A Day of Birth

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

It's a time to celebrate.

A time to drink a little more wine than you should.

It's also a time to reflect and look back on what those many years may have taught you. Or maybe even just the last year.

I'll tell you all about what I have learned in 28 years and the last year.

Life is what you make it. It can push you down, shove you even, but you have the option to get back up. To keep fighting and let life know, you will go on.

It's a scary place sometimes. But only you can make sure you live every day to the fullest. Get the most out of the years you live.

The right people come at the right time. Some might disappoint you, others will surprise you and there will be just one that can make everything else disappear.

There is always something to be happy for. Even on the bad days when it's hard to find those things, try your hardest to remember.

And always, drink just a little more wine if you can. Here's to an even better year!

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How to Paint a Masterpiece

Monday, December 29, 2014

Step 1: Spend most of the day on the couch because you feel like poo. But when your husband plans a birthday surprise you know you have to get your butt in gear.

Step 2: Throw on a poncho sweater and ask your husband if it's ok. When he says yea, you rethink it and throw on some plaid instead. Still a bad choice.

Step 3: Eat at a fancy restaurant that serves tomato and mozzarella and brings you a cute carafe of wine to pour yourself.

Step 4: Go to a paint party with  your friends that includes even more wine.

Step 5: Really think you have a masterpiece on your hands because, wine. I like to call mine abstract. Who needs to see people anyway? All my friends did quite a nice job too.

And on Sunday, you rest after a night of fun celebrating your birthday. You will be 28 after all. It takes a little more time.

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A Christmas Card to You

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Last year we started the tradition of sending out a photo Christmas card. It was just our wedding photos and did the "Married Christmas." This year, I really wanted to do a Christmas photo shoot. Blanket included.

But then, I had a few stitches put in my face and lost half my eyebrow. Needless to say, I wasn't in the mood to be all cutesy and get my pictures taken with serious roots and half an eyebrow missing.

Cue, 2 1/2 weeks before Christmas and not having any Christmas cards. With a little self-timer and photo editing magic, we pulled it off.

The crazy cat lady in me bought a mistletoe headband for Lily to wear in hopes we could kiss under it. This is how that turned out...

gif maker

These were all the other rejected Christmas card entries.

This one made it in the finals.

Have yourself a very Merry Christmas!
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Grief | It Just Hits You

Monday, December 22, 2014

You don't see it coming. There is no warning. It just hits you.
This time of the year it comes at you full force.
It could be the smell of a fresh tree or the laugh of children.
Maybe it's cooking a family recipe or the change in weather.
Whatever might trigger it, you can never be sure. It just hits you.

One minute you are laughing and singing your favorite song.
Then, it just hits you and you are overcome with immense sadness.
As much as you want to be ok, you want to smile and decorate the tree, you can't.
Because it just hits you and all you want to do is cry.
Cry at everything that is different. Cry because of everything missing.
You never know when it's coming.
It just hits you.

The holidays are a bittersweet time for many people that deal with the loss of a loved one. It doesn't matter how long it's been, it's still hard.

This is my 6th Christmas without my mom and I still have moments where all I want is for her to be here singing Rockin Around the Christmas Tree with me. Sometimes they are expected moments of sadness. Putting up the tree, the shiny garland I wrapped around the staircase that she hated. But then there are moments that are unexpected. That it just hits me.

A few weeks ago, she appeared in my dreams. It was just when I started my new job and she was there for my baby shower, of all things (Not pregnant, even a little bit.) She was laughing and hugging me. That was a hard day when I woke up. I wanted that hug here. I wanted to hear her laugh again. That's what we might call a sad day. A day where it just hit me.

Then, there was yesterday. As I was cleaning out my car, I came across this.This small backpack.

It was tucked under my trunk blanket, probably left behind from the move...4 months ago...As I pull it out, right there, it just hit me. This was the very last Christmas present my mom ever gave me. Since she had bronchitis that Christmas she didn't get to the store and shop so instead gave me this bag she had gotten from Yves Roche as a free gift and wrapped money inside it. When I opened it, I threw up the money and made my mom laugh. One of those memories I will never forget.

IF you are experiencing this, this Holiday season, know you are not alone. Know that this is the path of grief. It never has an ending. It's ok to be sad, it's ok to still be grieving no matter how long its been. But also know, it's ok to laugh a little more and smile a little more than the last holiday season. Because just as those sad moments hit, know that those moments of pure happiness will hit you too. And those moments, will be the best comfort you could ask for.

