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Friday, November 7, 2014

The question I am asking myself this week, " Why have I not watched New Girl sooner?"

We are currently binge watching it on Netflix and we have had many moments where we laugh to tears. I've heard about the show but never took the time to watch it. Big mistake.

This Friday night might just be a night on the couch with sushi and New Girl.Not complaining at all.

Please enjoy these 5 quotes you just have to hear. And should make you watch New Girl.

1// "Where is the freezer and fridge? Did we get robbed by giants?"

2// "I saw your registry. I'm gonna get you one of those portable baby pumps. You're just out there, in everyday life. But you're pumping yourself at the same time, just milking away."

3// "The most sexy holidays are the 4th of July, Independence day obviously. Women's history month, and Christmas."

4// "I was going for like a hot farmer's daughter kind of thing, like, oh, I'm gonna go milk my cows." 

5// "Pink wine makes me slutty."

Do you watch New Girl? What are your favorite quotes?

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  1. LOVE New Girl!! Idk how far you are but one of my favs is:
    "Go on! Scat! Get outta here!"
    "Are you White Fang-ing me???"

  2. I don't think we have gotten there yet but I'm excited to see that part. I crack up a lot during the show. Genuinely laughing.


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