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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

What do you do when you are at a loss for a good blog post? Write about yourself. Especially when there are some pretty, new faces around here. How many of these can you do a year..

I can GIF myself.

//If you understand this post title, you know what show I am loving on Netflix
// I love Diet Coke
// Fitness is really hard for me. I try to participate in Tone It Up challenges but...
//I love wine. Plain and simple.

//Got my first stitches for an injury 2 weeks ago.
//Superheroes have a special place in this household
//I can rap Nelly. And Spice Girls.
//No babies (yet) for these newlyweds.
//Yes, I have a husband who I love so and cleans my kitchen.

//Crazy cat lady loving on our Lily.
//Christmas cheer all year around over here. Music, movies, you name it.
//I have a DSLR camera that I am still learning how to use but feel like I have some skills
//Taylor Swift can make me angry
//I still play Call Me Maybe frequently
//Recipes are fun challenges for me. I try a lot at least once.
//Hummus and Cool Whip. I could eat in gallons. Not at the same time.
//I had coffee at Central Perk

Now, wasn't that fun?

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  1. Oh lord, I read "hummus and cool whip" and I was like OH MY GOD HOW WEIRD GAG ME... then I saw "not at the same time" and I recuperated quickly. Hahahaha!

  2. That would most definitely be the right reaction if I actually wanted to combine those two..GAG. But separate, sooooo good.


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