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#ModaVoxBox Review

Sunday, December 21, 2014

A few months ago I was fortunate enough to receive the #ModaVoxBox from Influenster. It's a fashionable themed box with a couple of new products. This has to be one of my favorite VoxBoxes for sure.
Rimmel London ScandalEyes Rockin' Curves Mascara, MoistureRenew Lipstick & Lipliner

My makeup routine is well, pretty routine. Eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, foundation. I tend to use a mascara I love for many years. When I received the Rockin Curves mascara I was deifnitely intrigued. I always love curling my eyelashes and making them pop. It has a curved wand that helps your eyelashes pop. I haven't had any problem with clumps either which is a plus. This will definitely be a part of my routine from now on.

Notice how I didn't mention any lipstick in my beauty routine? I do not wear lipstick. More of a gloss gal. But I gave this a try. The Lip Liner is actually clear, meant to define your lips and prevent feathering. I never liked the thought of wearing lip liner to mathc your lipstick so this actually makes sense. Works with all your lipstick. The lipstick was great. It stayed through a full day of shopping and coffee drinking with minimal reapplication. Dare I say, I might be an occasional lipstick person now. I loved how the color made my lips pop and added a pop of color.

Puffs SoftPack

We use a lot of tissues around here and we are alwys owrried about the dreaded red nose from it. These tissues were soft enough for every day use and during a cold. I absolutely love the idea of the SoftPack. It's easy to carry around if you need it in your car or office. The patterns that are available also make it different than any other tissues brand.

Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer

Having always suffered from winter Eczema, I have a hard time finding anything really works for my skin. I wouldn't say that this lotion will be my permanent lotion for the winter, it definitely works. I felt the difference using it as my daily body lotion and if you are only plagued with occasional dry skin this will work for you.

resource Natural Spring Water #RefreshwithResource

"resource is a sustainably sourced 100% Natural Spring Water from carefully selected sources with naturally occurring electrolytes for a clean, refreshing taste. resource comes in a bottle made with 50% recycled plastic* and is 100% recyclable."

How Irefreshed with resource? After my treadmill workout. With electrolytes, it can really replenish you so that you are not dehydrated after a workout. The taste of this water was different than other bottled water, so I will give it that. As for feeling less dehydrated, I felt the same as when I drink other water. But I would recommend it as it had a good taste and comes with 50% recycled plastic.

Hair Food Moisture Hair Mask

Brand new product to hit the hair market, I loved it. with even one use it made my hair mroe managable and it left it softer. The smell is amazing with infusions of apricots and honey. The price tag is great for you to feed your hair. This is a great new product you should try if you have dry hair.

Swiss Miss Simply Cocoa

Cocoa is always great this time of year. And this just hit the spot. Even though it's a different kind, it tasted just like any other Swiss Miss cocoa you may buy. Which is a good thing!

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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Friday Favorites

Friday, December 19, 2014

Oh, hey Friday. Nice to see you. Albeit a little late to the party.

One. Last weekend before Christmas is here and I'm not at work! Have you all gotten tired of me saying how much I love not working on weekends?? And the fact that my cold came right in time is perfect. Because I can snuggle all weekend with my husband and kitty and nurse this cold. That's excitement. 

sniffle. sniffle.

Two. No last minute shopping for me. Hallelujah! We gifted ourselves with a treadmill so we decided on no Christmas presents this year, just a stocking. And the other gifts have already been purchased. Go me! 

holiday wine.

Three. #FireworkPeople. There aren't the right words to even describe the level of encouragement, support and love from this group. I joined their facebook group a few weeks ago and kind of stood in the back. On Tuesday I decided to participate in their Twitter chat and within ten minutes I felt so uplifted and encouraged. When I posted in the Facebook group I received comments on my blog post about sharing my idea with #fireworkPeople. I am telling every woman to join this group. They support you, answer questions and cheer you on even if you are a total stranger.

Four. This time of year is bittersweet for me. I've always loved Christmas and it's Christmas right? But it also reminds me of family and how mine has changed so much over the past 5 years. I miss my mom so much some days. Grief is a tricky thing. It shows up when it feels like it, uninvited. But it reminds us how far we have come and just how much we should be thankful for.

Five. New Years resolution Swap! Word on the blog this week is the launch of this swap. Want to encourage someone in the New Year to achieve their resolutions? Or just want to make new friends? Then this is a great opportunity! Put together a little "resolution" box for your partner and encourage them. Made it really easy for you, sign-up below!

