Some Pumpkins, Some Leaves, Some Fall Things

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

You know when you just look at the months ahead and realize how much you have to fit in? Our weekends are already filling up for fall into November. As a self proclaimed introvert, I am still trying to finagle my alone time.

//Wine tasting/pumpkin picking
We are fortunate to live in a place that offers both. Because what makes pumpkin picking better than a slight wine buzz?

//NYC Cousins Day
I have been lucky enough to be provided an opportunity to go on a Sex & the City tour in the city. And it was the perfect opportunity to take along my sister and cousin for some much needed cousin time.

//Fall Weddings
My friend since 1st grade is getting married this week!  After that, we have my college roommates wedding in November. Maybe after that will be a jet to Paris?

//Halloween Masquerade Ball
I may or may not be basing my costume on some festive eyelashes I picked up at Nordstrom last week. I can't not wear them. Think lace and glitter. 

// Fall Pictures
It's been 3 years since we were flocking about for our engagement pictures and I want some fun pictures to maybe have for Christmas cards or other things..

// Christmas Wine Tour
There is such a thing where you winery hop and get ornaments along the way. Why did I not know about this before this year? I am hoping we can fit this into the schedule. Yes, Christmas in November happens around here ;)

// Buy a New Bed
technically, this could be anytime, but I want this to happen very soon. As in now. As in it won't be winter when I have a new bed.

// Fall Wardrobe Update
Last year, I wore the same thing day after day. This year, I need actual real office fall clothes. Someone please tell my husband this is absolutely necessary.

Book us now if you wanna be a part of the Moy's Fall ;)


Blogger Men Tell All

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

It's time for another tale of Blogger Men Tell All. Fall Edition.

1. Do you know what you’ll be for Halloween this year? 
Glenn from The Walking Dead is a favorite of mine. My wife and I killed it a few years ago as Glenn and Maggie. True story. The answer is, no we do not know what we are being for Halloween ;)

2.What is your favorite fall treat? 
Pumpkin beer and coffee counts as a fall treat right?  Right???  
Lover of pumpkin right here. 

3.What TV shows are you enjoying this Fall? 
The Walking Dead and Modern Family. I know, I have great taste in television. 
technically, he's watching Fear the Walking Dead. But agreed for Modern Family. 

4.What is one goal you’d like to accomplish by the end of 2015? 
Take my wife to Paris. She wants to go badly and you know what they say, happy wife, happy life. 
You're reading this, right? I'll report back about this on December 31st.

Blogger Men Tell All

About My Husband, The Birthday Boy

Friday, September 25, 2015

Just a little baby!
Today, that little baby has grown up to be 28 years old. That little baby is my dear husband and today is his birthday. To honor him, I would like to tell 5 things about my husband that you may not know.

1. He loves getting his picture taken.

He enjoys the art of posing and getting just the right angle to get the right picture. And only wants the best pictures documented. Lucky for him, I like to be the photographer.

2. He likes things neat and in order.
Brian grew up in a home where not one thing was out of place and a room that barely anyone sat in. He likes things neat, in their place. It works SO well with someone that grew up with the more knick knacks the better and whose bedroom door was closed when company came over because it was a disaster. But I love him in spite of this ;)

3. He loves his Lily baby

He spoils her so and she sometimes gets a hello before me when he walks in the door at night. I don't mind because I can already see our future daughters wrapped around his finger.

4. He loves basketball.
Like loves and could talk about it for days and days. He knows statistics about it, history about it and a bunch of other stuff that my eyes might glaze over at.

5. He's so good to me

I am truly lucky to be able to call him my husband. Even when he tests my patience and I test his, even when he tries to understand the emotional roller coaster of hormones, even when he turns the TV sound up so the neighbors can hear it. Through all of these, I love him.

Happy Birthday Husband!


Oh, You Fancy {New Blog Design}

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Oh Hi! Welcome to the new and improved blog of mine. I had been going back and forth for months on a new design, possible name change until I finally decided on one from the amazing Allison at GreenTangerineDesign

If you are in need of a new design, I highly recommend her work. She provides you a PDF download that includes the font names she uses in the design along with the exact color schematics. TherE are also helpful tips in there for basic functions on your blog. She let me do edit after edit and I feel like I purchased one of those super fancy, super expensive designs but I didn't. She's that good!

There will be tinkering that might be happening the next week as I get adjusted. It's like trying to get used to a new haircut. Have to let it settle, try a few different hairstyles until you just get it right. Things might be moving around, changing but I am so excited to finally have a fresh look.

What do you think?


Fall TV Excitement

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

If you're anything like me, I already have a Fall TV premiere schedule going. Does it mean I watch a lot of TV? Most likely. But it also makes sure I do not miss any of the good stuff. These are the ones I am especially on the edge of my seat for.

I couldn't not start off with the most thrilling 3 hours of television, TGIT. All you need is a tall glass of wine to top of your Thursday Nights.

 // Grey's Anatomy
 How will they go on without Derek? Why is Derek not there anymore? Who is her other person? So many questions.

