100 Days 'til Mr. and Mrs...And we Need Your Help!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Today starts the 100 day countdown to our wedding...whoa. Tomorrow we will be in double digits. Then it's all downhill from there.(Do you see that task list?!)

And if you are married, on your way to your wedding or been in a wedding I'm sure you know what 100 days to go feels like. The stress dial is starting to turn itself up a little bit.

Well, if you are wondering how you can help....look no further than this post;)

Our DJ, Diverse Entertainment, is holding a $10,000 Giveaway!! And of course we would love to win. But we need as many votes as possible. The more votes we have, the more raffle tickets we get the night of the show and the more tickets we will have in the raffle spinner thing anddd then we might win!!

It's easy peasy, I promise.

1. Visit this Facebook Page 
2. Vote for Krista (me!)
3. Be so happy when I win free things :)

I will be glad to return the favor if anyone needs any voting wedding love. I know those bills rack up.

So please please please vote for me :) And you can easily unlike the Facebook page after you vote! Just need to like to vote. So do it. Now. Pretty please? With a cherry on top :)

Now, back to my large wedding to-do list....maybe going on a honeymoon perhaps?

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