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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

We play the lottery on the regular. Every single week we pick numbers and cross our fingers that our numbers are the ones that roll out on those balls when the fancy lady pushes that button. Side note: Were you ever as fascinated as a child by that lotto machine with the balls floating all around? Because I just might have been.

It has definitely come in up conversation more than once what we would do if we actually won all that money. There are lists of dreams that we would fulfill with all of that money and I am pretty sure we would be quite good at being rich. Let me just give you a taste of what my life would be like if I won the lottery.

Smelling// The salty seas of Hawaii in all its glory with the smell of sunshine and pineapples all around me as I sit on the beach in front of our Hawaii house.

This would be my back porch

Loving// My millions of dollars. My maid. My new car that doesn't have its insides pealing off. Our shore house. Our lake house. My freedom from a job that has been sucking the life out of me. Volunteering with all my free time.

Planning// Out how exactly to build my dream home on no less than 10 acres of land that includes a tire swing for our future children and the washer/ dryer in my two-story walk in closet. Can't forget the oasis that is the backyard. Couches, pool and sauna included.

Just a small taste of my Dream House Pinterest

Baking// All my grandmother's and mom's recipes for fall. I seem to never have the time with my crazy schedule and the fact that work drains me but with all that free time I would be able to bake up a storm.

Celebrating// Being debt free. 150% no obligation to anyone for student loans, car payment, credit cards, mortgage, etc., etc.. Ain't got time for that when you're all kinds of rich. Also, probably celebrating my new boobs because, why not if I'm rich?

What would you do if you won the lottery? The fun and the obvious!

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  1. Ha, love this. I'd be planning several tropical vacations and a European one if I were a lottery winner...

  2. Haha! I 100% will have a washer and dryer in my master closet in our next house. NO MORE CARTING LAUNDRY. OMG. Also, we can be neighbors in Hawaii, because we're totally there.

  3. LOVE that back yard! The feeling of being totally debt free would be amazing! And not having to worry about money would be great.

  4. I can't wait for that day when we aren't for sure! I pin all those pins that say, "How We Paid Off $5,000 in debt in 6 months" and just wonder how.

  5. It's such a genius and practical idea. Have to have it. I didn't think Hawaii could get better but with you as my neighbor, even better!

  6. Europe is definitely up on my list for sure!

  7. Haha, this is fun! That house is amazing!


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