The Thing About Halloween

Friday, October 31, 2014

I am not a Halloween person. There, I said it.

Growing up my mom did a great job of dressing us up but it was the act of trick or treating where we grew up that made it less appealing. Houses were miles apart. It was getting in and out of the car and then once we had all the candy we weren't allowed to eat it. Crazy if you ask younger me.

Had a serious crush on this costume

Then, my older self never got into Halloween either. I had my fair share of costumes and dress up thanks to greek mixers and it was fun. Just Halloween doesn't get me all excited like everyone else. If someone threw a fun, let's dress up and make spooky punch party, I might be persuaded.

Only time I was a cat for Halloween. Weird I know.

But if I do get to dress up next year, it will be a cat of some sort. It's the normal thing to do right.

Hope you have a Happy Halloween!
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Wedding Attire with eShakti

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Some time ago I was contacted by eShakti asking to review their product that I would choose. I had seen them on other blogs and was really interested in trying it out for myself.
Disclaimer: I am no fashion blogger. See below.

Their Story
 eShakti began as a small website offering basic cottons and modestly embellished pieces. As they grew, they were tasked with providing design and fit solutions to meet our customers' needs. Today, they are an international fashion design company making custom clothing. Offering both style and fit customization for women size 0 through 36 is the heart of their business.

I love the fact that their clothing is fully customizable. If you don't like the sleeves, change them. If you don't like the length, change it. Basically, you can change the majority of things about any dress you choose.

The dress I selected is no longer available but I love it. The fabric was really heavy cotton, comfortable and I knew it would be the perfect dress for a casual, country wedding this past weekend.

What I customized on my dress
  • Length -The original dress was a shorter knee length dress but with the cold weather coming I wanted a nice long maxi dress that I would be able to wear.

  • Sleeves-Once again, with fall coming, I wanted a different option so I would be able to wear it without a coat maybe once. Might not have worked out that way though.

  • Neckline-There are more than a few options for the neckline. I was debating between the u neck on this one but eventually just decided on the shaped scoop.

 And if you aren't someone who is a fan of pockets in your dresses, you can nix those too. As for me, I am loving on the pockets in this dress.

Overall, I loved my experience with eShakti and would definitely order from them again. It's great being able to customize dresses so that way they fit me length wise and are the sleeves I am looking for.

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Superstitions are Busted.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Or maybe it's just my face. If that even makes any sense.

If you haven't checked my Instagram or Twitter in the past day, you might have missed the part where I busted open my face at work. Specifically, my eye, eyebrow. I was picking up something and when I came up, knocked my head on a metal arm. Ouch.

I think I am pulling this off.
Funny thing is I have banged my head on metal racks before, but this time wasn't such a good recovery. I now have a few stitches through my eyebrow that hurt like a mother and a nice shiner to accompany it. You should see the other guy though...

It was awesome and kind of terrifying. And by kind of I mean a whole lot. Think Carrie kind of scene when it happened and I am surprised I didn't have nightmares about my own face.

Because of this, I have now decided Mondays are now when no good things can happen. Add that to my already growing list of superstitions.

Wouldn't open that umbrella

//Opening an umbrella inside brings bad luck

//Wishing on an eye lash

//It's 11:11, make a wish!

//If my ears are ringing, someone is talking about me. Same with a dropped spoon.

//Spilled salt throw it over your left shoulder

//Never pick up a penny that is tails up on the ground

//Rain on your wedding day is good luck (pretty much forced on me)

What are some of your superstitions?

Helene in Between Blogtober

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Quotes for My Younger Self + A Giveaway

Monday, October 27, 2014

There are a lot of things I would tell my younger self. But sometimes quotes can just say it better.

There will be very bad no good days. And those are the days that will make you thankful for the good days. Those are also the days you have to fight like heck to not have a very bad no good day. Treat the day better than your mood.

People will let you down. People will not live up to exceptions. Same goes for the ways thing happen in life. Life is never what you expect it to be but it can be something wonderful if you continue to have that great heart. Never let anyone try to take that from you.

Friends are pretty great to have. You have some gems already in your life that will still be here, where I am. There are also a few precious ones that have yet to enter your life but when they do, you won't know how you ever did without them.

Love is something wonderful and something you won't know until your college. Even if you think you have it before, it doesn't even compare. The happily ever after is coming. Don't be discouraged.

Also, younger self, there's this blog that I have and love to give people things on it.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Helene in Between Blogtober

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Favorite {New} Beauty Product

Friday, October 24, 2014

I can always remember when I had my first thing of makeup. Black pencil eyeliner I convinced my dad to buy me, much to my mom's dismay.

Ever since that day I have not left the house without eyeliner. Pretty much literally. I have thankfully strayed from the gothic under eye black eyeliner and have now gone to the brown eyeliner. But always a must before I gave the world. 

However, I am not a huge makeup person. I wear the basics of Cover Girl and Maybelline. But then one day after pinning every pin about contouring, I decided to step up my contour game. And this has quickly become my newest makeup love.

I am still learning so no pictures for you. I can go from streak here and there to blush overload. It happens. 

Now, back to my YouTube for the millionth time to get this right. 

What's your favorite beauty product? 

Helene in Between Blogtober

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I Need a Vacation

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ever get the feeling when you just want to jump on a plane to anywhere?

Well, except somewhere cold because I do not have time for coats and pants.

Here is what I would much rather be instead..

On a beach or someone warm at a resort, I'm not picky. Sunbathing. Drink in hand. Not a worry in the world except what drink to try out next.

Bora Bora

Anyone have any ideas for when you need a vacation but can't go on one at the moment? I need all the tips I can get!

Helene in Between Blogtober

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Cuz I'm Happy.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Lately, I haven't been feeling all kinds of the happy feelings. I've been letting my job get to me and blah blah blah. But these are the things that can bring me all the happy feelings so let's bring those back shall we?

//This guy.

//Scarves, give me all the scarves to make me do a happy dance.

//This kitty is on a whole other level with pet love

//Spoiling my friends and sharing in on their happiness

//Wine. Always makes me happy, happy. And coffee.

//Christmas movies

//Getting to see some of my family this weekend.

//A really good nap

//Cozy slippers

What makes your heart happy?

Helene in Between Blogtober

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What I'm an Expert At...

Friday, October 17, 2014

Friends..for sure.

...Forgetting where I leave everything.

...Not cleaning my car. You don't even want to peek into that beast.

...Bringing Christmas cheer all year long. Movies, music, you name it.

...Lily watching. I might spend too much time seeing what exactly she is up to

...Awkward conversation.

What are you an expert at?

Helene in Between Blogtober

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