Wedding Wednesday

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Right around that one year mark is when you start panicking thinking about your wedding dress that you don't have yet. Especially when you watch an episode of "Say Yes to the Dress" and the one woman isn't even engaged and she's shopping for her dress. Uh yea, Panic.

So appropriately this week, I want to look at wedding dresses so I can maybe I can start to narrow down what I am looking for. You will soon see how all over the place I am with my dress. One strap, strapless? Flower details or crystal details? Sweetheart neckline? Pick up skirt or taffeta? Let's have a look at all kinds.

I like the pick up in the front and the subtle light blue of that ribbon. I am thinking I want some sort of detail around the waist like this.

This gives a little something different for the bride that is looking for traditional but modern. The sweetheart neckline and top bodice have nice details to make it a classic look. And the bottom skirt gives it the modern flair as it's made with feathers.

Now this one defines elegance in my opinion. The wrap around crystal and intricate detail down the skirt. And then ending with the train to make for a truly elegant gown. Definitely loving the crystal detail and difference between silhouette and skirt.

Now this one goes a whole different way. A detachable skirt to let you go from ceremony to reception effortlessly. Clever idea for those fun first dances ;) But I'm not sure if I could walk around and not think about my skirt just coming off as I'm walking down the aisle. Yes, I have these thoughts. 

And then there is this nice free flowing wedding gown. The arms are quite interesting as they trail down the dress. Might be nice and airy under there but all I can see is a nightgown you wear to bed. Not the one for me.

Vera Wang. Enough said. And the sparkle catches my eye for sure. I am just not sure how my child bearing hips would shimmy into this. They could possibly steal the show and who knows if I could even walk.

It is now time to take all 150 of my favorites and bring them to a shop and say make the perfect dress out of all of these. Please and thank you.

Why do I get the feeling I will be making more than 5 trips to a bridal shop?

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