Engagement Gift Basket

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Two of my dear friens have recently gotten engaged in the past few weeks. Actually, all in the same week. And I couldn't be more excited for them to enter the fun world of wedding planning and marriage.

As a previous bride/bridesmaid myself, I know there were things I wish I had to help me with the process. I knew I wanted to put something together for them to kick start their wedding planning and they would really love. Plus, I love enjoying my friends happiness with them.

First you must gather all the essentials. Here is what I included in my baskets.

Bride Magazine
Planner comes in handy to keep track of contracts
Fun Bridal Advice Book
Alcohol of choice bonus points if it looks like wedding bells
Candy to indulge beginning of wedding planning stress
DIY Wedding Ring Holder

DIY coming soon.

Some extra items you can add to it. Really, the possibilities are endless.
Anything with Bride or Mrs.

Once you have your items, you can add a little extra touch with ribbons and tags. I had ones that said "Love" and  "Celebrate." It helps make the everyday items a little fancier and more special. I also made sure to wrap up the Picture Frame Ring Holder so it didn't get damaged.

Choose a pretty basket, canvas tote, whichever you feel is best and arrange everything together as so. You can also add some tissue paper, bag filler, bows or anything else to make it really special. Both of my "baskets" had to be shipped because my ladies live far away so mine were arranged in a nice box.

This engagement gift basket is an easy yet special gift to give the bride to be in your life. It's a special touch that really sets the bride up for success.

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  1. These are so cute!! We got some really cute ones at our engagement party!!

  2. I love this!! When I got engaged my best friend showed up with a bottle of champagne and bridal magazines. We had the best time flipping through them and enjoying the bottle! :) Such great memories.

  3. I always loved this idea and couldn't wait to put one together!

  4. Aww love that they could show up with them. Definitely makes it so special. But I still love that I could put this together for them so far away!

  5. So lets split this up beginning from the compartment directly through to the fan (or base to top maybe)

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