My Oscars Two Cents

Monday, February 25, 2013

The Oscars are over and as we are all nursing our Oscar Hangovers, you get to hear all about my favorites and not so fabulous moments.

Starting with the fashion of course

Can Reese Witherspoon ever do
wrong? Classic curled hair
completes the look.
Strong, beautiful Robin Roberts.
An inspiration.
My Wins
What a gorgeous color on Maria
Menunos. Paired with the perfect
accessories. Lip gloss included.

Look at this 9 year old cutie!
Cheering herself on from the
Simple color. Daring form on
Jennifer Lawrence. 

Some critics were saying prom
dress. I say coral chic on Kerry

Some said too plain for
Jennifer Aniston but the color
really pops on her. 
White Dior looks amazing on
Charlize Theron.  Nice chunky
diamond bracelet.

Can I not age like Jane Fonda?

Jamie Foxx lookin' fly. And now
every guy wants his daughter.
True Story.
Chris Evans looking quite
dapper. And with a little scruff
Very nice.

Bradley Cooper trying the
slicked back look. And on the
arm of his mama.

Favorite Couples

Channing Tatum such a proud
papa cradling the baby on his
"I'm a puddle."
-Jennifer Garner as she teared
up talking about her hubby
and his possible win.

My Not So Favorites

Amanda Seyfried tried for
glamour but to me those are
palm trees.

Kristen Stewart was late and
she just had too much of a plain
look. Hair brush needed. 
Brandi Glanville. Train wreck.
Too much makeup. Too much
funky boobage area.

Pick the ruffles or the belt.
Both seemed overwhelming.
Nice detail on the train though.
Melissa Mcarthy wore this
dress that resembled more of a
sheet pinned together with a
few sparkle pins.
Nicole Kidman's hair looks more
like bed chic rather than red
carpet chic.

Everyone raved about this
dress on Adele but it was too
flashy for me. And didn't
accentuate any of her curves. 
Selma Hayek's figure? Gorgeous.
The dress? Awkward halter.
But a thumbs up for the hair
and tiara. I did like!


My Favorite Moments

Paul Rudd faceplanting into the microphone

The Jaws music to get the winners off the stage. Oh yeah, sure. Adults are scared.

Channing Tatum dancing.  Although I would have preferred less clothing. 

Scandal Commercial. Nashville Commercial

Avengers Assemble!

Ted appeared on the Oscars. Yes, that happened.

Seth McFarlane saying, "Really? I thought we killed this joke. Ok." Then says a bad joke comparing Ben Affleck's beard to a Kardashian. 

Making a joke about John Wilkes booth and Abraham Lincoln.."Oh, I guess 150 years is too soon."

** I do apologize for the junky editing...clearly I am still learning and after an hour attempt I let it be. So if you know what I did or how I can fix it let me know:)

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  1. Yes yes yes! Agree with everything. Loved your little recap! The only thing I'm NOT a fan of is the bright yellow dress. Not my color!


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