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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Today is Thursday.

Usually that varies between a Pinterest craft or 30 Second Video.

But I have realized the past few weeks I haven't been doing much of either. Bad, bad, bad.

Mainly because all my crafts are wedding related. Why's that a problem you ask? Because there are a good amount of my guests that read this blog and I am not too sure I want to show the goods before the big day. 

Does that make me a little crazy or nuts? I am not sure. I just think of them seeing it on wedding day and being like, " Oh yea, I saw that a couple months ago. No big deal." 

Or could it be more of, "Oh yea! I saw this on her blog and couldn't wait to see it in person!"

Yes, those both sound crazy when I say them out loud. (I do repeat my blog posts out loud. It's whatevs)

As for my 30 second video hiatus...I do not plan ahead of time so when Thursday comes, it's my day off. Therefore, there are errands to run and chores to do around the apartment. The video then comes or goes. Needless to say, I need to get better about the planning. All my posts come to think of it. 

And on top of all of this is, Who says I HAVE to do these things on Thursday? What if I want to just ramble on and on for someone to read and not care about? Well, I can do that too. Hence this post. 

But I do find my Thursday link-ups quite fun. I mean, who can say they posted a video of themselves dancing on YouTube for everyone to see and laugh at?

So what do you think...should I just reveal the wedding crafts? Or wait until the big day?
And how do you plan out your link-up posts?

And what is your take on random babble ;)

Happy Birthday Sister!

Today/Tomorrowish the older sister enters another birthday. 
You see, she's a leap year babay so this year she doesn't get a birthday. But she gets older!

So a very happy birthday to you sister!!

Hope you have a wonderful day!

100 Days 'til Mr. and Mrs...And we Need Your Help!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Today starts the 100 day countdown to our wedding...whoa. Tomorrow we will be in double digits. Then it's all downhill from there.(Do you see that task list?!)

And if you are married, on your way to your wedding or been in a wedding I'm sure you know what 100 days to go feels like. The stress dial is starting to turn itself up a little bit.

Well, if you are wondering how you can help....look no further than this post;)

Our DJ, Diverse Entertainment, is holding a $10,000 Giveaway!! And of course we would love to win. But we need as many votes as possible. The more votes we have, the more raffle tickets we get the night of the show and the more tickets we will have in the raffle spinner thing anddd then we might win!!

It's easy peasy, I promise.

1. Visit this Facebook Page 
2. Vote for Krista (me!)
3. Be so happy when I win free things :)

I will be glad to return the favor if anyone needs any voting wedding love. I know those bills rack up.

So please please please vote for me :) And you can easily unlike the Facebook page after you vote! Just need to like to vote. So do it. Now. Pretty please? With a cherry on top :)

Now, back to my large wedding to-do list....maybe going on a honeymoon perhaps?

Cara Box Reveal. #ClubSexy

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

As I'm trying to grow this blog day by day I am always looking for new link-ups, sponsor opportunties and any way I can interact with other bloggers. At Christmas I participated in the Christmas Ornament Swap and I loved receiving a gift from a blogger friend.

Then comes along Kaitlyn from Wifessionals. I noticed another blogger in January had featured her Cara Box and I was curious. 

What's a Cara Box you ask?

Well, let me tell you. "Cara" means "beloved friend" which is the purpose of the Cara Box, to make great blogger friends and send fun things. Sign me up!

Every month has a different theme, this month's was #ClubSexy. Based on a post Kaitlyn had where she had made a nice #ClubSexy date night for her hubby, she gave us the fun challenge to get to know our swap partners through blog stalking, emails, whatever to know what their ideal date night would be. Then put together a small package to send on over their way to enjoy. 

I was lucky enough to meet 2 lovely ladies from the good ole' Jersey state for my very first Cara Box.  I found out that they too are engaged and living long distance (been there, done that) We weren't able to meet up to exchange but hope to in the future.

I sent a Cara Box to Kate at Classy Living. It was themed to accommodate her long distance #ClubSexy and also #ClubSexy when her man comes home. Check it all out here to see the goodies I sent her!

Now for my box of goodies from Alissa at iAManRD. She really got to know and my love for wine.

