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Monday, June 14, 2010

Oh technology. How you make life easier..or is it more complicated?

Honestly, some days I am confused on this. It is the days that I get a text to give someone a call. When I don't pick up their phone call on my home phone, my cell phone is soon ringing for me to pick up. Or the multiple, one after another calls on my cell phone. It's that sense of urgency that sometimes makes technology so frustrating.

Think about it. Remember before cell phones and text messaging how you would get a hold of someone. Call them on their home phone. If they didn't call back you leave a voice mail saying you called and to call them back. It was common for people not to pick up the phone because they were out on errands, at a friends house or just plain old busy. And isn't it amazing people called back when they got that message? Everyone was still able to know when the other called.

I am guilty sometimes of using the technology to my advantage. Someone calls, leaves a voice mail and I send a text back scheduling a time to talk. Or having my email on my phone. (Yes, technology gets big brownie points for this one I think.)

But the best time sometimes is when there is no Internet, no cell phone and no interruptions. Just good ole fashioned non technology life. Thanks to a friend of mine I have gotten this opportunity a couple times in the past year. He has a lake house where there is no cell service and it is WONDERFUL. I don't have to worry about emails, phone calls, text messages or bbms for 48 hours and just sit around with good friends. Such a relaxing time.

That is my rant about technology for the day. I love it but there are just some days where it makes me ah!

-All of the biggest technological inventions created by man , the airplane, the automobile, the computer, says little about his intelligence, but speaks volumes about his laziness. -

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