Another week gone!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Dear Wedding-I am so excited you are only a year away!! And I will try not to annoy everyone who reads this blog with constant talk about you. So back to Wednesdays you go!

Dear new vacuum-You weren't a happy purchase. I was eyeing up an outfit that cost just as much as you that now how to stay on the rack. BUT I am pretty sure I love you. I realize my old vacuum was definitely not up to par and you definitely get the job done. Thanks for the clean house with nice vacuum lines.

Dear weather-Please stay awesome for my weekend off so I can enjoy it to the most! And showers would not be in that equation.

Dear Brittany aka. grandlittle- Yea, I know you're reading this and I love it! thanks so much for the sweet letter in the mail and I am so glad I got such an awesome grandlittle! Hope I'm holding up as the best grandbig everrrrr. And I really want to see you soon.

Dear eyebrows-Thanks for growing back in ever so nicely. I endured weeks of bushy eyebrows so I could wait for you to be back at your fullness. And now you are the most beautiful eyebrows. Threading is my new obsession so I hope you enjoyed it. going off that...

Dear threading-Why have I never tried you until now?! Thanks to my best friend for dragging me there and taking this attractive picture ;)

But seriously. My eyebrows look amazing and it hurt less than waxing. Sold and sold. Thanks Steph!

Link up your Friday's letters!

Until next week..


  1. Ah! Read this because I saw you getting your eyebrows threaded! I'm addicted too!! lol

    1. I don't know how I didn't know about this before! Seriously the best!


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