Fall TV Excitement

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

If you're anything like me, I already have a Fall TV premiere schedule going. Does it mean I watch a lot of TV? Most likely. But it also makes sure I do not miss any of the good stuff. These are the ones I am especially on the edge of my seat for.

I couldn't not start off with the most thrilling 3 hours of television, TGIT. All you need is a tall glass of wine to top of your Thursday Nights.

 // Grey's Anatomy
 How will they go on without Derek? Why is Derek not there anymore? Who is her other person? So many questions.

// How to Get Away with Murder
Um, what? I need a refresher on the season finale because I watched but I was also wondering what the heck color that dress was. Remember that?! It was blue, btw.

// Scandal
Oh, that Olivia Pope. We have been watching the episodes on Netflix and there are a few questions I need answered from last season. Once I watch them, I will be good and ready. 

Oh, and did you know there is a real Olivia Pope wine glass?! Technically, Crate and Barrel, but it's the fancy one she drinks out of. And perfect to down while enjoying a little TGIT.

// Once Upon a Time
Emma Swan is evil. How will this work out for the town of Storybrook? How will her love life work with Hook? You know I am all about the love story in every show.

// Modern Family
My does of comedy mixed in with all of my drama shows. Lily is basically the funniest kid ever and I am Clare in my future. Pretty much everything that comes out of her mouth my husband says, that's so you!

// Empire
I am still on the fence about this one...it intrigued me last season but it also drug towards the end. Even with him in jail, I am curious to see how he gets out, what happens to the family, etc.

What are your fall shows?
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  1. I am so excited for Fall TV shows, nothing better than pouring yourself a glass of wine and snuggling up watching TV.
    I can't wait for Scandal, Castle and How to Get Away with Murder!!

  2. I am so excited for Modern Family's return. We also started watching Black-ish right after it, and it's sooo funny, too. I'm excited to start watching Blood and Oil this season, as well.

  3. I'm with you on a few of those... but I lost interest in Once Upon a Time... and haven't tried Empire. Also--Lily kind of drives me crazy.

  4. THURSDAYS ARE THE BEST! Can't wait for these shows!


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