Cara Box Reveal. #ClubSexy

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

As I'm trying to grow this blog day by day I am always looking for new link-ups, sponsor opportunties and any way I can interact with other bloggers. At Christmas I participated in the Christmas Ornament Swap and I loved receiving a gift from a blogger friend.

Then comes along Kaitlyn from Wifessionals. I noticed another blogger in January had featured her Cara Box and I was curious. 

What's a Cara Box you ask?

Well, let me tell you. "Cara" means "beloved friend" which is the purpose of the Cara Box, to make great blogger friends and send fun things. Sign me up!

Every month has a different theme, this month's was #ClubSexy. Based on a post Kaitlyn had where she had made a nice #ClubSexy date night for her hubby, she gave us the fun challenge to get to know our swap partners through blog stalking, emails, whatever to know what their ideal date night would be. Then put together a small package to send on over their way to enjoy. 

I was lucky enough to meet 2 lovely ladies from the good ole' Jersey state for my very first Cara Box.  I found out that they too are engaged and living long distance (been there, done that) We weren't able to meet up to exchange but hope to in the future.

I sent a Cara Box to Kate at Classy Living. It was themed to accommodate her long distance #ClubSexy and also #ClubSexy when her man comes home. Check it all out here to see the goodies I sent her!

Now for my box of goodies from Alissa at iAManRD. She really got to know and my love for wine.

I told Alissa I love cooking and trying new things to make with Brian so she sent me my first Food Network magazine...might not be my last. And it's the cheese edition. Enough said.

Adorable wine charms for my multiple glasses of wine. And for our future dinner parties. I love them.
And adding on a wine opener to make sure we can get into all those bottles of wine.

Dark chocolate brownies for dessert....

Pop them in the heart shape mold. Boom! And end #ClubSexy with nice RedBox movies. 

Alissa really got what me and Brian love to do for our date nights. We love wine and relaxing nights at home with a home cooked meal, dinner and dessert. Helps us unwind from wedding planning craziness. 

Can't wait to participate in next months Cara Box. Want to meet some great Blog Friends and have fun? Sign up for the March Cara Box here!


  1. ahhh CaraBox is the best, so is Kaitlyn! Glad you participated, such a GREAT way to meet new bloggers:):)

  2. Glad you liked your box! Hope you and your fiancé can have a fun #ClubSexy night!

  3. Oooh lala! That looks like a box of fun! I didn't know that "Cara" meant beloved sweet!

  4. I love that idea! Glad you loved your Cara box- sounds like a great thing to be a part of!

  5. Cute heart pan - what a great idea!! :)


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