Friday's Letters

Friday, June 15, 2012

Another Friday! Who can believe it?

Dear Lily- I know you hate moving. I am not overly fond of it either. Let's just try to make it as smooth as possible where you sleep and I pack. Instead of you insisting on checking out every box to make sure it's up to standards. I will stop taking pictures of the cuteness of it...eventually.

Dear Leg-From the ankle to the knee to the hip, you are making me feel like an older version of myself. Not cool. The shooting pain every time I get up or walk is not conducive to my productive moving schedule. Please kindly stop.

Dear Blackberry- I am counting down the last 3 months that I have to deal with you and your shenanigans. It's really cool you take a good minute to put through a phone call to someone or that you don't have any of the cool kids like Shop kick or Charity Mile.

Dear Pinot Grigio- Thank you for existing. Helping me with this move. I strangely get a lot more done when I've had a glass or two of you. Go figure.

Have a great weekend!

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