Friday's Letters

Friday, June 29, 2012

Welcome to the short and sweet Friday's Letters. Lots to do and less time to do them!

Dear apartment- Yay! Today you are ours! 
Dear old apartment-Why is there so much stuff still everywhere?! I have no extra free time to pack you. 
Dear next week-Take it easy on me. Please.
Dear Insanity-You are kicking my butt. But I think I secretly love it. I will still be seeing you everyday even if I have to fast forward some parts...
Dear Friends-Pretty sure we are all growing up. New apartments, houses,weddings, etc. it's all very exciting and crazy! Thankful for all of you :) 

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The posts might be far and few between the next week. Moving, wedding and working will make for a very crazy week so stick with me!

Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Video!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The videography for a wedding is something many people opt of. They say it is something they won't watch again and it just isn't that important to them. It is a constant battle between should we? or is just extra money for something we won't watch again?

For us, a video is important. More importantly for me. My whole life is on video. If you think I'm exaggerating, ask my family. Every event there was a video camera to capture it, from birthdays, pool parties, graduations and every family vacation. My mom always had the camera in her hand to capture the moments. So for me, it would be weird if the most important day of my life wasn't on video.

I have been doing some research to see exactly what I want, how I want it shot, one videographer, two videographers. And one day I stunmbled upon the these fun wedding videos and can't believe these are actually for real!

They are all so fun and you must watch them, all incredible! And maybe putting some ideas in my head...

And this one is gorgeous and might be my favorite!

Raj & Sierra "The Time"
from Jorge Ibarra on Vimeo.

Time to find me a videographer!

Link Up Tuesday!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

So Tuesdays have become my link-up crazy days. I found a brand new one where today I can share my top 5 celebrity crushes, so how could I turn down posting some eye candy ;)

Just Peachy

1. Channing Tatum. For Sure. 

2. Ryan Reynolds

3. Chris Evans

4. Nick Zano

5. Hugh Jackman
He gets better with age I say

Now for the link-up with Just Chalk in the Rain for Is it normal?

Is it normal to lie about your age?
I think people do it, but not enough to say it's normal. And if you are off by a year or two, is it really considered lying?

Is it normal to have mistake someone for the opposite sex?
Not normal. Sorry for anyone that ever is. Might be time to rethink the haircut.

Is it normal to go #2 in public?
It's a bathroom right?

Is it normal to sit RIGHT NEXT to a stranger in a movie theater?
Not normal if there are plenty of other seats. Give some space, people.

Is it normal to lie about your weight?
NORMAL. If anyone has the audacity to ask it, I will definitely be subtracting some pounds.

Is it normal to sing and dance in the car?
Car jam sessions are the best and 150% normal.
And if they aren't then I will stick to being abnormal.

Is it normal to take self portrait pictures in public?
Sorry girls, but no, not normal. There are plenty of places in your living room, bathroom, kitchen you can do those. But if you are on vacation and want pictures of you and another, normal. It's hard to know who you can trust to take those shots for you.

Is it normal for a woman to have a gun license?
Honestly, depends on the area. Around these parts, I would say it isn't normal. But go to Texas and it's so normal it's like rain on a cloudy day. To be expected.
Don't see why it shouldn't be considered normal everywhere though. I can't wait to shoot a gun one day. On my list of to-dos.

Is it normal to like the smell of gasoline?
No. If it works for you, great. But it isn't a nice smell to say oh gee what a pleasant smell.

Hope you enjoyed!

20 year old Krista

Monday, June 25, 2012

So I stumbled across this interesting giveaway at 20sb. You are supposed to write a letter to yourself five years ago. I wasn't sure whether to participate but I'm so glad I did. In a way, this letter was therapeutic for me. Hope you enjoy! ps. this will get deep

Dear 20 year old Krista,

(Still as fun as ever)

In a few days, you will finally find out what is wrong with your knee and it looks like surgery is a week away. Trust me, it's worth it. But start wearing some Dr. Scholl's for Her now to prevent any problems. And be prepared for knee to swell like no other every once in awhile.