Enjoy your weekend friends!

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The New Year's Resolution Swap Box: Sign-Ups

Thursday, December 18, 2014

As we are winding down 2014 and about to enter 2015, there is one word that comes to mind. RESOLUTIONS. We all make them in hopes of sticking to them. But somewhere in between January 20-February, we might stray a little bit. Wouldn't it be great if there was something that could keep us going, give us that extra little push?

Since I love Swap Boxes and getting to know new people through them...drum roll please...
New Year's Resolution Swap Box!

Hosted by yours truly and the lovely Kate who blogs over at Classy Living

I met Kate through my very first swap box, called the Cara Box and she is still one of my closest blog friends. We really got to know each other and become friends outside this little space. Just one of the perks of participating in the New Year's Swap Box.

So what is this swap box, exactly?

//You will be matched with a partner that you should get to know through email, Instagram, blog etc. and learn what their resolutions are for the New Year. (You will have one swap partner and someone else will have you as their swap partner)

//Then, you get to put together a box that will help them keep those resolutions and motivate them throughout the year.

Example: One of your partner's resolutions is to eat healthier-You can put together a box of Special K bars (because they love strawberry), green lunch bag to be able to pack things for lunch(because they're favorite color is green), recipe cards, Gluten Free cookbook (specific just for your partner's eating style.) Just one example, the possibilities are endless.

Simple Rules:
//Fill out the form below.

//Sign ups close December 26th at 11:59. You will be notified of your partner by the 28th. You have until January 1st to reach out to your partner.

//Follow Classy & Sassy Mrs. & my co-host on Classy Living on Instagram

//Box should be AT LEAST $20 not including shipping. Feel free to spoil your partner if you want to though!

//All boxes should be mailed by January 21st. That gives you a few weeks to get to know your partner.

//You MUST post on Instagram your New Year's Resolution Box with the hashtag #NewYearsResolutionBox

Optional: Resolution Box  Link-Up will be posted at a later date if you want to participate.

**Open to US only. If you are international and would like to participate please email classysassymrs@gmail.com and I will try to match you up separately. 

We are so excited to to offer you this swap and the opportunity to make some new friends. Don't wait, sign-up now!

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Things You Can't Do with Stitches in Your Face

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A few weeks ago, I had the unfortunate pleasure of having my face stitched up. Got into a fight with a metal bar, the bar won..ha ha ha.

Least favorite accessory.

As I learned, there are A LOT of things that change when you have stitches in your face and a lot of things you can't do because of it.

+Get a facial

+Get a haircut

+Take good pictures {viewfinder, ouch}

+Get your eyebrows waxed

+Wash your face properly

+Wash your hair properly

+Go to the eye doctor

It became attractive.

+Get Christmas pictures taken

+Give the stink eye to everyone that cracks the joke about you being in a bar fight

+Let your cat anywhere near your face. You never know with those claws.

+Avoid the looks you get

As I am still healing and sporting a fun scar across my eyebrow, some of these are still a work in progress. Like waxing my eyebrows. I might have two caterpillars up there but the thought of them ripping open my wound again terrifies me. Yes, I might be over dramatic but lets give it time.

Can't see the scar when I pose like this ;)

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The Bouqs - Premium Farm Direct Flowers

A Merry Weekend

Monday, December 15, 2014

Having the weekends off is still something to get used. It includes getting used to juggling plans with errands and cherishing the brief two days we do have.

Friday night I had my holiday work party. A week at a new job and getting to go to the holiday party is something specil. It really lets you get to know your co-workers if you know what I mean.

Saturday was a relaxing day. I might have had an extra wine at our after stop of my holiday party. So we slept in, sat on the couch and napped. 

Saturday night we gussied ourselves up again to attend a friends holiday party. 

 I even tried my hand at a Kate (The Small Things Blog) updo. With my short hair I am always looking for new ways to do my hair. Her hair tutorials are perfect for my length of hair. Unfortunately, I didn't capture a picture of my hair in the beginning of the night. But I think it held up pretty nice and I know next time I can play around a little bit better with it.

Our Sunday was spent recovering from a busy weekend and catching up on our errands. We had a fun compromise that we would split the chores for the day. So whoever didn't want to go grocery shopping would stay home and clean. Off to the grocery store I went. It was a lot crazy and I stocked up extra so next weekend I do not have to be in there. Husband did a nice job cleaning up the house. I'll keep him.

Now, it's off to another Monday and week of work. How was your weekend?

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