30 Before 30

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I know some of you have stumbled upon my nice new list so far...

I started this list last year. When I hit the big 2-5. Quarter life. 5 years to 30. Uh, what? I remember thinking wow, how did I get here so fast. And then all the things I wish I had done.

30 Before 30

Since I only have 4 Years to go, I figured this would be something fun to do. So here we go!
Anything in italics is in progress..
And bold is COMPLETED.

Get married---heyyyy almost here!
  Try skiing---So many people have done this. Jealous.
Go camping---I mean again...Went plenty when I was little but I want a good booze filled camping weekend with the best friends ever. Who's in?!

Run a marathon--I was a crazy runner awhile back. Want to get back there.
Buy a house---Is it too much to ask for the ones on my Pinteres? Yes? Damn.
Have more of a savings account aka. past the 4 digit mark for at least a month--I am TERRIBLE at saving. But I can't have a house, family if I don't kick myself into gear.
Find a job I love doing---One where I say Wow, I love this place.

Go snorkeling---Quite honestly, I am scared but want to try
Host a themed dinner party---Roaring 20s anyone?

Get another tattoo---Been trying, hoping to accomplish this within the next few months
**Update I did it!
Develop some sort of green thumb---I am missing this gene. But I think the house has to come before this pops its head up.

Pay off my credit cards--Ugh, debt.
Pay off 3 of my student loans..1 paid off!---Ugh. More debt.

Take a girls trip---Love my girls. Love trips. Love crazy, laughable moments.
Buy a new car---The beast might meet its final days soon.

 Take pole dancing classes---You betcha ;)

Visit Niagara Falls--- I visited once, in my momma's belly! 

 Las Vegas!---Well, duh.

  Shooting range---Adrenaline rush anyone?

 Take a road trip---Maybe road trip with the girls? 
Start a family---Babiesssss!!!

Buy a DSLR camera and learn how to use it---I have always loved pictures and I want a good quality camera to start taking more professional pictures. All of Lily, of course.

Let's hope this is the year to get some in bold!

Have anything on your list before you turn a certain age?

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