Be careful with the crutches. They are dangerous and require some skill. Don't try to take stairs with them days after you have surgery. Take up that offer to have someone come help you during the day otherwise you will end up with a sprained ankle which then leads to another fall where you pull your shoulder. And then years of ankle pain. Save yourself the trouble.

This time will also be known as your chubby year. But you will work it off in the next few months with physical therapy and limited alcohol due to the pain meds. And you will forever compare yourself to this semesters pictures to make sure you aren't hitting that chubby stage.

The next 4 months will be hard but unfortunately, not the worst of what's to come in the next 5 years. You will get through it and will have some amazing friends by your side along the way. Some will come and some will go, but the ones that stay are the ones that will get you through your darkest hours when the times become really tough. And they will. But trust me when I say, it actually turns out pretty ok. Just might have to break a few things first and yell a whole lot;)

Only 6 months until 21! And even though you have the drinking down, it becomes even more fun with bars and nightclubs. Always remember those glasses of water before bed to ward off the hangovers. And  trust me, try beer again. It will save you a ton a cash that would help when you leave school. Because you will have student loans to pay and they just don't go away. Your 21st year will be a fun one! And the year you will always look back on with fondness.

Cherish the summer spent home with mom because your crippled self can't go very far. Cherish watching Ghost Whisperer and Two and a Half Men. Always remember to thank her for helping you out the last 5 months because it wasn't an easy job. I mean, you were a bum that slept on the pull out for at least 2 months. that she chauffeured around.  Tell her everyday you love her and call her just because.
Keep talking to her about AXiD because when you give her those letters in May, she won't stop bragging about how happy they make her and how she wants to wear them whenever she can. And they will accompany her to heaven.

The plans you have for yourself at this moment are far from where you will be. But it will be ok. Times will be tough and you will be somewhere that makes you face everything with new meaning. You will know who to turn to for support and help. You will have an amazing boyfriend(eventual fiance) that lets you deal with your grief and gets you through the toughest day. Living with your sisters might prove to be hard in the next few months but they will be your healers when you just need to forget sometimes.

You will graduate with the most important person not there but when the sun shines, she will be there. It will be a tough day that you can't wait to get through. And sometimes you will look back and remember how you felt that day and how far you have come with your grief. She will also be missing when you move into your first apartment but bringing her things helps you feel close. She won't be your first call when you are engaged  but you have your whole family and friends to share in your joy.

You will become a stronger person than you are today and stronger than you ever thought you could be. Life will come at you fast but just remember it will get better. And it's your future self talking, not some person who says it over and over. I have lived it. You have an amazing fiance, family and the absolute best friends that deal with your different life structure. And above all, you will be happy and thankful for everything in your life. It might be a different plan, but it isn't a too shabby one.

And how could I forget to mention, that cat you've always wanted? She will come into your life just when you need her. She will be the cutest part of your life. Get ready for the ride the next 5 years!

This post is submitted as a part of the 20SB 5th Birthday Blog Carnival, sponsored by your own post here.

Sunday Social: Music!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

I am once again linking up with Neely at A Complete Waste of Makeup and Ashley at Ashley's Carnival Ride for Sunday Social!

What is your all-time favorite song?
I Hope You Dance-LeAnn Womack
What isn't to love?

Who is your favorite singer/band?
Carrie Underwood
check it all out ;)

What is your theme song?
Just Dance- Lady Gage
I believe in a good dance party to get yourself shakin' and just in an overall good mood. I will never forget how my mom once joined me in my dance party in my room. 
Yes. My motto. Just Dance. 

What songs put you in a good mood?
Right now it is Inernational Love by Pitbull
 Pontoon by Little Big Town (Check out yesterday's post to make you think of summer)

And yes, I am aware these are both opposite ends of the music spectrum. I have eclectic taste in music what can I say. 

What is your favorite roadtrip music?
I love the radio. Chronic radio station changer here. 

