The Superbowl Half Time Shows of Past

Saturday, February 2, 2013

As everyone is gearing up for the big tomorrow, be it buying cases of beer, scouring Pinterest
 for fun football themed recipes or trying to find out all the commercials you might be seeing, I think it's about time to reminisce on half time shows of past...

One of my personal favorites. N'Sync, Britney and Aerosmith killed it! In my loose definition of killed it. Then you ad Britney Spears, Mary J. Blige, and Nelly. Rockin' it. 

Ok, I'm a Disney fan and all but ehhhh for the 2000 Super Bowl. I do enjoy a good Disney song and Phill Collins. Just might not have been the best platform for this performance. 

Last year's was awkward. Madonna, Nikki Minaj, Madonna has pom poms? Without all the theatrics and just Madonna, I think it would have been amazing. Ending was proof she could have carried the whole set. 

Went into the archivs for this one. Since they seem to be trying to make a comeback..New Kids on the Block sang their love song to a bunch of oddly dressed toddlers back in 1991. 

This was just tough to watch and listen to in 2011. "The Black Eyed Peas" took the stage in light up outfits, surrounded by glow in the dark people. Confused yet? Well, their voices and melodies didn't actually carry the outfits. They all seemed a bit off. Thought it would be a hit but it was a disappointment.

And the best for last... no one can forge this 2004 Super Bowl Half Time Show. And a show we got. The infamous "wardrobe malfunction" Let's be serious, we didn't catch on to "JT" or the "malfunction." 

For this year's, it is predicted Beyonce will have no trouble becoming one of the best half time performers. But you can't help but know wonder if Destiny's Child will make their first appearance in almost ten years. 

Or if Beyonce will lip sync. 

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