Valentine's Linky Love

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Such a cute idea to share some thing about your significant other especially on the day of loveee
...linking up with Hallie from Life:Oceanside!

1.) How did you meet your significant other?

It's a college love story. Girl met best friend who lived in another dorm. Hung out there a lot...met boy who lived down the hall...the rest is history!

2.) What/where was your first date?

That would be a trip to the mall. oh young kids.

3.) What's your best relationship advice?

I am no expert but I would say letting each other be YOU. Still having your own identity and friends is important to being the best BOTH OF YOU  possible.

4.) What is your most embarrassing moment in front of your SO?

I don't embarrass easily buttt maybe the things you hide from your significant other but can't when you move in together? (ahem, personal things)

5.) What most attracts you to your SO?

The way he tells me how beautiful I am everyday...even in my sweats and bee hive hair. And his love for my little fur baby, Lily. 

6.) If a movie was made about your SO, what actor/superhero
would play their part?

From what I heard....this guy is a big hit...

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