What song are you embarrassed to admit you love?
One Direction-What Makes you Beautiful 
Yes, I blast this in my car it's cool.

Love these Sunday Socials so fun! Have a great week!

Mmm Motorboatin'

Saturday, June 23, 2012

No, not that kind ;)

Currently loving this song from Little Big Town. It's one of those feel good summer songs. Now I just need to get me a boat and lose some pudge and I will be good to go.

Friday's Letters

Friday, June 22, 2012

Dear new apartment- Only a week to go and you will be ours! I absolutely cannot wait to decorate and figure out fun new ways to deal with small spaces. Because let's face it. That will be a challenge with all my junk.

Dear Insanity-Am I insane? Get ready for Monday!

Dear Kourtney Kardashian-You are seriously the cutest pregnant girl ever. I am taking mental notes of all your outfits so I can be fashionably pregnant.

Dear Magic Mike-Please continue to play previews on my tv. Anytime, all the time.

Dear Lily-It breaks my heart how stressful moving is for you. From the crying at night to the getting sick when I leave the house for work, I'm sorry. It will all be over soon. Until then, feel free to sleep on the table if it makes you feel better. I won't tell ;)

Now off to enjoy my 3 day weekend!

Zombieitis- A Zombie's Story

Thursday, June 21, 2012

*fingers pointing at me*

That's right. I'm a zombie. Maybe not the 'eat your face off while naked' zombie but one none the less.

I am more of the 'haven't slept for more than 7 hours the past 4 days' zombie. I am rocking the nice dark eye circles and I'm pretty sure if I were to come back to this post in a few days, it might just be blabber.

I can't even tell you how much I want to sleep. More than I would want steak and potatoes on any given day. And anyone that knows me, knows that's a whole heck of a lot. But for some darn reason, I can't seem to stay asleep.

Here's my routine the past few nights. I'm tired. Go to bed. Sleep for an hour. Wake up. Lay there. Think about why I'm not falling asleep. Think about my day. Think about how I want to fall asleep.

Tick, tock. Another hour.

Then I make my way to the couch with my pillow and blanket for hopes of bringing on the ZzZzZ's. Still counting sheep. Turn on some late night television.

Let me pause and tell you about late night tv. It really stinks. Nothing but infomercials and shows that don;t really matter. Although, I might have been convinced to buy the tube top thing that covers your jeans when you bend over. It really could come in handy.

After watching these, you think I could doze off or want to sleep. But nope. I even write blog posts in my head while trying to make myself fall asleep. It's like I think I'm some kind of genius writer when I'm sleep deprived. And this post is my prime example of my genious

But folks, it turns out I have zombieitis. That's right. Zombieitis. And it is a rapidly spreading epidemic we need to stop.

(Ok, so this isn't a real epidemic but it is a really funny way to get across the importance of getting a better nights sleep)

In my searching for zombie and sleep, I stumbled across this nice little press release

The Better Sleep Council Launches Campaign to Combat Sleep Deprivation, Termed Zombieitis!

The Better Sleep Council (BSC), in conjunction with the International Sleep Products Association, wants to warn the public that, across the globe, the number of people suffering from sleep deprivation, or Zombieitis, is growing. 

Mission acccomplished, Better Sleep Council. Got my attention and I clicked my way through to the website, "" (This is why I love PR) It's a clever website set up as a slide show that describes symptoms and effects of zombieitis. In reality, it is just effects of sleep deprivation and the importance of a good mattress. But definitely plays at the funnier side of it.

Basically, I have learned that if I don't start sleeping I could start drooling or gaining weight. Not acceptable. Tonight I will sleep. And put my inner zombie to sleep.


Dance Again

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I know blogging is all about the writing the pictures, the linking, But some days there are no words. Some days you just need a song. So for me, it's ok to post a song as the whole blog post. Why? Because I say so. (I will be so good at saying that over and over again one day)

Sunday Social: Movies

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Found this cute link-up from Jade at An Organized Mess. It's a Sunday Social! Basically a few questions you get to answer about yourself. So make sure to link-up with Neely at A Complete Waste of Makeup to join in on the fun!

