Friday's Letters

Friday, February 22, 2013


Dear National Margarita Day-I love the excuse for us to drink margaritas for no reason. But I am thoroughly disappointed you have chosen the day I will be at work until midnight. Bitter.

Dear Cold Weather- I think we can all agree, we are over it. Let's stay around the 50 mark here on it. Ok thanks.

Dear Cara Box-I love you and thanks you so much to Alissa from IAManRD...she did an awesome job. Can't wait to share all my goodies next week!

Dear Oscars-Only a few days to go and I am already dreaming up the dresses in my mind. Get ready fiance. When I come home from work at 4, E will be on ASAP.

Dear Apartment Cleaning Fairy- You haven't shown up in the past week. I am concerned.

Dear Fiance- I am already sad about how much we won't see each other this next week...but I am so excited about date night Friday!

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1 comment:

  1. You should still celebrate National Margarita Day! Go get a coffee mug and fill'er up!


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