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Friday, September 18, 2015

// New Blog Design PURCHASED.

After months of contemplating the right one, I pulled the plug and it should be arriving fresh and new by Mondayish. So look out for some changes!

// #NursesUnite
Nurses are pretty freaking awesome. I know a few that kick booty and I know a few that have helped me from time to time. I would never have the courage to do half of what they do on a daily basis. And yes, they all have stethoscopes when they take my blood pressure.

// The Moy Life | Year Two | photo book...COMPLETE.

I started last year making a photo book of our year and hope to continue it every year. I use a common template and the monogram from our wedding in it :) I can't wait to see how it changes from year to year. Because this year there was an awful lot of our fur baby ha.

// 100 Days till Christmas!!
You can yell at me and says it's too soon but I'll celebrate anyway. I was just belting out some Xmas tunes on my treadmill run the other night. Might have been the fact I was watching Mistletones on my Kindle...

Have a wonderful weekend!
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