Favorite Movie of All Time?
Tricky, tricky. Only because my movie collection looks like this. 
Yes, I love my movies so it might be hard to pick just one. But I love It's a Wonderful Life and Sweet Home Alabama.

Favorite Movie Quote?
Again a toughie, love too many! But here are a few faves.
"You tell them that our lives can change with every breath we take... and you tell them to hold on like hell to what they've got. Each other, and a mother who would die for them and almost did... You tell them we've all got bad in us, but we've got goodness, too. And the only thing worth living for is the good. And that's why we've got to make sure we pass it on." Where the Heart Is
 Do you also go around telling small children that Santa Claus doesn't exist? 'Cause someone needs to blow that ship wide open." -27 Dresses
Best movies for a girl's night?

etc., etc.

Best breakup movie?
Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Or He's Just not that Into You.
Favorite celeb eye candy?
Need I say more? 
Which stars closet would you like to raid?

Carrie Underwood
From casual to glam this girl knows how to rock it. And maybe with the wardrobe I could get the legs in there somewhere too.

And of course a Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there including mine! and uncles and cousins and friends!

Friday's Letters

Friday, June 15, 2012

Another Friday! Who can believe it?

Dear Lily- I know you hate moving. I am not overly fond of it either. Let's just try to make it as smooth as possible where you sleep and I pack. Instead of you insisting on checking out every box to make sure it's up to standards. I will stop taking pictures of the cuteness of it...eventually.

Dear Leg-From the ankle to the knee to the hip, you are making me feel like an older version of myself. Not cool. The shooting pain every time I get up or walk is not conducive to my productive moving schedule. Please kindly stop.

Dear Blackberry- I am counting down the last 3 months that I have to deal with you and your shenanigans. It's really cool you take a good minute to put through a phone call to someone or that you don't have any of the cool kids like Shop kick or Charity Mile.

Dear Pinot Grigio- Thank you for existing. Helping me with this move. I strangely get a lot more done when I've had a glass or two of you. Go figure.

Have a great weekend!

Wedding Wednesday

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Right around that one year mark is when you start panicking thinking about your wedding dress that you don't have yet. Especially when you watch an episode of "Say Yes to the Dress" and the one woman isn't even engaged and she's shopping for her dress. Uh yea, Panic.

So appropriately this week, I want to look at wedding dresses so I can maybe I can start to narrow down what I am looking for. You will soon see how all over the place I am with my dress. One strap, strapless? Flower details or crystal details? Sweetheart neckline? Pick up skirt or taffeta? Let's have a look at all kinds.

I like the pick up in the front and the subtle light blue of that ribbon. I am thinking I want some sort of detail around the waist like this.

This gives a little something different for the bride that is looking for traditional but modern. The sweetheart neckline and top bodice have nice details to make it a classic look. And the bottom skirt gives it the modern flair as it's made with feathers.

Now this one defines elegance in my opinion. The wrap around crystal and intricate detail down the skirt. And then ending with the train to make for a truly elegant gown. Definitely loving the crystal detail and difference between silhouette and skirt.

Now this one goes a whole different way. A detachable skirt to let you go from ceremony to reception effortlessly. Clever idea for those fun first dances ;) But I'm not sure if I could walk around and not think about my skirt just coming off as I'm walking down the aisle. Yes, I have these thoughts. 

And then there is this nice free flowing wedding gown. The arms are quite interesting as they trail down the dress. Might be nice and airy under there but all I can see is a nightgown you wear to bed. Not the one for me.

Vera Wang. Enough said. And the sparkle catches my eye for sure. I am just not sure how my child bearing hips would shimmy into this. They could possibly steal the show and who knows if I could even walk.

It is now time to take all 150 of my favorites and bring them to a shop and say make the perfect dress out of all of these. Please and thank you.

Why do I get the feeling I will be making more than 5 trips to a bridal shop?