// How to Get Away with Murder
Um, what? I need a refresher on the season finale because I watched but I was also wondering what the heck color that dress was. Remember that?! It was blue, btw.

// Scandal
Oh, that Olivia Pope. We have been watching the episodes on Netflix and there are a few questions I need answered from last season. Once I watch them, I will be good and ready. 

Oh, and did you know there is a real Olivia Pope wine glass?! Technically, Crate and Barrel, but it's the fancy one she drinks out of. And perfect to down while enjoying a little TGIT.

// Once Upon a Time
Emma Swan is evil. How will this work out for the town of Storybrook? How will her love life work with Hook? You know I am all about the love story in every show.

// Modern Family
My does of comedy mixed in with all of my drama shows. Lily is basically the funniest kid ever and I am Clare in my future. Pretty much everything that comes out of her mouth my husband says, that's so you!

// Empire
I am still on the fence about this intrigued me last season but it also drug towards the end. Even with him in jail, I am curious to see how he gets out, what happens to the family, etc.

What are your fall shows?
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Weekly Things

Friday, September 18, 2015

// New Blog Design PURCHASED.

After months of contemplating the right one, I pulled the plug and it should be arriving fresh and new by Mondayish. So look out for some changes!

// #NursesUnite
Nurses are pretty freaking awesome. I know a few that kick booty and I know a few that have helped me from time to time. I would never have the courage to do half of what they do on a daily basis. And yes, they all have stethoscopes when they take my blood pressure.

// The Moy Life | Year Two | photo book...COMPLETE.

I started last year making a photo book of our year and hope to continue it every year. I use a common template and the monogram from our wedding in it :) I can't wait to see how it changes from year to year. Because this year there was an awful lot of our fur baby ha.

// 100 Days till Christmas!!
You can yell at me and says it's too soon but I'll celebrate anyway. I was just belting out some Xmas tunes on my treadmill run the other night. Might have been the fact I was watching Mistletones on my Kindle...

Have a wonderful weekend!
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Lunch Hour Workout Refresh with Evian

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

If you're anything like me, there are some days when my snooze button sees more than its fair share. Not wanting to let my workouts go, I have to squeeze my workout into my lunch hour. Seeing as its in my lunch hour, it has to be a quick, intense workout. That alos means I am aced with intense hair and red face. Anyone else? These are the 5 things that help me get my workout in and get back to work looking refreshed.

//Face Wash Wipes
I wipe my face really quick before my workout, eyes not included. This allows my pores to breathe but doesn't get rid of my eye makeup. That way, I really only need to to touch up my eye makeup and add foundation to be office ready.

//Evian Mineral Water Face Spray
After being lucky enough to try this out, I can say it's not as silly as it might sound. A quick spritz mid workout works wonders as it cools me down enough to keep going. I also use it right before I apply my afternoon makeup because sometime a 10 minute cool down does not cool down the red face. It helps not walking into the office with a bright red workout face!

//Shine proof primer
My face tends to be oily anyway but especially so after a workout. I make sure to slather some of this on before I reapply my foundation to make sure it stays put for the rest of the work day. 

// Dry Shampoo 
Sweaty hair can make for a messy hair do. If you're scrunched for time, it's easy to spray some dry shampoo onto your roots, pay with a towel, add some mousse and I'm good to go. I would recommend a slick back look because that might bring out the oil more. 

Taking on a workout during lunch break can be tough since you are strapped for time but these essentials are what keep me from entering the office huffing and puffing and looking like a hot mess.

Do you do a lunch break workout? What are your essentials?

This post is backed by Brandbacker but all opinions are my own.
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Wide Eyed, Ready to Take on the World

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

That's how I would describe myself ten years ago. I was headed off to college bright and early with my little Cavalier packed to its gills and the beast of my mom's car filled with mom, sister and aunt and any other possible belonging I could fit.It was a new beginning. A chance to define who I was and start my life. I was ready to do big things, make it to the big city.

First Profile Pic

Looking back on that girl, that day when my mom drove away with tears in her eyes not once, but twice because she took my car keys with her, I never imagined all she would go through in the next 10 years and all that would change.

She was a hard working girl who kept her high school job at a local supermarket by going home to work once a month. She met and formed one of the best friendships she is more than lucky to have. She also met her future husband, who she was not on a journey for when entering college. She was a girl who had dreams, hope for her future.

While those dreams might have shifted, it didn't stop her from taking on the world. Much as I am that same girl, a lot has changed. I have a degree that I am finally starting to put to work after being on what I thought was a new career path for 4 years. Still working hard to see how I can make myself better for my future kids, for myself.

That girl cared so much for friendships that she was determined to AIM with high school friends often and see them on any breaks she could. Those friends are still my friends today.

Other friendships have strayed, but many more have been gained. At just the right moments, they picked that girl up when she was losing her hope and wasn't ready to take on the world without her mom.

That girl has learned to fall on her own two feet more times than most girls her age have. I've paid my way through my very first apartment, student loan bills and shoveled myself out of debt. I've taken control of the direction of my life, which led me farther away from my hometown. I've also learned that family can change just as easily as friendships do, even though there's DNA and all that stuff involved. One of the hardest things to accept.

