My Flowers Come from a Volcano #BouqLove

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fresh flower bouquets. The dream of bloggers and women everywhere. If you don't like fresh flowers, you can't be a blogger. Not really, but you know bloggers love flowers to photograph, instagram, etc.

I was contacted by The Bouqs to to review their fresh flowers that they offer. Being that I was in the market for a fall flower for my kitchen table, I was quite pleased. And the fact that they come from a South American volcano won me over.

Ahh, fresh flowers.

They offer a whole variety of different bouquets to choose from. There are ones for special occasions and others for every day kitchen table. I chose the "Dawn" bouquet, one of their current Fall options. It arrived fresh and ready for me to put on display. Even had my husband wondering who sent me such pretty flowers.

What makes The Bouqs different than the usual online flower delivery service you use? I'll let them explain.


We cut only what we sell. Other providers source from a supply chain that sees 1 in 3 stems wasted. Across hundreds of thousands of bouquets a year, that’s a lot of wasted land, resources, labor and fuel. We cut only when you order, so we avoid the waste.
We also save energy through our direct-from-the-farm supply chain. The standard supply chain must keep stems cold for up to 2 weeks, meaning hundreds of hours of refrigeration and the associated energy use. We use cold storage for only 4 days from the Volcano, and not at all from California, resulting in a lot of energy savings.
Finally, our farms provide living wages, childcare, healthcare and adult education. And our growing business supports farm communities, so you can feel good about shopping The Bouqs Company's flowers.

 And here is what I love about The Bouqs:
  • Communication from The Bouqs Co. was not like any email I received. He was cracking jokes, exclamation points were used multiple times and there were bullets. Bulleted points on why I wanted to try out this product. I can only imagine what email you would receive for customer service. It wasn't hard to not be excited for these flowers.
  • Concierge Service-Schedule flower deliveries in advance. Up to a year ahead of time! Great for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Plus, when using this service you can get up to 25% of your flowers
  • Closed on weekends.Many flower companies could never imagine being closed on weekends and losing business. The Bouqs  is more concerned with their employees and their work/life balance so no flowers are shipped from Saturday to Monday. Much applause from someone who does work weekends.
  • My Flowers come from a volcano. And that is the coolest thing you can pretty much say to anyone. It also means you get some of the best, brightest flowers since they are so close to the Equator.

If I haven't been able to convince you to use The Bouqs Co. for all your future flower orders yet, They are currently running a great deal for you to grab a Halloween bouquet.

What are your favorite flowers to display?

I was given the product to review but all opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Those flowers are soooo pretty! They are perfect fall colors. I've never used this company before, but I'll definitely be checking them out.

  2. I would definitely recommend them over others. Just fortunate enough I was able to get some to really see how great they were.

  3. Christina Geister RabeOctober 27, 2014 at 6:35 PM

    I had never heard of this company before but I love it! I sent the link to my husband in case he should feel the urge to buy a bouquet (cough cough) :) Thanks for the tip!

  4. its my new go to flower delivering service, such a great company! your husband better get that hint!


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