Goodbye Long Distance!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Moving is hard. Almost a full time job. It is not a joke. Even Lily is stressed. Hanging out under curtains.

(what is with the space above the picture?!...any suggestions would be appreciated!)

Doesn't help that we have procrastinated just a tiny bit....It is now June 12th and my lease is up July 1 anddddd we still have not found a place to call ours.

But in all of this chaos and stress I need to be focusing on that word. Ours. The apartment, home will be ours. Mine and his. Living together. Goodbye long distance relationship!!

Yes, that's right. For the past 3 years we have been doing the whole long distance relationship and quite frankly, I am way over it. I think I was over it about 2 years ago. But it is what it is and we will finally share the same zip code!

I live in a lovely little town in the northern part of the Garden State and he lives wayyy farther down the Garden State. Something to the tune of an hour and half. That's right. For the past 3 years since we left school, we have been travelling an hour and half to see each other. Bunch of crazies. What we do for love.

Let me just say, this is what I  won't miss:

-Talking on the phone each day after work. Which included many dropped calls and 'whats as our phones did not contribute to the long distance relationship.
-All the travelling! A good 30k miles on my car can probably be attributed to these travels.
-Coordinating plans when we are at opposite ends of the state. Wait, meet me where? Then we go when?
-Every other weekend visits. Not fun.
-Never spending any weekdays together!
-Family outings alone. I think sometimes my family thinks I don't have a fiance...I kid...I kid. Just excited to do these together!
-The constant I miss you's and good-bye's.

So from here on out be prepared for the moving/cohabitation updates..after all this will be interesting and quite the ride!

Another week gone!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Dear Wedding-I am so excited you are only a year away!! And I will try not to annoy everyone who reads this blog with constant talk about you. So back to Wednesdays you go!

Dear new vacuum-You weren't a happy purchase. I was eyeing up an outfit that cost just as much as you that now how to stay on the rack. BUT I am pretty sure I love you. I realize my old vacuum was definitely not up to par and you definitely get the job done. Thanks for the clean house with nice vacuum lines.

Dear weather-Please stay awesome for my weekend off so I can enjoy it to the most! And showers would not be in that equation.

Dear Brittany aka. grandlittle- Yea, I know you're reading this and I love it! thanks so much for the sweet letter in the mail and I am so glad I got such an awesome grandlittle! Hope I'm holding up as the best grandbig everrrrr. And I really want to see you soon.

Dear eyebrows-Thanks for growing back in ever so nicely. I endured weeks of bushy eyebrows so I could wait for you to be back at your fullness. And now you are the most beautiful eyebrows. Threading is my new obsession so I hope you enjoyed it. going off that...

Dear threading-Why have I never tried you until now?! Thanks to my best friend for dragging me there and taking this attractive picture ;)

But seriously. My eyebrows look amazing and it hurt less than waxing. Sold and sold. Thanks Steph!

Link up your Friday's letters!

Until next week..

A year until I become a Mrs.!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wedding Countdown Ticker

Pretty much sums it up!!

A year from today I will be getting married...and this exact time I will be getting ready to walk down the aisle eeeeeekkkkk!!! So crazy to know exactly what you will be doing 365 days from today.

It means only 365 more days with this exact name. Time to do crazy things with it. Only 365 more days to be a bachelorette hehe. Only 365 more days of having a fiance then he's a husband! Only 365 more days I can say I'm not a housewife...because I'm not a wife yet. Oh and only 365 more days to plan every aspect of the wedding. No biggie.

Now that I am officially at the year mark, all my automatic checklists have added all these tasks. Nothing like giving a bride a panic attack. But I know there is a lot that DOES  need to be done but I think I am making ok progess. I have some of the last minute details. So what if I'm going backwards?

Next up: the dress! Yes, everyone I have heard you warning me how long it takes to come in so I am trying to get on that ASAP. Thanks ;)

Absolutely can not wait for the next year of wedding planning craziness fun! And absolutely can't wait for the most wonderful day of our lives! It's going to be a great ride, let it begin!

