Zombieitis- A Zombie's Story

Thursday, June 21, 2012

*fingers pointing at me*

That's right. I'm a zombie. Maybe not the 'eat your face off while naked' zombie but one none the less.

I am more of the 'haven't slept for more than 7 hours the past 4 days' zombie. I am rocking the nice dark eye circles and I'm pretty sure if I were to come back to this post in a few days, it might just be blabber.

I can't even tell you how much I want to sleep. More than I would want steak and potatoes on any given day. And anyone that knows me, knows that's a whole heck of a lot. But for some darn reason, I can't seem to stay asleep.

Here's my routine the past few nights. I'm tired. Go to bed. Sleep for an hour. Wake up. Lay there. Think about why I'm not falling asleep. Think about my day. Think about how I want to fall asleep.

Tick, tock. Another hour.

Then I make my way to the couch with my pillow and blanket for hopes of bringing on the ZzZzZ's. Still counting sheep. Turn on some late night television.

Let me pause and tell you about late night tv. It really stinks. Nothing but infomercials and shows that don;t really matter. Although, I might have been convinced to buy the tube top thing that covers your jeans when you bend over. It really could come in handy.

After watching these, you think I could doze off or want to sleep. But nope. I even write blog posts in my head while trying to make myself fall asleep. It's like I think I'm some kind of genius writer when I'm sleep deprived. And this post is my prime example of my genious

But folks, it turns out I have zombieitis. That's right. Zombieitis. And it is a rapidly spreading epidemic we need to stop.

(Ok, so this isn't a real epidemic but it is a really funny way to get across the importance of getting a better nights sleep)

In my searching for zombie and sleep, I stumbled across this nice little press release

The Better Sleep Council Launches Campaign to Combat Sleep Deprivation, Termed Zombieitis!

The Better Sleep Council (BSC), in conjunction with the International Sleep Products Association, wants to warn the public that, across the globe, the number of people suffering from sleep deprivation, or Zombieitis, is growing. 

Mission acccomplished, Better Sleep Council. Got my attention and I clicked my way through to the website, "Stopzombieitis.com" (This is why I love PR) It's a clever website set up as a slide show that describes symptoms and effects of zombieitis. In reality, it is just effects of sleep deprivation and the importance of a good mattress. But definitely plays at the funnier side of it.

Basically, I have learned that if I don't start sleeping I could start drooling or gaining weight. Not acceptable. Tonight I will sleep. And put my inner zombie to sleep.


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