I told Alissa I love cooking and trying new things to make with Brian so she sent me my first Food Network magazine...might not be my last. And it's the cheese edition. Enough said.

Adorable wine charms for my multiple glasses of wine. And for our future dinner parties. I love them.
And adding on a wine opener to make sure we can get into all those bottles of wine.

Dark chocolate brownies for dessert....

Pop them in the heart shape mold. Boom! And end #ClubSexy with nice RedBox movies. 

Alissa really got what me and Brian love to do for our date nights. We love wine and relaxing nights at home with a home cooked meal, dinner and dessert. Helps us unwind from wedding planning craziness. 

Can't wait to participate in next months Cara Box. Want to meet some great Blog Friends and have fun? Sign up for the March Cara Box here!

My Oscars Two Cents

Monday, February 25, 2013

The Oscars are over and as we are all nursing our Oscar Hangovers, you get to hear all about my favorites and not so fabulous moments.

Starting with the fashion of course

Can Reese Witherspoon ever do
wrong? Classic curled hair
completes the look.
Strong, beautiful Robin Roberts.
An inspiration.
My Wins
What a gorgeous color on Maria
Menunos. Paired with the perfect
accessories. Lip gloss included.

Look at this 9 year old cutie!
Cheering herself on from the
Simple color. Daring form on
Jennifer Lawrence. 

Some critics were saying prom
dress. I say coral chic on Kerry

Some said too plain for
Jennifer Aniston but the color
really pops on her. 
White Dior looks amazing on
Charlize Theron.  Nice chunky
diamond bracelet.

Can I not age like Jane Fonda?

Jamie Foxx lookin' fly. And now
every guy wants his daughter.
True Story.
Chris Evans looking quite
dapper. And with a little scruff
Very nice.

Bradley Cooper trying the
slicked back look. And on the
arm of his mama.

Favorite Couples

Channing Tatum such a proud
papa cradling the baby on his
"I'm a puddle."
-Jennifer Garner as she teared
up talking about her hubby
and his possible win.

My Not So Favorites

Amanda Seyfried tried for
glamour but to me those are
palm trees.

Kristen Stewart was late and
she just had too much of a plain
look. Hair brush needed. 
Brandi Glanville. Train wreck.
Too much makeup. Too much
funky boobage area.

Pick the ruffles or the belt.
Both seemed overwhelming.
Nice detail on the train though.
Melissa Mcarthy wore this
dress that resembled more of a
sheet pinned together with a
few sparkle pins.
Nicole Kidman's hair looks more
like bed chic rather than red
carpet chic.

Everyone raved about this
dress on Adele but it was too
flashy for me. And didn't
accentuate any of her curves. 
Selma Hayek's figure? Gorgeous.
The dress? Awkward halter.
But a thumbs up for the hair
and tiara. I did like!


My Favorite Moments

Paul Rudd faceplanting into the microphone

The Jaws music to get the winners off the stage. Oh yeah, sure. Adults are scared.

Channing Tatum dancing.  Although I would have preferred less clothing. 

Scandal Commercial. Nashville Commercial

Avengers Assemble!

Ted appeared on the Oscars. Yes, that happened.

Seth McFarlane saying, "Really? I thought we killed this joke. Ok." Then says a bad joke comparing Ben Affleck's beard to a Kardashian. 

Making a joke about John Wilkes booth and Abraham Lincoln.."Oh, I guess 150 years is too soon."

** I do apologize for the junky editing...clearly I am still learning and after an hour attempt I let it be. So if you know what I did or how I can fix it let me know:)

iPad Mini Giveaway!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Have I ever told you how much I would love an iPad? Well, I would. Any ole' iPad will do but a mini would be particularly nice.

You know what's even nicer? Winning an iPad mini!! 

That's right a group of 19 lovely bloggers are giving away an iPad mini. An it's so easy to enter. Granted the giveaway is over tonight buttt there's still time to get in your last minute votes!

Just pop on over to Pretty Living PDX to get all your votes in!

And let's just I hope I win...or you win...or whatever ;)

Friday's Letters

Friday, February 22, 2013


Dear National Margarita Day-I love the excuse for us to drink margaritas for no reason. But I am thoroughly disappointed you have chosen the day I will be at work until midnight. Bitter.

