You Watched the Super Bowl, too?

Monday, February 4, 2013

I am truly shocked.

You saw the commercials too from the Super Bowl? Well, that's just crazy. Anddd the whole thing?

Am I still going to talk about it all anyway? You betcha! (in my best Sarah Palin voice)

But first, let me blow your mind...

Jim Harbaugh Ladies and Gentlemen was on Saved by the Bell....Sorry your team lost. 

Back to the play by play.

National Anthem...Jennifer Hudson has got it goin on. Where did she disappear to? And of course, the Sandy hook Elementary School students chorus singing with her definitely pulled at my heart strings.

Ok, back to the commercials. Here's a collection of my favorites for you to re watch in case they were your favorites too. Coincidence I tell ya.

This was absolutely adorable. And a tear jerker for sure. 

If you grew up in the country, your gramps was a farmer and you know the true hard work of a farmer, this was a commercial you could appreciate. Applause from us country folk, Dodge.

Now for the funnies!

Brilliant. Genius. You go Taco Bell. 

I can't not laugh at someone speaking in a Jamaican voice. VW did a good job with this one.

How can Amy Poehler not make you laugh in this Best Buy commercial? 

And I can not leave out my absolute all time favorite movies...
Iron Man 3 and Fast 6!

And I think it goes without saying, Beyonce, amazeballs. That little get it she romped around in left nothing to the imagination. And makes you think if she wears that in public...what does Jay-Z get to see? 

My 15 year old self was truly pumped for the mini Destiny's Child reunion.Kelly and Michelle just popped up out of nowhere. 

Oh, and the game? Sure. 

Linking up with Jade at An Organized Mess for my Super Bowl Recap!

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  1. Love your face. Love this post. :) thanks for linking up!


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