How to Save Money This Christmas

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The most wonderful time of the year is popping up in stores everywhere. We are just weeks away from the biggest shopping day(s) of the year and from putting a serious dent in our wallets.

With all the gifts you have to buy for the holidays, it can get overwhelming and quite costly. Don't worry, there are still ways you can save money this Christmas and not dread the after Christmas bills.

//Set a Christmas Budget
Setting a limit on each present for each person is the best way to not overspend during the holidays. It's really easy to drop extra cash during Black Friday or while your walking around the stores during the holiday season. If you know what you have to spend, you will know when to stop.

//Use Black Friday/Cyber Monday to your advantage
Many stores release their ads early so you are able to really scope out the best deals. It's a great time if anyone on your list is looking for an appliance or electronic item. The rest of the deals are mostly fillers that you could probably grab at better prices earlier in the year. It doesn't mean you have to shop on Thanksgiving though...Thought for another day.

//Consider Gift Exchanges
My family is quite large and buying for all aunts, uncles, cousins became quite expensive. One year we decided to start doing Secret Santa instead. That way we spent money on a  nice person instead of putting out a lot of money for all the presents. This also works for friends as well.

//Opt for Handmade
With Pinterest, there are so many ideas you can whip up. It is great for co-workers, neighbors or hostesses for all those holiday parties you will be attending. They are thoughtful but inexpensive gifts.

//Utilize Your Post Christmas Stash
Remember last year when you grabbed items at 50% off after Christmas? You told yourself those gifts would be great for next year. Make sure you know what you have before you buy. This includes gift wrapping, ornaments and decorations. We are all guilty of the indulgent 50% after Christmas sales.

//Shop Early
Set this one aside for next year. If you are already done by October or beginning of November, you do not even have to worry about overspending during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It also allows for less stress not dealing with crowded parking lots and overzealous shoppers.

With these little tricks and tips, you should leave the Christmas season feeling proud that you saved and still had a fun, loving Christmas.

What are your Christmas saving tips?

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  1. Definitely great tips!! I'm on a strict budget this year... it's rough. :(

  2. This year I was able to start back in August and am feeling good going into December. Just little odds and ends which I could have swore I did get in after Christmas sales. Next year can always be better!

  3. Try some homemade items, that might help with the budget!


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