Dear Cold Weather- I think we can all agree, we are over it. Let's stay around the 50 mark here on it. Ok thanks.

Dear Cara Box-I love you and thanks you so much to Alissa from IAManRD...she did an awesome job. Can't wait to share all my goodies next week!

Dear Oscars-Only a few days to go and I am already dreaming up the dresses in my mind. Get ready fiance. When I come home from work at 4, E will be on ASAP.

Dear Apartment Cleaning Fairy- You haven't shown up in the past week. I am concerned.

Dear Fiance- I am already sad about how much we won't see each other this next week...but I am so excited about date night Friday!

What are your Friday's Letters? Make sure you to link up!

Dance it Out

Thursday, February 21, 2013

When in doubt, dance it out.
Grey's Anatomy Edition.

Who doesn't love a #30secondDanceParty? And Grey's Anatomy?

Next time you have a rough day, crank up the music and have your own dance party!

Check me out!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Today I am featured over on Mallory's blog, From California to Kansas!

She says it best...I met her through...a blog comment? a tweet? big/little network? Not sure, but she's simply the best and I am so excited to be able to be on her lovely blog!

You should really stop on over to her blog and see her gluten free recipes (they all look delish!) and follow her life in Kansas with her hubby and fur baby. She will not disappoint.

30 Before 30

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I know some of you have stumbled upon my nice new list so far...

I started this list last year. When I hit the big 2-5. Quarter life. 5 years to 30. Uh, what? I remember thinking wow, how did I get here so fast. And then all the things I wish I had done.

30 Before 30

Since I only have 4 Years to go, I figured this would be something fun to do. So here we go!
Anything in italics is in progress..
And bold is COMPLETED.

Get married---heyyyy almost here!
  Try skiing---So many people have done this. Jealous.
Go camping---I mean again...Went plenty when I was little but I want a good booze filled camping weekend with the best friends ever. Who's in?!

Run a marathon--I was a crazy runner awhile back. Want to get back there.
Buy a house---Is it too much to ask for the ones on my Pinteres? Yes? Damn.
Have more of a savings account aka. past the 4 digit mark for at least a month--I am TERRIBLE at saving. But I can't have a house, family if I don't kick myself into gear.
Find a job I love doing---One where I say Wow, I love this place.

Go snorkeling---Quite honestly, I am scared but want to try
Host a themed dinner party---Roaring 20s anyone?

Get another tattoo---Been trying, hoping to accomplish this within the next few months
**Update I did it!
Develop some sort of green thumb---I am missing this gene. But I think the house has to come before this pops its head up.

Pay off my credit cards--Ugh, debt.
Pay off 3 of my student loans..1 paid off!---Ugh. More debt.

Take a girls trip---Love my girls. Love trips. Love crazy, laughable moments.
Buy a new car---The beast might meet its final days soon.

 Take pole dancing classes---You betcha ;)

Visit Niagara Falls--- I visited once, in my momma's belly! 

 Las Vegas!---Well, duh.

  Shooting range---Adrenaline rush anyone?

 Take a road trip---Maybe road trip with the girls? 
Start a family---Babiesssss!!!

Buy a DSLR camera and learn how to use it---I have always loved pictures and I want a good quality camera to start taking more professional pictures. All of Lily, of course.

Let's hope this is the year to get some in bold!

Have anything on your list before you turn a certain age?

Weekend Shenanigans

Monday, February 18, 2013

I was blessed with a 4 day weekend this past weekend and I absolutely loved it. You need one of those every once in awhile. My next day off will be....well I don't know when.

But back to my weekend...it went a little something like this....

My sweet Valentine got me the Revenge Infinity necklace from Helzberg Diamonds and we had a nice candlelit dinner to celebrate our Valentine's Day. Lily also got a Valentine's Day present, the box my jewelry came in. Is she not the cutest?!

Got this nice tattoo I've been wanting for years. My mom's favorite song <3 Hurt like the dickens but I had a sweetie to hold my hand :)

Worked on some wedding activities and had the cutest helper.

Cleaned out the spare room a bit and found this beauty. Remember these? Circa 2000.

Linking up with Sam's Shenanigans for Weekend Shenanigans :)

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