A very special wedding Wednesday!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bringing to you a very special, exciting WEDDING WEDNESDAY!!

Let's start with that as of is EXACTLY 100 days until my best friend's wedding!! Happy 100 Days away!!

100 days until I get to watch you stand beside you as your Maid of honor and watch you walk down the aisle. 100 days until you become a wifey! And tomorrow it becomes double digits...eeek!! Seriously can not wait!

And the number two excitement for this Wedding Wednesday...last weekend celebrated the bachelorette for a bride who will be a Mrs. only a month from today! Definitely lots of fun when you hit up AC for a bachelorette party ;)

And last but certainly not least......Remember when I said June would become a favorite month for me? Well, here's why.

The date has been set. Finally. We will be getting married a year from tomorrow!!! Which I think is plenty close enough to brag about it on Wedding Wednesday! June 7, 2013 is the day and now comes all the rest of the fun! And from what I hear once you hit the year away it just flies...Stay tuned because it now means wedding planning is full steam ahead!

So excited for all the weddingness in my life!!

Is that normal...? Link-up!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Some days I am just too lazy to write. Or to even think. Therefore, I love when I find these cute link ups and can just wing it really easy. This gives me what to say and I think it's super fun! So today I am linking up with Chalk in the Rain for Is that normal? Well, let's just find out.

1.  Is it normal to Google yourself?
Um, yes. You want to know what's being floated around about you. I personally check to make sure my name twin stays at the top of the Google results and what she's up to from time to time.

2.  Is it normal to pretend you are stuck in traffic as an excuse for being late?
I would say this isn't normal. If you're late, you're late. Sometimes traffic is to blame but I wouldn't say it is a normal excuse. I would go with the omgosh there was this raccoon and he ran across the road and...

3.  Is it normal to have told someone they have bad breath?
Most definitely not. There is only one person that I would ever say this too and let's just say he doesn't even appreciate it all that much. But hey I have to kiss that mouth. Just toss someone a mint. Non verbal cues. 

4.  Is it normal to have worn the same undies 2 days in a row without washing them?
No, no and no. Not normal. Please wash your undies. Thank you.

5.  Is it normal to put baby powder in your hair to degrease?
This is tricky. I would say normal only because a lot of people do it. I am not personally one of them but it seems to be the popular option to degrease your hair.

6.  Is it normal to have accidentally sent a nasty text/email to the person the e-mail/text was about?
No, this isn't normal. It may happen but it is not normal. 

7.  Is it normal to have lied to your doctor?
Many people don't want to tell their doctor's the whole truth if they know that it isn't going to affect their health. Myself included. So this is definitely a normal thing to do

8.  Is it normal to go an entire week eating cereal for dinner?
My cereal habits are contained to breakfast and late snacks. Dinners are for meals. If you do it all the power to you but I would say cereal all week for dinner, not normal.

9.  Is it normal to pull clothes out of the dirty laundry to wear?
I am ashamed to say yes. But it is the absolute last option and does not happen all too often. But it does. Don't worry I give a go in the dryer with some fabric softener scents. 

10.  Is it normal to re-gift a wedding gift?
Haven't been there yet but I wouldn't say it's normal. People may do it but it isn't a normal thought to consider when you have gifts. 

Well, that was fun! Thanks for reading:)

Friday June!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Well hello first Friday in June! It's letters time!

Dear June-You have arrived! And you will be a busy one indeed. Why do I feel like every June for the foreseeable future will be a crazy one?!
Dear National Donut Day-Thank you for existing so I can try to win a $50 gift card from Dunkin to satisfy my slight obsession.
Dear Mother Nature- Today is a perfect day. Please take note and repeat on a regular basis. Preferably on one of my days off. Thanks so much.
Dear Snail Mail- I know you get a bad rap since email but I do still appreciate you. I love getting letters and handwritten surprise little treats in the mail. Take note my friends. Seriously. Makes my day :)

Have a fabulous weekend!

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