Hi, I'm Krista, the writer behind Classy & Sassy Mrs. I have always loved writing and enjoy that I get to share my passion with others. But let's also remember, I like to have a little, crazy fun here and there.

This blog, a place for me to write and share my adventures, was started back in 2010. It operated under the name "Life Somewhere in the Middle." I was navigating through a new reality and was trying to find my way through.

Then came 2013. I got myself a husband and realized this blog needed a new direction. Enter Classy & Sassy Mrs. I love writing, sharing my thoughts and really wanted to get back to that in my new role as a wife.

Want to know the really juicy things?

27 years old (late 20s say what?!) married to my college sweetheart since June 7th, 2013. Currently still calling ourselves newlyweds living in NJ

I would love to live any other place before we truly settle. And I would be lying if I didn't secretly hope it was Hawaii.

 I have way too many feelings about everything. I can hate something, then love it, then be upset, then happy. All of these emotions can make for some good blog posts from time to time. Also, some all over the place posts. It's fun. It may also include posts about superheroes. You are warned.

I have plenty of aspirations in life that include a whole new career path. Scary stuff. I want to be my own boss because, well, I can drink coffee all day and listen to Pitbull while I do my work.

I am learning everyday the meaning of marriage and what it takes to be a wife. Being a housewife isn't in my blood. I hate doing dishes. But I have the best husband who truly understands.

We love date nights at the movies to watch our favorite superhero movies. We want to travel more. We also want to stay home on Friday nights. . We have no current plans for babies, just a fur baby we call Lily. She keeps us on our toes and hands more than full right now.


  1. I think your Blog looks great, but what matters most is that you love it. It is your space, your diary! Welcome back!
    Rachel @ www.rachelemmilee.blogspot.com

  2. New follower! :) Loving that you are a fellow 'crazy cat lady'. I'm one, too! Check out my page @ http://justplainjade.blogspot.com


    -Jade Sierra-

    1. thanks for the follow! Us crazy cat ladies have to stick together ;)

  3. Love your blog!! It's so happy and fun!! <3 If your interested in photography (I noticed in your 30 before 30), follow along and join.

    <3 Jess

  4. fellow NJ blogger, found you from the carabox reveal, check my blog out!!!!

  5. Hi! I just saw that you followed me on twitter and I'm so happy to find your blog. I'm from NY and will be headed back there this summer, so you won't be too far from me in NJ! I'm all about running around barefoot too. I actually plan to go barefoot at my outdoor wedding this summer and everyone is telling me I shouldn't, but whatever. Carrie Underwood is my girl crush too and I'm very passionate about fitness so I can definitely hold you accountable if you want! I look forward to following along and getting to know you!

    1. You are the best for coming by here and making such a nice comment! 1. I LOVE the NJ Devils, so super awesome your soon to be hubby was drafted by them. 2. I was just married last June, what day are you this year?! It's getting so close for you!! If there is anything I could help with in that department let me know :) Please let me know how you can help me with fitness. 4 am wake up calls...maybe not but let me know what you have in mind ;)

  6. Your wedding dress is beautiful!! I love your blog and learning more about you!


  7. Came across your blog from And So I Did's Cheers not Jeers post! I'm definitely a country girl...always struggling with living in the city!! And who doesn't have a girl crush on Carrie?? She's the best!!

  8. Your blog is so cute, so glad I stumbled across it! Just started following along :)