal that you feed babies. Good for your heart, lots of fiber, no sugar. That was their thing but now they jumped on the sugar craze and added chocolate to their mix. Of course there are unfortunately many more sugar infused cereals on the shelves that parents keep picking up to give to their children. 

I am not judging because I don't have kids but I know my mom was always good at saying no when I wanted those 30 grams or more of sugar cereals. The same will be true for my children. Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and starts of the child's day. Why would you want to start it in a sugar coma? Kids will eat what you give them and when you get that once in awhile treat, like I got the once in awhile Lucky Charms, it's all the better. Just some cereal for thought today. And something I have been thinking about as I put the boxes on the shelf. 

-Do we need to have 280 brands of breakfast cereal? No, probably not. But we have them for a reason  because some people like them. It's the same with baseball statistics.-Bill James

Happy Summer!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Today is the first day of Summer 2010 and it couldn't be a nicer one. At least where I am. Not humid, a little hot but all over sunny and gorgeous.

This summer will most definitely be a memorable one for me. I am leaving the place I have called home for 23 years and it will prove to be most difficult. It is exciting but at the same time I am leaving behind my safe space. No one likes to do that and wants to. But I guess they call that growing up.

Harmony made me who I am today and it will always be in my heart no matter how near or far I go. This was the place I shared all my memories with my mom through my years and that will always be in my heart.

Where I am going I am still unsure but hopefully it will prove to be a great place.

Vacation this summer too!! ow that is truly exciting. Brian and I are taking a semi-vacation in August to Baltimore. Almost all booked and planned. I think that will get me throuhg the move. At least I am hoping with fingers crossed.

Beach days with friends, visiting family, a few grad parties and my dear friend's bridal shower (!) will top out the summer ahead. It will be ups and downs until the fall but as always I am along for the ride. Let's see where it takes me.

-The summer night is like a perfection of thought-

To Infinity...AND BEYOND!

Friday, June 18, 2010


Clearly I am ecstatic about this and a kid at heart. But come on, who doesn't love Toy Story?

I was the wee little age of 8 when the first one came out and I was in love. Especially those cute little aliens in the claw. And I thought Sid was the absolute worst. It was the introduction of Woody and Buzz. How they started off as enemies but soon became best of friends. Truly a great moral for an 8 year old. Mom took me to see that movie and it was definitely a love

Then 4 years later it was back. Toy Story 2. Andy is off to summer camp and the toys are left behind for their own crazy adventure. Woody learns who he was and Buzz meets his newer model. A close escape lands them back home in Andy's room with new recruits, Jessie and Bullseye. I did not see this in the theater because at age 12 I wasn't sure if the childish movie was appropriate for a very grown up 12 year old. But I definitely saw it with my younger cousin when he watched it on VHS (!)

Now here we are 11 years later and the Toy Story craze has taken over. Target, along with many other stores, are carrying every kind of Toy Story 3 themed merchandise. Including a $150 Buzz Lightyear. Yes, you read that right. $150. And no it doesn't fly as I had assumed for it to cost that much.

Technology has definitely changed from the last movie and it seems as Andy goes to college the toys are finding a new home. It is shown in the preview the dinosaur is talking about an instant message she received from a male dinosaur down the street. Then of course is the fact that it is in 3D when in 99 it was barely even thought about. 

Hopefully I will be with everyone else Friday night, in my 3D glasses watching Buzz Lightyear and Woody! I'll leave you with a nice preview.


My Lily all Grown up!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Just have to show everyone how big my Lily has gotten!!

I know, I know. I am silly and a proud mama haha. But isn't she just the cutest? People always say she is pretty. So maybe Lily will enter the modeling circuit very soon. Look for her on your Friskies or litter bags :)

Rant about Technology

Monday, June 14, 2010

Oh technology. How you make life easier..or is it more complicated?

Honestly, some days I am confused on this. It is the days that I get a text to give someone a call. When I don't pick up their phone call on my home phone, my cell phone is soon ringing for me to pick up. Or the multiple, one after another calls on my cell phone. It's that sense of urgency that sometimes makes technology so frustrating.

Think about it. Remember before cell phones and text messaging how you would get a hold of someone. Call them on their home phone. If they didn't call back you leave a voice mail saying you called and to call them back. It was common for people not to pick up the phone because they were out on errands, at a friends house or just plain old busy. And isn't it amazing people called back when they got that message? Everyone was still able to know when the other called.

I am guilty sometimes of using the technology to my advantage. Someone calls, leaves a voice mail and I send a text back scheduling a time to talk. Or having my email on my phone. (Yes, technology gets big brownie points for this one I think.)

But the best time sometimes is when there is no Internet, no cell phone and no interruptions. Just good ole fashioned non technology life. Thanks to a friend of mine I have gotten this opportunity a couple times in the past year. He has a lake house where there is no cell service and it is WONDERFUL. I don't have to worry about emails, phone calls, text messages or bbms for 48 hours and just sit around with good friends. Such a relaxing time.

That is my rant about technology for the day. I love it but there are just some days where it makes me ah!

-All of the biggest technological inventions created by man , the airplane, the automobile, the computer, says little about his intelligence, but speaks volumes about his laziness. -

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