Of course, I learned so much about myself since I was dropped off that day. I learned about what a wonderful thing sisterhood is, 24 hour hangovers are a thing and coffee in the morning is always a good idea. I learned how to share a room with multiple strangers, how the sophomore 15 can also be a thing and that sometimes people can really surprise you (in good and bad ways.)

But most importantly, that girl was never prepared or ready to find the love of her life when she started that journey ten years ago. Someone she was never expecting to find but was lucky enough to have in her hardest moments and proudest moments. He's the one who continues to lift me up on my bad days and helps me celebrate in the best moments.

That girl might not be in the big city wearing pencil skirts every day but she's taking on the world. It might look a little different but the world is still out there and I will never stop trying to live my dreams.

Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Hi Friends!

Happy Labor Day!! Hope you are enjoying your BBQs and camping trips. Just stopping in today to let you in on a little something special...a chance to win $180 Amazon gift card. And since I spend most of my money on Amazon (curse you Amazon Prime), I think you can find a few special things with this gift card.

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Friday Five

Saturday, September 5, 2015

I remember when I first started this blog, I would always recap my week or tell 5 things I thought were interesting about the week or even 5 random things. It's something I want to get back in the routine of doing, getting back to my roots of my blogging. It might be a rough one but Five on Fridayis back!

// 3 day weekend
Thank you. Thank you. The first labor day I will be at home in about 6 years. I won't be trying to rangle the back to school masses into nice, calm people. No more stacking pencils, papers and cleaning up the messes come Tuesday. Can I get an Amen?

// Fall

It's September.Pumpkin is back and all is good. Pumpkin, apple scents everywhere. Break out the blanket scarves and plaid everybody!

// A Glimpse into the Past 3 Months
It felt good to let you all in to what has been happening the past few months. It was necessary to take a step back even if I wasn't prepared for it and didn't prepare all 5 of you for it ;)

// Blogging Webinar
I couldn't be more jazzed up to get back into blogging after Wednesday night's webinar with Helene. I learned more how to make money off your blog(and that it's ok!) and really want to put my all into this blog. Trying not to take long breaks is one of them. She is now going to be hosting an Instagram webinar in a few weeks that I am itching to sign up for. And since I learned I can write that off come tax time I might have to just do it!


My Dream.

I just can't get it off of my mind. Even if we have a cruise coming up in February, I am having some serious Paris wanderlust. My poor husband has listened to me tell him about deal after deal and how it's a great idea to go for just 4 days. See the Eiffel Tower and be in and out. I'm all about doing what we can now without kids and I just don't see that trip happening with kids in tow.

Here's to your fabulous long weekend!

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When the Going Gets Tough

Thursday, September 3, 2015

You step back from blogging, evaluate and enjoy the finer moments in life. That's where I've been. Trying to manage a few tough things within my personal life and trying my best to enjoy the good moments because those are the ones that make you smile when it decides to pour.


This was actually a change of pace for me because when the going gets tough, I usually write about it. But this time, I knew I needed to just step back, take a breather, deal with the tough stuff and have a little fun along the way. It was important for me and my sanity. And goes to show Instagram can only tell one story. Come along for the whole story.

My husband lost his job at the beginning of June. We knew this was coming for a few months as his school he worked for was shutting down. In a way we were prepared, but when the time came, we were not prepared. He wanted to find something he really wanted to do and I understood. But one income is not the easiest adjustment to make.  We also had to adjust to different roles and it benefited me he likes to do the dishes ;) Luckily, he found a job within a few months (that he enjoys!) but the fear of the unknown and our future was a topic that was a little scary for us for a few months and needing to nurture our marriage through it was really important.

My grandma has been in and out of the hospital since June and is now in an assisted living facility. It was a roller coaster trying to figure out what was going on with her and what the next course of action would be for her. It's phone calls to a far away sister. Phone calls to a dad who doesn't love the phone but enjoys a good text from time to time. And phone calls trying to talk with my Gram when I can, when she is able to. It's still something I am dealing with and appreciate any good thoughts thrown her way.


Me. Let's talk. It's something I pushed aside for awhile, thought I would work my way through it. I have anxiety. Not the normal, butterflies in my stomach kind. The kind where I wake up in the morning worried about being late, thinking (for hours) if someone saw me trip down the stairs, what will happen if I can't turn into this parking spot. I avoid certain routes because I'm nervous. I ask a billion questions about plans we have so I know exactly what is going to happen to be prepared. I avoid large groups of people occasionally because it's too overwhelming for me.

Talking to my husband in depth was the first step. His job loss and my grandma and everything else all at once happened, I think brought it out even more. He needed to understand just a little bit more. And he does. I talked to one of my best friends about it and just getting it out in the open and seeing what my next steps would be was a breath of fresh air. I finally felt like I wasn't the only one who was trying to deal with this. I have support and help.

Was that a lot to handle in one little blog post? That's where I've been. I am starting to breathe a little easier these days and hope to make it back here to deal with the fun that can be had in blog world. Because it is fun and I wanna come back!

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